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Childhood's End

Reward Level Range: -
Childhood's End
Command XP: 600
Category: Companion
Can Abandon: Yes
Hidden: No
Class Quest: No
Bonus: No
Shareable: No
Required Privacy: Private Spot
First Seen: 1.0.0a
Last Seen: 6.3.2b
Star Wars Name: Childhood's End
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(Click an NPC or another link in the list below to open the conversation)
  • 3. - Thanks for letting me stay on with your crew, Captain. I plan to be a very generous Queen to all my friends.
    • 4. Option - Glad to hear it, Empress.Player - I can see we're gonna get along just fine, Your High Exaltedness.
      • 10. - Don't start with that. Risha will do fine. For now.
    • 5. Option - I'm counting on that.Player - Let's hope your planet is more valuable than your father's "lost riches". That was barely enough to keep me flying.
      • 9. - You already spent everything? Remind me to keep you away from my royal treasury....
    • 6. Option - [Flirt] How generous?Player - You could be generous right now. Move into my quarters. They're cozy.
      • 8. - A man who describes his quarters as "cozy" really means he leaves dirty clothes on the floor.
    • 7. Option - You don't have friends.Player - That should cost you almost nothing. What about the rest of us?
      • 17. - I'm sure I'll think of something.
        • 55. - Every captain needs a good first mate. Corso doesn't know what it takes to run a starship, but I do.
          • 20. - Considering the light years you've been racking up, I suggest a hyperdrive overhaul and a sublight engine tune-up. Which do you want first?
            • 24. Option - Work on the hyperdrive.Player - The last thing we need is to get stranded in deep space. Keep my hyperdrive... hyper.
              +200 Influence : approves.
            • 25. Option - Focus on the engines.Player - We're always in a hurry. See if you can squeeze some extra thrust from the engines.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 29. - Consider it done. I'll be indispensable before you know it.
            • 26. Option - You're my janitor.Player - I didn't hire you to make ship repairs. I just need someone to clean the refresher.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 27. - So we're clear, I charge extra to clean up after a Wookiee. I love Bowdaar, but he sheds. A lot.
                • 34. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1288. - I've been thinking about the future a lot lately, and I had a funny realization. Every scenario I see, you're in it.
    • 1289. <Non-dialogue segment.>
      • 744. - I guess that's only right, all things considered. But still--never thought I'd get this close to anyone.
        • 1291. Option - [Flirt] Get closer.Player - That kind of talk makes me want to turn out the lights and put up a "do not disturb" sign.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1323. - It's funny you should mention that. I've been considering a related topic.
        • 1292. Option - Do you have any regrets?Player - We've traveled a long way. If you had to do it again, would you change anything?
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1324. - The harder the flight, the sweeter the landing. And we're still flying.
        • 1293. Option - You used to repulse me.Player - When I first met you, I hated your guts. You were bossy, manipulative--squatting on my ship. What a nightmare.
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1325. - You weren't any better. Rude, sarcastic, greedy, lecherous--you're lucky that's what I look for in a man.
            • 1335. - When we take over Dubrillion, we'll need to start thinking about producing an heir.
              • 1336. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                • 1327. - I know we can't have children the traditional way, but I've heard about a planet called Kamino. Rumor has it the natives specialize in genetic engineering.
                  • 1339. Option - I can see the possibilities.Player - Maybe we can make little copies of us? What about a hybrid?
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 1346. - Let's not get fancy. Besides, combining our good looks would be unfair to the rest of the galaxy.
                  • 1343. Option - Let's adopt children.Player - I say we find some nice orphans. Raise them as our own.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 1344. - Orphans? More than one? Somebody likes the idea of being a father.
                  • 1345. Option - Sounds good to me.Player - I've always thought the galaxy needed more of me. You too, for that matter.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                • 1328. - Maybe more than one heir. That's how dynasties stay healthy, after all.
                  • 1340. Option - We'll never have fun again.Player - What do you say we blow up that bridge when we get to it? And no rush, either.
                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                    • 1348. - What are you so worried about? I'll be doing the hard part.
                  • 1342. Option - Sounds good to me.Player - The more, the merrier. I'll put the little scoundrels to work building me a new ship.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 1349. - Great idea. Father taught me all about starships when I was growing up, and I turned out great.
                  • 1341. Option - Me? A father? That's crazy.Player - Where in the world did you get the idea I'd be a responsible parent?
                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                    • 1350. - I didn't say you were going to raise them. I'm not stupid.
                      • 1352. - Just think... someone with my intelligence and your reflexes? There's nothing that child couldn't accomplish. We owe it to Dubrillion.
                        • 1361. - Whatever happens, I promise any child of ours will have the best of everything.
      • 1290. - I've never let myself get close to anyone, not even my friends from the old days.
        • 1294. <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 1318. - Count Rineld may be my husband, but you're my family.
          • 1295. - But you're more than a friend. You're the closest thing I have to family.
            • 1297. Option - So am I royalty, too?Player - If I'm family, does that make me part of your noble bloodline? Will I get my own portrait displayed in the Dubrillion royal palace?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 1300. - Of course. It'll be very tasteful. We'll hang it in the dungeon.
            • 1298. Option - So am I royalty, too?Player - Does that make me part of your noble bloodline? Will I have to learn that crazy Dubrillion accent?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 1302. - Don't worry about it. My first edict as queen will be to teach everyone on the planet how to speak proper Basic.
            • 1296. Option - I feel the same way.Player - Right back at you, Risha.
              +200 Influence : greatly approves.
            • 1299. Option - Can I borrow some money?Player - In that case, I'm a little short on credits right now. Would you mind floating me a few thousand? Just until payday.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 1308. - Did I say family? I meant moderately-valued business partner.
                • 1310. - I don't know what the future holds for us, but I promise to always be there. Not just for you, but everyone you care about.
                  • 1312. - That's as mushy as I'm getting. Back to finding trouble!
                    • 1573. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1952. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 1866. <Non-dialogue segment.>
      • 1177. - Didn't think you could still surprise me, but proposing in front on Count Rineld? That was a whammy.
        • 1180. - I wasn't sure if you were serious then. But I am now--and my answer's yes.
          • 1179. - Whatever happens--however long it takes--when I'm finally queen of Dubrillion, you'll be my king.
      • 741. - I've been thinking... when I'm finally the queen of Dubrillion, I'm going to need a king.
        • 1170. - Someone who'll look good next to me on the palace balcony, waving to the people.
          • 1172. - I'm not sure I agree with Count Rineld that I need to marry a Dubrillion nobleman. What do you think?
            • 1185. Option - I think I'm your king.Player - It's about blasted time you came around. Do you have any idea how many beautiful women I turned away to have you?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 1196. - Call me vain, but I hope it was thousands.
            • 1186. Option - Do your people like aliens?Player - You think the people of your world are ready for a non-human king?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 1192. - We've had non-human royalty before. They were all assassinated... but I'll hire you better guards.
            • 1201. Option - Will the people accept me?Player - You think the people of your world are ready for a guy like me?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 1193. - No one's ready for you. That's what makes you perfect.
                • 1212. - We'll have a royal wedding someday, but let's do something personal right now. I, Risha Drayen, take you as my future king.
                  • 1232. - I promise to be faithful and always apologize when I get snippy with you, except when you're wrong.
                    • 1233. Option - Which is never.Player - I'm not always right, sweetheart, but when have I ever been wrong?
                      • 1236. - Don't ruin this moment by forcing me to be honest.
                        • 1243. - As queen, I promise to keep you in the lifestyle to which you've become accustomed, plus ten to twenty percent depending on good behavior.
                          • 1244. Option - I need some clarification.Player - I'm a little fuzzy on this concept of "good." Can you provide some examples?
                            • 1247. - Just remember I'm in charge and everything will be fine.
                              • 1282. Option - Whatever works for you.Player - I promise to always let you believe you're the boss. Are we married yet?
                                +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1283. Option - It's a deal.Player - Whatever you say, sweetheart. Need me to fetch your crown for you?
                                +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1284. Option - Don't be ridiculous.Player - We're equal partners. You wouldn't last ten seconds without me.
                                +200 Influence : approves.
                                • 1285. - Alright, alright--shut up and come here.
                          • 1245. Option - Fine, fine--just say "I do."Player - I accept all your terms. Can we be married, already?
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            • 1257. - Yes.
                          • 1246. Option - Thirty percent is my minimum.Player - You know better than to underbid me. Make it thirty to sixty percent, and you've got a deal.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            • 1249. - Done--but for that kind of money, I expect seriously good behavior.
                    • 1234. Option - I promise things, too.Player - What you said, plus this: I'll never skim more than ten percent off the royal treasury.
