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SWTOR 5.x Class Guides


Jedi Knight

Valiant, determined, guardian of peace.

A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order.

Jedi Consular

Visionary, ambassador, seeker of Jedi wisdom.

For more than 20,000 years, the Jedi Order has worked to promote peace and balance.


Quick, clever, answers to no one.

Sometimes luck is more important than skill, but it never hurts to have both.


Honor, duty, defense of the Republic.

Not all heroes carry Lightsabers. Some just have the will to fight.


Sith Warrior

Champion of the dark side.

An unstoppable force of darkness, the Sith Warrior is entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire's enemies.

Sith Inquisitor

Sinister, deceptive, prodigy of Force power.

The history of the Sith Empire is fraught with scheming politics and dark secrets—the lifeblood of the Sith Inquisitor.

Imperial Agent

Assassin, saboteur, the Empire's secret weapon.

The Empire dominates scores of star systems across the galaxy, but not through the power of the dark side alone.

Bounty Hunter

Hunter, seeker, killer for hire.

Countless enemies stand in the way of the Sith Empire's drive for domination.

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