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#2 Bolster Changes in Game Update 5.1

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 25.01.2017 05:55PM
Originally Posted by MuskyBoy View Post

In 4.0 the bolstered gear rating to 200 was fine because players were not required to grind forever to get on a level playing field. You could get enough comms in lowbie PVP to go straight into 70's in full 208 and comms were transferrable between alts. Grinding for months on end to achieve a level playing field is not in the best interests of the player base and it shows to you need to go back to 2 sets of gear (PVP and PVE). My only issue with bolster pre patch was TTK on players was too high and not enough people were dying but the nerf needed to be down to 232 for everyone (making 242 gear redundant for everything bar operations and master solo) or nerf it down to 242. Gear should not be a determining factor in PVP.

We hear you on that and we are committed to continue working on improving the gearing experience in the game. Still, we want to make sure that Bolster is set up properly going forward. We don't want to not fix Bolster because of gearing issues, let's just work on improving gearing as well.

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