                      +200 Influence : greatly approves.
                      • 1241. - Only ten percent? You really do love me.
                    • 1235. Option - Let's skip the formalities.Player - We don't need vows. I'm crazy for you, you're crazy for me. Let's be crazy together.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 1238. - That works, too. Come here....
                        • 1248. - What do you say we make this even more official?
                          • 1264. - So... how does it feel to be married?
                            • 1261. Option - Better than I expected.Player - I think you've been holding back on me until now.
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1262. - You might be right.
                                • 1268. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • 1259. Option - [Flirt] Let me show you.Player - Come to my quarters this time. I've made some... modifications for you.
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1240. - How can I resist that offer?
                                • 1276. - You never told me you were an engineering genius. I'm staying in the captain's quarters, from now on.
                                  • 1277. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • 1260. Option - We're not really married.Player - What we did won't hold up in a court of law. Don't start thinking you're co-captain of this ship.
                              +50 Influence : disapproves.
                              • 1266. - Congratulations, you just set a record for shortest honeymoon ever.
                                • 1267. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                  • 1269. - It occurs to me that with the Voidwolf dead, we've run out of trouble. Let's go make more.
                                  • 1270. - Just because we're married doesn't mean we can settle down. We've still got lots of people trying to kill us.
            • 1184. Option - I don't want to marry you.Player - Risha, I'm not the settling down type. Can you really see me sitting around with a crown on my head?
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 1206. - For about five minutes. Then you'd steal the royal treasury and flee.
                • 1208. - You're right. This'll never work. Where does that leave us?
                  • 1209. Option - We're special friends.Player - Who says the queen has to be married? To the void with tradition. Let's make our own rules.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 1222. - The best of both worlds, huh? It's worth a try.
                  • 1210. Option - Make me an admiral.Player - Put me in charge of your defense fleet. I'll protect your planet and beat up pirates. That's a good living.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 1217. Player - Even better, you don't have to share power. Just keep a warm place for me whenever I'm on shore leave.
                      • 1218. - I thought I had a talent for negotiation. Sold... Admiral.
                        • 1220. - We won't get married. We'll just be... extremely close acquaintances.
                  • 1211. Option - Forget about Dubrillion.Player - Why don't you give up this queen nonsense and stay with me?
                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                    • 1221. - And be what, your first mate? I need a future of my own.
                      • 1226. - If you're not ready to settle down I won't force you--but someday I'll have to leave this ship and become queen of Dubrillion.
                        • 1230. - When that day comes, I hope you're ready to come with me.
    • 1729. - I've been getting reports on the war for Dubrillion. It's dragging into a stalemate. Nobody has a clear advantage yet.
      • 1935. - I want to get more involved in the war effort, but my allies tell me the best thing I can be is a symbol.
        • 1937. Option - Control your own destiny.Player - Don't listen to those people. If you want to fight for your planet, just do it.
          • 1940. - Problem is, they're right. I'm a hundred times more effective as a rallying point for people who oppose the king.
        • 1938. Option - A symbol of what?Player - What are you supposed to represent?
          • 1941. - I don't know... some nonsense about new hope.
        • 1936. Option - Keep a low profile, for now.Player - Stay out of the war until it's over. Then you can swoop in and claim credit for the big victory.
          • 1939. - Are you auditioning to be my political advisor? 'Cause you're doing a great job.
            • 1943. - The minute I open my mouth and start talking politics, I risk losing support. I can't afford that right now.
              • 1949. - Guess I'm stuck on the sidelines until it's over. At least I have company.
                • 1570. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1787. - Things on Dubrillion have taken a turn. The king put a death mark on Count Rineld's head. When the citizens heard that, they rebelled.
    • 1800. - The king imposed martial law to stop the rioting, but that got the aristocracy riled up. The whole planet's going to war.
      • 1789. Option - This changes everything.Player - Sounds like the count's plan to avoid bloodshed by marrying you just went up in flames.
        • 1790. - We were never going to unseat the king without a fight. I just hoped we'd pick the time and place.
      • 998. Option - What do the aristocrats want?Player - Where do the other nobles stand? Are they with the count, or the king?
        • 1791. - Some support Count Rineld. Others remain loyal to the king. They're all looking to benefit from the fight.
      • 999. Option - Good. It makes our job easier.Player - It's a lot easier to steal a throne when everyone's busy fighting.
        • 1003. - Yes, that's worked out so well for Alderaan.
          • 1794. - Needless to say, the count has his hands full just staying alive. But even with all that's happened, he still wants to marry me.
            • 1798. - I can't keep putting him off. Any advice how I should play this?
              • 1803. Option - Be careful.Player - A death mark puts a lot of pressure on a person. If you're going to let him down, be gentle.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 1810. - What do you mean "if?" I'm with you now, remember?
                • 1811. - There's no good way to shoot a man down--especially one who's running for his life.
              • 970. Option - [Flirt] Marry me, Risha.Player - You can't marry the count. You're spending the rest of your life with me.
                +200 Influence : greatly approves.
                • 1805. - What? I asked you for advice, not... do you really mean that?
              • 1804. Option - Do you want to marry him?Player - Forget about the politics for a second. Do you love this guy or not?
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 1807. - I barely know him. This isn't about love. I need to figure out what's best for my long-term plans.
              • 1802. Option - Can I profit from this?Player - Is there a dowry if I give you away to him? Not that it would affect my recommendation....
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 1806. - Why am I not surprised the word "dowry" exists in your vocabulary?
                  • 1814. - Oh, perfect--time's up. That's him calling on the holo. Alright, let's do this.
                    • 1820. - Merritt, I'm glad you're safe. From what I hear, the fighting got worse after you escaped.
                      • 1013. - I cannot spare Dubrillion from war, but perhaps we can still create a better future together.
                        • 977. - I realize forging a true relationship takes time, and our marriage won't be consummated for some time. But I am hopeful.
                          • 1015. - My proposal stands, dear Risha. Will you marry me?
                            • 1016. Option - You don't need him.Player - This man could be dead tomorrow. Even if he lives, who knows what the politics of Dubrillion will be like when the war ends?
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1047. Player - The best thing you can do is stay independent. It's always worked for me.
                                • 1822. - I'm sorry, Merritt. I can't marry you. The war doesn't change that.
                            • 1023. Option - [Flirt] Stay with me.Player - C'mon, this is a no-brainer. Sure he's rich, handsome and popular. But I'm... me.
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1041. - I'm sorry Merritt, but I can't argue with logic like that. He's had my heart longer than you.
                              • 1029. - I'm sorry Merritt, but we'd never work out. What can I say? The captain's my man.
                              • 1031. - I'm sorry, Merritt, but he has a point. As scum of the galaxy goes, he's unique.
                            • 1017. Option - String him along for a while.Player - Count, could you excuse us for a minute?
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 1020. Player - The way I see it, this guy hasn't given you nearly enough gifts to tie you down forever.
                                • 1022. Player - I say you lead him on for a while and see just how serious he is about you.
                                  • 1024. - I wasn't going to marry him anyway. I don't want to spend my honeymoon running for my life.
                                    • 1823. - Merritt, I feel like we're rushing into things. We should take our time--for the good of Dubrillion.
                            • 1018. Option - Go ahead and marry him.Player - Say yes. Hurry, before you lose your nerve.
                              • 1034. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                • 1038. - What about us? I thought you wanted to marry me.
                                • 1035. - What about us? You're ready to throw all that away?
                                • 1036. - What about us? Are we over, just like that?
                                  • 1064. Option - Splitting up now is better.Player - Sooner or later, we'd drive each other crazy. At least this way, we end as friends.
                                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                  • 1065. Option - Dubrillion matters more.Player - You and the count are your world's best hope for peace. I won't stand in your way. +200
                                    +200 Influence : approves.
                                  • 1066. Option - [Flirt] Don't marry him.Player - That was a test to see if you'd do it. Of course I don't want you marrying the count! You're with me!
                                    +200 Influence : approves.
                                    • 1073. - Sorry Merritt, but he's right. I've been with him for longer than I care to admit.
                                      • 1054. - I hope we can still be friends. I'll need you to rebuild our world when the war ends.
                                        • 1040. - Of course. I look forward to the day you grant me amnesty so I may return to Dubrillion.
                                          • 1115. - Farewell, Risha. May the stars watch over you....
                                            • 1098. - That ended better than I expected--except for that whole part with my world being at war.
                                              • 1100. Option - Chin up, Risha.Player - You'll be Queen of Dubrillion someday.
                                                • 1103. - I'll have my throne even if I have to build it myself.
                                              • 1173. Option - [Flirt] So... about us.Player - You said no to the count's proposal, but I seem to recall you had a second offer on the table.
                                                • 1174. - It's under consideration. I promise not to keep you waiting for long.
                                              • 1099. Option - Are you sure you're alright?Player - You're not having any regrets about turning down the count, are you?
                                                • 1102. - I've never regretted anything about my life. No reason to start now.
                                              • 1101. Option - That's Dubrillion's problem.Player - Sometimes people have to fight. My advice is, don't get caught in the middle.
                                                • 1104. - Isn't that exactly what you've spent your entire career doing?
                                                  • 1848. - That's enough politics and relationship issues for one day. Let's go steal something expensive. I always feel better after a good caper.
                              • 1854. - Yes. I'll marry you. We'll make it official the old-fashioned way. Have your people bring me a written contract to sign.
                                • 1825. - But let's not make it easy for the king to kill us. Until the war's over, we shouldn't meet in person. Agreed?
                                  • 1129. - I will continue to send you updates as I'm able. Dubrillion will be free. Farewell, my lovely wife. May the stars watch over you....
                                    • 1130. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 1131. - Well. This is awkward.
                                        • 1134. Option - Don't worry about it.Player - You have a place on my ship for as long as you need it.
                                          +200 Influence : greatly approves.
                                          • 1141. - Stop being so nice. You're making me regret all this.
                                        • 1135. Option - To say the least.Player - And here I was hoping another man would finally take you off my hands.
                                          +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                          • 1140. - If you were that eager to get rid of me, you would've spaced me by now.
                                        • 1136. Option - [Flirt] It doesn't have to be.Player - What the count doesn't know won't hurt him.
                                          +200 Influence : approves.
                                          • 1139. - Oh, no you don't. From now on, we're just friends.
                                      • 1132. - Isn't he adorable?
                                        • 1133. Option - If you say so.Player - He's not my type, but whatever floats your speeder.
                                          +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                        • 1096. Option - Congratulations, Risha.Player - You make an adorable couple. I hope you're not expecting a gift on this short notice...
                                          +200 Influence : approves.
                                          • 1120. - You can owe us.
                                        • 1844. Option - What, no honeymoon?Player - That has to be the least romantic wedding I've ever seen in my life.
                                          +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                          • 1845. - Maybe--but it's a perfect foundation for running a kingdom.
                                            • 1847. - I should probably do something to celebrate. Want to go steal something really expensive?
                                              • 1582. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1957. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 735. - I can't hold off Count Rineld forever. I have to answer his marriage proposal some day.
      • 800. - But I want to make an informed decision. I was hoping you could help me out with that. In private.
        • 1525. Option - Are you flirting with me?Player - If I didn't know better, I'd say you were finally surrendering to my charms.
          • 1526. - Let's not go that far yet. I still need convincing....
        • 802. Option - [Flirt] Gladly.Player - I have a lot to say on the subject. I recommend we lock your door, so our conversation isn't disturbed.
          • 805. - You think of everything.
            • 819. - That was a very persuasive argument.
              • 821. Option - [Flirt] I'm not done yet.Player - Sweetheart, this debate's just getting started.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 824. - You've put some thought into this. I'm, ah, listening intently.
              • 822. Option - Have you made a decision?Player - Who's it going to be, Risha... the count, or me?
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 829. - I should examine your argument in more detail. Can we run through it again?
                  • 831. - You know... crowns and thrones aren't that great. I could maybe live without them.
                    • 833. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                      • 1529. - Assuming you survive me. I should kill you both for this insult!
                        • 837. Option - Calm down, Akaavi.Player - Cool your thrusters. I don't see your name tattooed anywhere on me.
                          • 839. - Me neither. And I checked. Thoroughly.
                        • 836. Option - Wait, I can explain!Player - Don't do anything hasty! This isn't what it looks like, I swear!
                          • 841. - Yes, it is. You have a problem with that?
                        • 838. Option - Try it and die.Player - You've seen how I fight. You really want to make this personal?
                          • 840. - Why does she even care about us? How is this an insult to her?
                            • 845. - If you prefer this soft, passionless thing to me, then keep her. Otherwise, throw her out the air lock!
                              • 848. Option - That may not be necessary.Player - This doesn't mean you're out of the running, Akaavi. Risha may run off with some aristocrat.
                                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                • 859. - No man of honor treats women with such disrespect. You betray us both with your actions.
                                  • 874. - The count is suddenly looking a lot better.
                                    • 861. Option - Stay with me, Risha.Player - Nothing's happened between me and Akaavi. It was just harmless flirtation. You know how I am.
                                      +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                      +200 Influence : approves.
                                      • 879. Player - You're the one I've always wanted, Risha. Haven't I proved that yet?
                                        • 882. - If I misunderstood your interest in me, then I apologize. But you should be more careful with your tongue in the future.
                                          • 885. - Always good advice.
                                    • 860. Option - Do whatever you want.Player - I think I've made my case. Not my fault you're upset over a little harmless flirtation.
                                      +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                      +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
                                      • 886. - That's how it always starts, isn't it? Harmless. He's all yours, Mandalorian.
                                        • 888. - I find myself wanting him much less, now.
                                          • 890. - That's your problem, honey.
                                    • 862. Option - In that case, I choose Akaavi.Player - I never believed you'd stick around, anyway. At least Akaavi has fire in her.
                                      +200 Influence : approves.
                                      +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
                                      • 875. - Have fun burning together.
                              • 849. Option - Sorry, Akaavi. I want Risha.Player - Akaavi, settle down. I'm not kicking anyone off this ship.
                                +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
                                +200 Influence : greatly approves.
                                • 864. Player - I didn't mean to lead you on. Risha's always been the girl for me. She always will be.
                                  • 865. - Your answer allows me to keep my honor. For this, I will let you both live.
                                    • 867. - Ugh! You and her? That's... exactly what I'd expect from you. What other "friendships" have you been keeping from me?
                                      • 868. Option - None.Player - Aside from this, I've been a very good boy. Don't believe me, ask Corso.
                                        +200 Influence : approves.
                                        • 897. - I'm glad there are only two women on this ship. I'll assume you don't have a thing for Mon Calamari.
                                      • 869. Option - [Lie] None.Player - I've woken up in some strange places, but it was usually after I'd been shot. Honest.
                                        +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                        • 898. - I'll just bet you're on a first-name basis with every cute med-tech on the Outer Rim.
                                      • 870. Option - Lots.Player - How do you think I got so good at "arguing"? It takes practice, beautiful.
                                        +50 Influence : disapproves.
                                        • 896. - Not another word. I mean it.
                              • 850. Option - Go away, Risha. I want Akaavi.Player - Nobody's going out the air lock. This is still my ship.
                                +200 Influence : approves.
                                +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
                                • 853. Player - Risha, it was fun while it lasted--but Akaavi's the one for me. What can I tell you? I like girls with big helmets.
                                  • 854. - I can't believe I let you kiss me! I need to be de-loused!
                      • 835. - Or you could trade in this starship for a palace. What do you think?
                        • 893. Option - Space is my place.Player - I work best flying by the seat of my pants. You don't want me getting boring, do you?
                          +200 Influence : approves.
                          • 907. - Definitely not. I think I've just made my choice even more complicated.
                        • 894. Option - [Flirt] I go where you go.Player - You're the only treasure I need. Everything else is pales in comparison.
                          +200 Influence : greatly approves.
                          • 905. - I'm not done talking to you.
                            • 909. - Well... that was an enlightening discussion. I think I'm going to have to disappoint the count.
                              • 916. - But first, I need some rest. Let's talk again later.
                        • 895. Option - It's good to be the king.Player - Get me my own throne and crown, and you've got a deal. Naturally, I'll expect to be left in charge of taxes.
                          +50 Influence : disapproves.
                          • 906. - One thing at a time, your almost-highness. There's a lot to figure out.
                            • 900. - We should probably cool things for a bit. I have some thinking to do.
              • 823. Option - I'm finished with you.Player - I think I just talked myself out of wanting you.
                +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
                • 825. - What? Why you... I knew this would happen!
                  • 827. - For the record, I was only pretending to enjoy listening to you!
        • 803. Option - Our romance is over.Player - Sweetheart, women are lining up for me at every spaceport in the galaxy. I don't need to compete for you.
          +50 Influence : greatly disapproves.
          • 806. - I wasn't asking you to... forget it. You've got an asteroid where your heart should be--or am I confusing that with your brain?
    • 1728. - I was prepared for almost anything if it meant becoming queen: foiling assassination attempts, fighting wars, bunking on this ship for years... just kidding.
      • 1918. - Marrying the count was never part of the plan. Can I really do that?
        • 1919. Option - You asked the wrong person.Player - I'm trying to think of what I wouldn't do to become rich and powerful. Nope, I got nothing.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1922. - I've seen how your eyes wander every time we land on a new planet. You might get married, but could you stay that way?
        • 1920. Option - Maybe you shouldn't.Player - Never back yourself into a corner, I always say. The count seems nice right now, but someday he'll be fat and old. +50
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1923. - The med-techs on Dubrillion can work miracles. I've seen eighty year-olds passing for twenty. That's what I plan to do.
        • 1921. Option - Use him for all he's worth.Player - Your only job is to become queen. If marrying that nerf-herder gets you closer to the throne, do it. +50
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1924. - He'll make a popular king--maybe too popular. I don't want to look bad standing next to him.
            • 1926. - Ugh, I hadn't even thought about producing heirs. Not that he wouldn't be a great... father.
              • 1928. - This conversation's officially given me a headache. Let's go do something outrageous.
                • 1566. <Conversation Exit>
  • 732. - Count Rineld is a man of his word. He sends me daily updates about his rebellion's progress. Incredibly sweet, beautifully-written updates.
    • 747. - I knew taking Dubrillion's throne would be a challenge, but this is getting complicated.
      • 756. <Non-dialogue segment.>
        • 757. - I'm not falling for him, but I might have to take this marriage proposal seriously. It's smart politics.
          • 759. Option - If you say so.Player - Rationalize all you want. You'd still be choosing to spend your life with him.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 762. - This isn't just a business decision. I could be saving innocent lives.
          • 760. Option - [Flirt] Blast the politics.Player - If you think I'm letting some wealthy pretty boy come between us, guess again.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 763. - Don't you get it? My whole future will be spent with wealthy pretty people.
          • 761. Option - We can still have fun.Player - Nobles sleep in separate rooms, right? You can always slip me the key to your private chambers. I promise I'll be discreet.
            +50 Influence : disapproves.
            • 764. - I'm trying to imagine a universe where anything you do is "discreet."
              • 767. - When I'm queen, my days of racing the hyperlanes are over. Can you honestly see yourself settling down on Dubrillion?
        • 758. - Merritt's every bit the man he appears to be. Even the dirt I've dug up on him turned out clean.
          • 748. Option - You're falling for him.Player - It's "Merritt" now, huh? Sounds like you two are getting downright chummy.
            • 746. - He keeps insisting I not refer to him so formally. It's cute.
          • 749. Option - What did you learn?Player - I can't wait to hear what skeletons are rattling around his royal closet.
            • 751. - He stole the crown jewels when he was five. Got a slap on the wrist, and he's been clean ever since. Seriously.
          • 750. Option - Dig harder.Player - If you haven't found anything, you're not looking deep enough.
            • 752. - The count may be the most loved man on the planet. His enemies can't say enough nice things about him.
              • 765. - Nothing about this guy triggers warning bells. When it comes to husbands, I could do a lot worse.
                • 775. - I'll stop bothering you. I needed to talk, and you're the only person who understands me.
                  • 779. Option - Anytime, Risha.Player - I'm always here if you need me.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                  • 792. Option - [Flirt] What about the count?Player - Does your new boyfriend understand you like I do? Because if he doesn't, you should think about that.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 793. - He's not my boyfriend.
                  • 780. Option - What about the count?Player - How honest have you been with your new boyfriend? Does he know all about your past?
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 783. - I tried to tell him. He said it didn't matter who I used to be. It's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
                  • 781. Option - I don't understand you at all.Player - Me listening to you babble doesn't mean I comprehend any of it.
                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                    • 784. - It's still better than talking to a bulkhead. Or Corso.
                      • 786. - I'm sure there's trouble somewhere with our name on it. What do you say we go take all its credits?
                        • 1564. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1606. Player - You're back. How'd it go with the count?
    • 1607. - Never talked to a complete stranger for that long before. Count Rineld gives to charities, builds orphanages, creates wildlife preserves--and those are just his hobbies.
      • 1768. - You ever consider we've been wasting our lives?
        • 1769. Option - Maybe you have--but not me.Player - I do everything for one reason: to get rich. It's straightforward, easy to remember and works amazingly well most of the time.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1770. - Ah, the simple life. Anyway, I left the negotiations open.
        • 1610. Option - You're falling for him.Player - I knew it! He pulled every smooth maneuver in the flight manual.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1771. - That's the thing--he wasn't smooth. He was actually kind of awkward. Stop being so paranoid.
        • 1609. Option - You're falling for him.Player - Somebody's got a crush on "Count Nice Guy."
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1772. - He is nice--but I'm not rushing into anything.
        • 1611. Option - Every second I'm with you.Player - I've definitely been wasting my time. The nanosecond you find some blue-blood stuffed shirt, you're ready to abandon ship.
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1773. - That was always our deal--and it's not like I said "yes" to him.
            • 1775. - I told the count I needed time to think about his proposal. That'll give me a chance to run a deep background check.
              • 1777. - If this guy is as good as he seems, he just might help me overthrow the king without getting married....
                • 1962. <Conversation Exit>
  • 673. - Guess who found a potential accomplice in the Dubrillion aristocracy? Feast your eyes on this holo-embossed, genuine flimsiplast invitation.
    • 675. - See that fancy Aurebesh lettering? Hand-drawn. In ink. Classy.
      • 677. - "Count Merritt Rineld requests the favor of your presence at a discreet location in the Galactic Senate Tower on Coruscant, at a time of your choosing."
        • 678. Option - Intriguing choice of location.Player - Coruscant? Why not Dubrillion?
          • 699. - Coruscant is neutral ground. Meeting at the Senate Tower? That's a gesture of respect.
        • 679. Option - He can't just call you?Player - Does that invitation say why Baron Fancypants needs a face-to-face? Why can't he talk to you by holo?
          • 682. - Nobles are like gangsters: they won't crew with someone they've never met in person.
        • 680. Option - This is an obvious trap.Player - Pssh. Amateurs. Like we'd ever fall for something like that.
          • 681. - Nobody puts this much effort into a trap. Look at all the embossing. That took sincerity.
            • 684. - Count Rineld is one of the most popular nobles on Dubrillion. He's also secretly organizing a rebellion against the king.
              • 689. - His invitation is addressed to "Risha Drayen, Royal Heir to the Drayen Dynasty." He's taking me very seriously.
                • 690. Option - Then meet with him.Player - The count sounds like the kind of accomplice you need to overthrow the king.
                • 691. Option - You told him your real name?Player - I didn't think you were broadcasting your true identity.
                  • 695. - I had no choice. "Risha from Nar Shaddaa" doesn't carry the same weight as "Risha the Future Queen."
                • 692. Option - Don't trust him.Player - Watch yourself. Best case scenario, he thinks he can use you for his agenda.
                  • 694. - Well, obviously. The question is, can I use him back?
                    • 1733. - I'm contacting him by holo to arrange our meeting. Wanted you here to help me get a read on him. Opening a channel... whoa.
                      • 1631. - This is a tremendous moment, your Royal Heiress. I grew up hearing tales of the Drayen dynasty. The great battles your ancestors fought.
                        • 1633. - I never believed I'd meet a member of that proud bloodline in person. You have my deepest sympathies for your family's exile.
                          • 1634. Option - Help her return home.Player - Risha wants back into Dubrillion politics. You can make that happen, right?
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                          • 1636. Option - They deserved it.Player - From what I've seen, the Drayens earned a kick out the door.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                          • 1638. Option - Make your pitch, already.Player - We don't have all day. Stop sucking up and get to the point.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            • 1639. - You must be the starship captain who recovered the Crown of Dubrillion. My world is in your debt.
                              • 1737. - The king wants that crown--and my head. He won't be happy if he finds out we're talking.
                                • 1645. - The man has lost all reason. He must be removed from power, but in a way that spares our world a bloody civil war.
                                  • 1647. - I believe the common people and aristrocracy alike would embrace the Drayen dynasty heir, especially if she wears the Crown of Dubrillion.
                                    • 1648. Option - The king won't surrender.Player - I doubt your current ruler will abdicate just because Risha has a better hat.
                                      • 1649. - The king's power base is already unstable. It will crumble under the right pressure.
                                    • 1652. Option - What's the catch?Player - Nothing is ever that easy. Skip to the part where our lives get complicated.
                                    • 1654. Option - Don't they hate the Drayens?Player - It wasn't that long ago everyone wanted Risha's ancestor off the throne. What's changed?
                                      • 1655. - The early Drayen dynasty rulers are still highly-regarded. In historical retrospect, only the last one remains unpopular.
                                        • 1657. - It will not be enough to de-throne the king. He must be replaced by someone the people view as one of their own.
                                          • 1659. - Right now, you are an outsider. The only way to change that is to marry someone from the existing aristocracy.
                                            • 1661. - Get married? To who?
                                              • 1663. - Well, ahem, the only available suitor is... great stars, this is awkward... I am offering myself in marriage to you.
                                                • 1664. Option - Your proposal needs work.Player - You sound a little nervous, count. Is your heart really in this?
                                                  • 1665. - Forgive my hesitance. I only feared insulting the lady with my abruptness. The circumstances are far from ideal.
                                                • 1668. Option - What do you think, Risha?Player - This guy doesn't beat around the bantha. How do you want to play this?
                                                  • 1744. - You could've at least sent flowers, count.
                                                • 1672. Option - Forget it, pal!Player - Risha already has a man in her life.
                                                  • 1673. - Forgive me... I should have realized. Have you two joined?
                                                    • 1675. - Er... not exactly, no.
                                                      • 1677. - Please understand, I do not desire to come between you. That said, the final choice should be yours.
                                                • 1680. Option - This is a big scam.Player - Marrying Risha would make you king, wouldn't it? How convenient.
                                                  • 1681. - The Royal Heiress would hold primacy of power. I would be her subordinate in all matters.
                                                    • 1683. - I understand my proposal is abrupt, but I wished to make my intentions clear and not waste your valuable time.
                                                      • 1685. - I certainly don't expect an immediate response. All I ask is that you consider this for the good of Dubrillion.
                                                        • 1746. - That'll be easier to do once we've met in person. I'm on my way to Coruscant. See you there, count.
                                                          • 1748. - Well, that wasn't awkward at all.
                                                            • 1750. Option - It was too awkward.Player - That was the worst blind date ever. You've known this guy all of two minutes and he proposes marriage? Crazy.
                                                              • 1753. - This isn't romance. It's just politics.
                                                            • 1749. Option - He seemed sincere.Player - The count was a lot nicer than most of the people we deal with.
                                                              • 1752. - Hard to be sure over the holo, but I'm comfortable enough to meet him in person.
                                                            • 1763. Option - You can't accept his proposal.Player - The nerve of that guy. Like you'd ever pick him over me.
                                                              • 1764. - Don't get your thrusters overheated. It's good to have friends, that's all.
                                                            • 1751. Option - You shouldn't go to him.Player - This whole deal smells like a bulk freighter of bantha droppings. No way should you trust that guy.
                                                              • 1754. - Who said anything about trusting him?
                                                                • 1597. - Under the circumstances, I should probably take this meeting alone. Be back soon, Captain....
  • 1958. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 532. - Been thinking about our decision to keep things casual. Thought I'd make sure you're still alright with it.
      • 615. Option - Sounds like you have doubts.Player - Why would you bring that up... unless you're having regrets?
        • 618. - No regrets. I'm just open to... course-correction.
      • 614. Option - [Flirt] Was I ever?Player - In case you haven't noticed, I never stopped chasing you.
        • 617. - We've been running a long time. That takes real stamina.
      • 613. Option - I can't remember.Player - Uhm... yes? Or... no. What was the question?
        • 616. - I've almost rendered you speechless. That's a first.
          • 620. - It could be years before I'm on Dubrillion's throne. Seems a shame to limit my options in the here and now.
            • 626. - You seem to know what I like. Heard of any opportunities I should explore?
              • 629. Option - Be more specific.Player - Opportunities are my specialty--but I need to know exactly what you're looking for.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 630. - Someone cool under pressure, but quick on the draw. Who understands business and knows how to take care of it. Ring any bells?
                  • 633. Option - What are you offering?Player - That's a tall order, but I might be able to fill it. What would you pay for something like that?
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 706. - My price is negotiable--but don't expect payment in advance.
                      • 708. Option - [Flirt] I can take it slow.Player - I'm willing to start small and work my way up. I think you're worth it--and I know I am.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 707. Option - I'll think about it.Player - You drive a hard bargain, sweetheart. If I can fill your quota, I'll let you know.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                        • 712. - You do that. But don't take too long.
                      • 709. Option - You're boring me.Player - You're more trouble than you're worth. I'd have better luck romancing a krayt dragon!
                        +50 Influence : disapproves.
                        • 639. - Then maybe you should set course for Tatooine! It's almost mating season!
                  • 653. Option - [Flirt] You bet it does.Player - I know just the guy. He's practically a legend. You'd like him.
                    +200 Influence : approves.
                    • 659. - Is that so? Keep talking.
                      • 660. Player - I'd rather not.
                  • 654. Option - Corso is your man.Player - You should look into that kid from Ord Mantell. He's about your speed. I hear he's nice to the ladies.
                    +50 Influence : disapproves.
                    • 656. - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll pass.
                      • 645. - I suppose we should get back to letting people shoot at us.
              • 628. Option - [Flirt] Just me.Player - There's only one Risha. I'll never settle for second best.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 637. Player - I don't think you should either.
                  • 638. - Good answer. I look forward to continuing this discussion later.
                    • 647. Option - [Flirt] Pick a time.Player - You think about what I said, and get back to me with a response.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 717. - You can count on it.
                    • 648. Option - [Flirt] So do I.Player - Our conversation's just starting. I've got plenty more to say.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 651. - We won't run out of things to talk about. Good to know.
                        • 666. - We can't just stand here staring at each other. We have some exciting caper to pull off, don't we?
                    • 649. Option - We're already done? Insane!Player - All I'm getting is one kiss? Taking it slow is one thing, but this is ridiculous!
                      +50 Influence : disapproves.
                      • 650. - I knew it. I give you a centimeter and you want a light year!
              • 627. Option - Nope.Player - You kidding? You're higher-maintenance than a Rodian skip-trawler. At least those have resale value.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 632. - You'd compare me to the most temperamental star freighters in the Outer Rim? That's low, even for you.
                  • 640. - I am not high-maintenance. It just takes a steady hand to... why am I still using your idiot metaphor?
                    • 642. - Forget it. Don't we have something better to do--preferably far away from each other?
    • 1727. - The longer I spend here, the more it feels like home. I'm even starting to appreciate Corso. Must be coming down with something....
      • 1901. - Promise me you'll visit often when I'm queen of Dubrillion.
        • 1902. Option - Of course I will.Player - I'll visit so often, you'll have to build an extra wing onto the palace.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1905. - Why not? How about a private landing pad to go with it?
        • 1903. Option - You're sure you want that?Player - Aren't you afraid being friends with a common freighter captain will tarnish your reputation?
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1906. - First, there's nothing common about you. Second, the whole point of being queen is that I get to do whatever I want.
        • 1904. Option - No promises.Player - I'll try, but you know what this lifestyle's like. No rest for the wicked.
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1907. - Even the wicked need to stop and refuel. I'll cut you a friendly discount.
            • 1909. - It'd be nice to sneak away with you for the occasional break. Go someplace dangerous, steal something expensive, mock the bad guys.
              • 1911. - When you think about it, being queen of a planet provides the perfect alibi. We should take advantage of that.
                • 1562. <Conversation Exit>
  • 529. - You probably think I'm chasing Dubrillion's throne to get rich, don't you?
    • 553. Option - For starters.Player - Credits are just a means to an end. You must want all that money for something.
      +200 Influence : approves.
    • 554. Option - It makes no difference to me.Player - Your motives are your business. I don't judge.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 558. - All my father cared about was revenge. That isn't me.
    • 555. Option - [Flirt] No.Player - You're a much more complicated woman than that.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 557. - You think I'm complicated. But in a good way, right? Because I am. Complicated.
    • 556. Option - What other reason is there?Player - Who wouldn't want that high life? Having millions of subjects pay you to run their lives? You can sign me up anytime.
      +50 Influence : disapproves.
      • 560. - Ruling a planet is a big responsibility. One bad decision can hurt a lot of people.
        • 563. - I've seen what bad leadership does to a place. Alderaan... Nar Shaddaa... even Coruscant. They all suffer because of who's in power.
          • 570. - I'm not looking to plunder Dubrillion. I want to make it better. Run their society the right way.
            • 572. Option - Ah-hah! You're a big softie!Player - I knew that mercenary attitude was a lie. You're a bleeding-heart do-gooder--admit it!
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 575. - Don't be ridiculous. I'm talking about political survival.
            • 573. Option - Sounds good to me.Player - From everything I've heard about your homeworld, it could use someone decent in charge.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 576. - Never thought of myself as "decent" before. Maybe I can sell that.
            • 571. Option - What a waste of time.Player - Let me tell you how that ends. Your subjects disagree with your good intentions. They revolt.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 578. Player - You have to crack down and restore order. Pretty soon, you're either executed... or a tyrant. The end.
                • 580. Player - Seriously, don't waste your time trying to help people. Take their taxes and let them live their lives.
                  • 581. - You didn't let me finish. That's exactly what I'm planning.
                    • 588. - Every successful leader has the same strength: they're perceived as generous by their subjects.
                      • 594. - Give the people just enough of what they want, and they'll leave you alone. That's something the king of Dubrillion doesn't understand.
                        • 598. Option - Maybe he isn't rich enough.Player - You can't give people what they want if you can't afford it. Maybe Dubrillion isn't as wealthy as you think.
                          • 607. - It's wealthy enough to support an aristocracy. Of course, they need to get paid-off, too....
                        • 599. Option - You're so cynical.Player - For a second, I thought I was seeing a whole new side of you. False alarm.
                          • 608. - I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking. Nothing wrong with that.
                        • 600. Option - Fear is a better motivator.Player - You think the Sith Emperor worries about pleasing his people? He's still in power.
                          • 601. - Making people fear you is easy when you're a scary Sith. I don't have that luxury.
                            • 603. - I can make this work. It's all about negotiation, and I'm good at that.
                              • 605. - I'm just thinking out loud, now. We should get back to business....
                                • 1560. <Conversation Exit>
  • 507. - Never thought I'd say this, but you're my favorite partner in crime. You make beating the odds look easy, Captain.
    • 510. Option - It is when you fight idiots.Player - The secret is always fighting people who are dumber than me.
      +50 Influence : disapproves.
      • 513. - That appears to be most of the galaxy. Never realized you were a genius.
    • 508. Option - Thank you, Risha.Player - That may be the biggest compliment you've ever paid me.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 509. - I like to mix a little praise with the insults. Keeps you off-balance.
    • 511. Option - [Flirt] I'm motivated.Player - What can I say? I'm inspired by a beautiful woman.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 514. - Just so we're clear, I had a snappy comeback for that line--but I'm not using it out of respect.
    • 512. Option - You make it twice as hard.Player - It would look even easier if I wasn't saving your neck all the time.
      +50 Influence : disapproves.
      • 515. - Oh, I'm your handicap? I don't think so.
        • 520. - I've definitely learned a few dirty tricks from watching you work. Think I might've found a few of my own.
          • 522. - We'll find out at our next death-defying showdown. I can't wait.
            • 1558. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1960. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 505. - I notice we're spending a lot of time together. I'm not complaining, but... you know this can't go anywhere, right?
      • 534. - Sooner or later, I have to leave your ship. I don't want any hard feelings when I do. Does that make sense?
        • 537. Option - We haven't even kissed.Player - Hard feelings? You've barely given me the time of day.
          • 540. - Exactly. Why form a messy attachment if we're just going to split up later?
            • 546. - We'll have fun while it lasts, and no regrets when it's done. Perfect. Thank you, Captain.
        • 538. Option - [Flirt] Not even a little.Player - I'd rather regret you for the rest of my life than get scared off by your crazy talk.
          • 541. - There's just no reasoning with you. Have it your way.
            • 547. - If you want to make something of... whatever it is we have, fine. But don't say I didn't warn you.
        • 539. Option - I have lots of other women.Player - Plenty of gorgeous ladies are lining up for me, sweetheart. Take a number, and I'll get to you. Eventually.
          • 542. - I don't want to be "gotten to," you ridiculous... Never mind. We're at the same coordinates.
            • 549. - Let's go back to doing what we're good at: shooting people and making money.
    • 1726. - My search for allies in Dubrillion's aristocracy has been interesting. Got an offer from a lesser baron. What a piece of work.
      • 1883. - Guy must think I'm an idiot. Took two minutes to verify he's a spy for the king. He was baiting me into a trap.
        • 1884. Option - That could have been trouble.Player - Glad you caught wise before it went any further. I'm in no mood for another Tatooine.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1887. - Look on the bright side. At this rate, the king will run out of assassins within the year.
        • 1885. Option - Are you sure?Player - If the information was that easy to find, maybe the baron's being set up?
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 1888. - My sources are solid. The king keeps underestimating my intelligence. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't trying to kill me.
        • 1886. Option - Let's teach him a lesson.Player - Know what I like to do with traps? Turn them against whoever set them.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 1889. - Just one more thing we have in common.
            • 1891. - I sent the spy a phony meeting request from Nar Shaddaa. He's sending "friends" to help me. They're in for a surprise.
              • 1893. - Couple of Hutts owe me a favor. They promised to record the whole thing. I'll send the king a copy.
                • 1556. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1594. - If I'm going to take over Dubrillion, I can't keep looking for allies in the same old places.
    • 442. - The scum of the galaxy isn't as useful when you're stealing a throne. I need a better class of accomplices.
      • 439. Option - You need politicians.Player - You can't steal anything big without some corrupt officials on your payroll.
        +200 Influence : approves.
      • 476. Option - Criminals have their uses.Player - No matter what you're stealing, you can always use a little scum to grease the works.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 486. - I already have that covered, Captain. You're worth a hundred normal scum. And I mean that in the nicest way.
      • 477. Option - Good luck attracting them.Player - You're gonna need a new wardrobe. You dress like Nar Shaddaa smells.
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 479. - Oh, like I'd take fashion tips from you. Besides, I already have some promising new leads.
          • 438. - There are some interesting rumors out of Dubrillion. Turns out the aristocracy is unhappy with the king. Some nobles are secretly rebelling.
            • 445. Option - That king sure is unpopular.Player - Taxes are the leading cause of rebellions. I bet that's the problem.
              • 446. - You have such a wonderfully simple view of politics. It terrifies me how often you're right.
            • 449. Option - But would they support you?Player - Hating the king is one thing. Putting you on the throne is something else.
              • 451. - The point is, the planet's politics are ripe for change. All I have to do is personify that.
            • 450. Option - Pit them against each other.Player - Get those idiots to wipe each other out. They'll leave you a nice big power vacuum to fill.
              • 452. - I don't want to inherit an empty treasury--or a blood feud.
                • 454. - Dubrillion is turning into another Alderaan. A new queen could prevent that, assuming she had the aristocracy's support.
                  • 456. - But that means taking this game to a new level. You up for that?
                    • 457. Option - You're the boss.Player - You're the one steering the ship. I'm just along for the ride.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 460. - That's not exactly true, but thanks for the vote of confidence. That was confidence, right?
                    • 458. Option - Just remember who I am.Player - Don't expect me to be a politician. I solve most problems by shooting them.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 500. - There's a time and place for everything. If someone tries to kill me, feel free to shoot them.
                    • 489. Option - [Flirt] Always.Player - I'm not leaving until you're sitting pretty on that throne. And not even then.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 490. - I'll have to find you a political appointment. Maybe something in sanitation.
                    • 459. Option - I'm over-qualified.Player - I've dealt with Hutts. A bunch of prancing nobles doesn't scare me.
                      +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 462. - What if we have to prance with them? Do you even own prancing shoes?
                        • 464. - I've put out feelers to some key Dubrillion nobles. When one of them bites, be ready to pounce.
                          • 499. - In the meantime, we have plenty of other business to keep us occupied.
                            • 1554. <Conversation Exit>
  • 1959. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 296. - Seems like I've been doing all the talking lately. Makes me suspicious.
      • 258. - The biggest drawback of the criminal lifestyle is, you don't meet a lot of decent men. Most are long on charm, short on substance.
        • 276. - What's underneath that charming exterior, Captain? Or is that all you've got?
          • 278. Option - What more do you need?Player - You know the Spacer's Motto, sweetheart: "If I don't have it, I can get it." What are you in the market for?
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 280. - I'm not buying, I'm selling. And the Seller's Motto is: "If you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it."
              • 335. - I've learned the hard way never to jump into things. There's a lot I don't know about you.
                • 336. <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 279. Option - [Flirt] Find out.Player - Maybe I just didn't want to bore you with personal details. You want to know more about me? Ask away.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 282. - You're a mercenary who takes jobs for free. How do you plan to stay in business, Captain Goodheart?
              • 292. Option - I earn more than enough.Player - I always have credits to keep flying. The rest is spending-money.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 322. - So you're nice to people out of laziness? I don't buy it.
              • 293. Option - [Flirt] By marrying wealth.Player - I'm looking to settle down with a nice girl of independent means. Know anybody like that?
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 323. - At least you're honest.
              • 294. Option - Stealing from the evil.Player - There are a lot of bad people in this galaxy with too many credits. I plan to relieve them of that burden.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 324. - I can't tell if that's your career or your hobby.
            • 291. - I've seen how you do business. You aren't known for your loyalty.
              • 295. Option - Sure I am.Player - I'm always loyal to someone. It just may not be the first person I talk to.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 315. - Point of view is everything.
              • 298. Option - [Flirt] I'm loyal to you.Player - I'm loyal to the people who matter. That's you, Risha.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 313. - You're sweet... or maybe you just haven't had a better offer yet.
              • 299. Option - Loyalty is earned, not given.Player - I give as a good as I get. If people want my loyalty, they have to give me theirs first.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 314. - We have more in common than I thought.
            • 289. - You're a hard man to figure out. Sometimes you play the hero. Sometimes not.
              • 300. Option - It's a survival tactic.Player - Predictability gets you killed. I like to keep the opposition guessing.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 305. - Is that how you see me? The "opposition"? Thought we were partners.
              • 301. Option - That bothers you?Player - What's worse, that you can't figure me out, or that I might not be a hero?
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 310. - I've had my share of heroes. They can be unreliable, too.
              • 302. Option - All depends on the reward.Player - When I play the hero, it's business. If playing the villain pays better, so be it.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 303. - Then you're a pure mercenary. Good to know.
                  • 286. - I won't lie. I enjoy spending time with you. But I'm not like other girls. The easy lines are wasted on me.
                    • 332. - If that doesn't scare you off, maybe this will actually go somewhere. I guess we'll see.
          • 277. Option - It's all I have for you.Player - I don't show you anything else because I don't trust you. Probably never will.
            +50 Influence : disapproves.
            • 281. - Guess I know where we stand. Thanks for the map.
    • 1725. - I'm reviewing holovids of Dubrillion. Beautiful planet. Amazing oceans and forests. One of these days I'll have to see it in person.
      • 1867. Option - We could go now.Player - Why wait? Give me the coordinates. I'll have us there by dinnertime.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 1874. - Throttle down, Captain. Don't you think I'd have visited by now if I could?
      • 1868. Option - You've never been there?Player - How can you be sure the planet's even worth ruling? For all you know it smells like a wet bantha.
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 1871. - I hire Bothan spies to pose as tourists and record everything for me. Even the smells.
      • 1869. Option - And rule it with an iron fist.Player - Preferably, you'll see it from the royal palace--while standing on the king's corpse.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 1872. - Not like he doesn't have it coming.
          • 1870. - Father warned me to stay away from that planet before he went into hibernation. The spaceport has genetic scanners keyed to the Drayen bloodline.
            • 1880. - The king's doing everything in his power to keep me away. I'm not taking over without inside help. Until then, I have the holovids.
              • 1551. <Conversation Exit>
  • 213. - I envy you, Captain. You'll always be free to do as you please. That all changes for me, once I'm a queen.
    • 214. Option - But you'll be in charge.Player - I thought the whole point of ruling a planet was to do whatever you feel like.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 217. - My ancestors tried that. Didn't work out.
    • 215. Option - So don't become one.Player - Dubrillion is getting along fine without you. Do what makes you happy.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 218. - Ruling a planet has its perks. I should at least give it a try.
    • 376. Option - [Flirt] I want to settle down.Player - Freedom is overrated, sweetheart. I'd rather buy a nice planet somewhere. Retire with the woman of my dreams.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 377. - Dream woman, huh? Good thing you've got a vivid imagination.
    • 216. Option - I have no sympathy.Player - You'll be surrounded by people waiting on you hand and foot. My heart bleeds, Risha. Honest.
      +50 Influence : disapproves.
      • 219. - Servants have a habit of becoming traitors if they're not treated well.
        • 223. - I've studied records about the Drayen dynasty. They started from humble beginnings, distinguished themselves as war heroes. Officially, anyway.
          • 227. - In reality, they backstabbed their way to power just like every other ruler. Some were better at it than others.
            • 230. Option - What about your father?Player - Why didn't Nok make his own play for the throne? He was king of the backstab.
              • 231. - He knew recovering the crown was essential to establishing legitimate rule. It's not enough to conquer a world. You have to hold it, too.
            • 228. Option - They all failed.Player - If they'd been able to hold onto power, you'd already be Queen.
              • 232. - It only takes one bad ruler to topple a dynasty. And my great-grandfather was good at burning bridges.
            • 229. Option - In that case, you'll do great.Player - You'll be Queen in no time. You're the best backstabber I know.
              • 233. - Thanks, but I'm looking to do things a little differently.
                • 237. - Father had his failings, but he inspired loyalty. Whenever he defeated a rival gangster, he always freed the enemy slaves.
                  • 241. - He gave them a choice: join him or take their chances elsewhere. No recriminations for anyone who left. The rest became family.
                    • 242. Option - Family may be overdoing it.Player - I don't think Nok's definition of "family" is the same one in the dictionary.
                      • 246. - He gave them regular meals, shelter, and a chance to make their own fortunes.
                    • 244. Option - How many joined him?Player - Interesting way to recruit new talent. How many slaves actually signed-on?
                      • 245. - Those people had a lot of anger issues. Most were excited to have a job that let them express it.
                    • 243. Option - That isn't the Nok I know.Player - There's no way your father just let the slaves go. He had them killed while you weren't looking.
                      • 247. - You don't get it. He never needed to hurt them. Most slaves joined him. The rest were weak--no threat.
                        • 249. - There was this one little Twi'lek girl who joined us. Best thief I ever met. Got into all sorts of trouble together.
                          • 251. - We were like sisters, but when father's organization collapsed we got separated. I never found out what happened to her.
                            • 260. Option - I'm sure she's fine.Player - No news is good news. She's probably enjoying an early retirement somewhere.
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 270. - I like to think so.
                            • 259. Option - You should look her up.Player - Never too late to find her. If she's as good a thief as you say, she might come in handy.
                              +200 Influence : approves.
                              • 262. - That was a long time ago. Sometimes it's better to leave the past alone.
                            • 261. Option - She's probably dead.Player - If you haven't heard from her by now, you're not going to.
                              +50 Influence : disapproves.
                              • 265. - She was always a survivor. I like to think she started over, like me.
                                • 267. - You're really bringing out my chatty side today. That usually means I need to get some exercise.
                                  • 274. - Let's find something more exciting to do than stand around.
                                    • 1549. <Conversation Exit>
  • 93. - I think I've figured out why we get along so well, Captain. We're both restless people. It's how we survive.
    • 95. - Trouble loves us, and we just keep on moving. Eventually, trouble gets tired of following and gives up.
      • 96. Option - But not for long.Player - There's always more trouble where that came from.
        • 99. - Exactly. Isn't it wonderful?
      • 97. Option - Never in my experience.Player - I've attracted some awfully persistent trouble.
        • 101. - Some people are lucky that way.
      • 372. Option - [Flirt] Let trouble catch you.Player - I'm the kind of trouble that never gets tired. Do yourself a favor, sweetheart--stop running.
        • 373. - I don't have to run from you, Captain. A brisk walk is usually enough.
      • 98. Option - You're babbling.Player - I have no idea what you're talking about. Have you been inhaling fuel-line cleaners again?
        • 103. - Maybe you're some kind of "trouble savant." That would explain a lot.
          • 105. - There wasn't nearly enough trouble growing up on Dantooine. After being a crime lord's daughter, sitting around got dull real quick.
            • 109. - I had a big library of holo-recordings from my father, but I could only watch them so many times.
              • 110. Option - Tell me about the recordings.Player - Never figured Nok for the sentimental type. He left you a bunch of holos dispensing his life's wisdom?
                • 113. - If by "wisdom" you mean teaching me how to become a criminal, then yes. He was a good teacher. Very detail-oriented.
              • 111. Option - You ran away, right?Player - You still had a starship. I'm guessing you weren't long for Dantooine.
              • 112. Option - I make my own trouble.Player - When things get dull, I just start shooting. Works like a charm.
                • 114. - I tried that, but Kath hounds are so stupid. I never got them to chase me.
                  • 119. - By the time I was fourteen, I'd had enough. I buried father's carbonite chamber someplace safe and hit the hyperlanes with a new identity.
                    • 121. - Those were good times. I met Juran and Audila. Got mixed-up with Beryl Thorne. Lived a life of crime.
                      • 124. Option - Just like your father.Player - I'm sure Nok was proud of your accomplishments.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                        • 127. - Actually, he was disappointed I didn't have my own criminal empire. I was having too much fun on my own.
                      • 125. Option - That's the best way to live.Player - Every time I see some idiot scrubbing tables at a cantina, I think of how lucky I am.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                        • 129. - Normal jobs are for people who aren't smart enough to earn a real living.
                      • 126. Option - Not a very good one.Player - As criminals go, you're pretty mediocre. You joined-up with Skavak, for crying out loud.
                        +50 Influence : disapproves.
                        • 131. - I never "joined-up" with Skavak. I used him until someone better came along. Worked out pretty well.
                          • 133. - I'm starting to enjoy these chats, but I'm feeling restless. Let's go find some trouble.
                            • 1547. <Conversation Exit>
  • 139. - Sometimes I can't believe you actually got back my crown. Do you know how many spacers died looking for it?
    • 159. - Don't take this the wrong way, but when we first met I thought you'd wind up like all the others.
      • 160. Option - Not my style.Player - I'll always beat the odds. You can count on that.
        • 167. - Why do you think I stayed with you? I'm hoping some of that luck rubs off.
        • 171. - That's why I stuck around. I need all the good luck I can get.
      • 162. Option - You hid it well.Player - I never thought you had anything less than total confidence in me.
        • 164. - I learned pretty fast not to underestimate you.
      • 161. Option - [Flirt] That explains it all.Player - No wonder you wouldn't let yourself fall for me. You were afraid I'd die.
        • 166. - Oh, yes. Terrified.
      • 163. Option - So you were using me?Player - You probably planned to steal my ship when I died.
        • 165. - Would that have been so wrong?
          • 182. - What I'm really saying is, thanks. I wouldn't be where I am without you.
            • 188. Option - It's all part of the job.Player - I never leave an unhappy customer... except for Rogun the Butcher. He doesn't count.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 193. - You can't please everyone.
            • 189. Option - What are friends for?Player - You don't have to thank me, Risha. We're not business partners anymore.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 191. - That's all the more reason to say something.
            • 190. Option - Never forget it.Player - You owe me big time, future Queen. Don't think I'm not planning to collect.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 192. - It's just business. Sure.
                • 195. - Anyway... didn't mean to slow us down. I'm sure we have plenty to do.
        • 185. - After an acceptable period of mourning.
          • 169. - You're all right, Captain. With a little polish, you just might shine.
            • 170. Option - [Flirt] I already shine.Player - I've been shining since you met me. You're just not paying attention.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 179. - Interesting theory. When you can prove it, let me know.
            • 175. Option - [Flirt] Polish away.Player - This polishing business sounds like fun. When do we start?
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 177. - I wasn't volunteering, Captain. Just... observing.
            • 176. Option - Not for you, I won't.Player - Don't get your hopes up, Risha. You're not my type.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 178. - Wait, you thought I was flirting with you? Please! You're not my type, either.
                • 201. - I shouldn't be keeping us from our work. I know how busy we are.
                  • 1545. <Conversation Exit>
  • 41. - Bet you were surprised to see I can hold my own in a fight. I'm pretty good with a blaster.
    • 43. - My father taught me to shoot when I was four years old.
      • 45. Option - Most children play with toys.Player - Sounds like Nok didn't give you much of a childhood.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 47. - Are you kidding? His lieutenants were terrified of me. They let me do whatever I wanted.
      • 44. Option - What was the big rush?Player - Was Nok that desperate for muscle?
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 68. - He thought an armed toddler was more reliable than his own people.
      • 388. Option - [Flirt] I wanted to do that.Player - He robbed me of my big chance. Teaching a girl to shoot can be romantic, if you do it right.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 389. - And very messy if you don't. Maybe he spared you a visit to the med-center.
      • 46. Option - I'll do the same, someday.Player - My kid will be born with a blaster in one hand and credits in the other.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 50. - Ha... sorry, I was just imagining you with a child....
          • 52. - Father wanted me self-sufficient as early as possible. Said I'd need it to survive. He was right.
            • 61. - I still remember the day he told me he was "going to sleep" for a while. Said I was on my own.
              • 62. Option - You must have been young.Player - Nok was in that carbonite for a decade. Weren't you still counting birthdays on one hand?
              • 64. Option - He just abandoned you?Player - Tell me he at least gave you credits before he froze himself in carbonite.
                • 66. - He wasn't the greatest father in the galaxy, but he planned ahead. Gave me a blaster, a starship and plenty of credits.
              • 65. Option - I'll bet you were scared.Player - "Going to sleep?" You must have thought he was dying.
                • 67. - Oh, no. He always treated me like an adult. I knew what was happening, even if I didn't understand it.
                  • 63. - I was eleven. Made my first solo hyperspace jump and flew to Dantooine. Father had a hideout there.
                    • 71. - Talk about your one-bantha planets. For a few years, Dantooine's population was doubled thanks to me and father frozen in carbonite.
                      • 79. Option - Sounds lonely... and weird.Player - You had one messed-up childhood, Risha. It's a wonder you didn't come out crazy.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                      • 81. Option - What about your mother?Player - You talk a lot about Nok, but you've never mentioned your mother.
                        +200 Influence : approves.
                        • 82. - She died when I was young. I don't remember her.
                      • 80. Option - This explains your immaturity.Player - Now I understand your lack of social graces. You were raised by a hunk of carbonite.
                        +50 Influence : disapproves.
                        • 83. - Having my verbal skills insulted by you... ironic.
                          • 85. - Looking back, I should've been miserable. But it was just a big adventure.
                            • 87. - Speaking of which, we're overdue for some more excitement. What do you say we get back to our latest caper?
                              • 1543. <Conversation Exit>
  • 434. - When we get back to the ship, come find me. I need a few moments of your time.
  • 433. - Next time we're someplace we won't get shot, let's talk.
  • 2102. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 2109. - You're the boss.
    • 435. - This isn't a good time for a chat. Maybe later.
    • 2103. - What? I thought you had a plan.
    • 2104. - Don't tell me: you forgot where we're going? Come on, let's go.
    • 2105. - Whatever you want.
    • 2107. - Looking forward to working with you, Captain.
    • 2108. - I'll be fine. I'm always fine.
    • 2111. - Glad to know you've got my back.
    • 2112. - I hope you know what you're doing.
    • 2117. - You're easily distracted by shiny things, aren't you?
    • 2118. - I promise you won't be disappointed.
    • 2122. - I won't let you take off without me.
    • 2123. - There's nowhere in Republic space that's safe anymore.
    • 2124. - Normal jobs are for people who aren't smart enough to earn a real living.
    • 2125. - Let's find something more exciting to do than stand around.
    • 2110. - I'd wish you good luck, but I know you don't need it.
    • 2127. - I suppose we should get back to letting people shoot at us.
    • 2126. - Let's go back to doing what we're good at: shooting people and making money.
    • 2106. - I'm taking a wild guess that my life just got a new kind of complicated.
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb3e68833180000cb06c217"
    "Name": "Childhood's End",
    "NameId": "831217905696856",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "Childhood's End",
        "frMale": "La fin de l'enfance",
        "frFemale": "La fin de l'enfance",
        "deMale": "Ende der Kindheit",
        "deFemale": "Ende der Kindheit"
    "Icon": "cdx.persons.open_world.act_1.risha",
    "IsRepeatable": false,
    "RequiredLevel": 0,
    "XpLevel": 37,
    "Difficulty": "qstDifficultyEasy",
    "CanAbandon": true,
    "IsHidden": false,
    "IsClassQuest": false,
    "IsBonus": false,
    "BonusShareable": false,
    "CategoryId": "2466269005611288",
    "LocalizedCategory": {
        "enMale": "Companion",
        "frMale": "Partenaire",
        "frFemale": "Partenaire",
        "deMale": "Gef\u00e4hrte",
        "deFemale": "Gef\u00e4hrte"
    "Branches": [
            "Id": "1",
            "DbId": 0,
            "Steps": [
                    "Id": 1,
                    "DbId": 0,
                    "IsShareable": false,
                    "JournalText": "",
                    "LocalizedJournalText": [],
                    "Tasks": [
                            "Id": 1,
                            "DbId": 0,
                            "ShowTracking": false,
                            "ShowCount": false,
                            "CountMax": 1,
                            "TaskQuestB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskNpcB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskPlcB62Ids": [],
                            "MapNoteB62Ids": [],
                            "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                            "ItemsGiven": [],
                            "ItemsTaken": []
                    "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                    "ItemsGiven": [],
                    "ItemsTaken": []
                    "Id": 2,
                    "DbId": 0,
                    "IsShareable": false,
                    "JournalText": "",
                    "LocalizedJournalText": [],
                    "Tasks": [
                            "Id": 1,
                            "DbId": 0,
                            "ShowTracking": false,
                            "ShowCount": false,
                            "CountMax": 1,
                            "TaskQuestB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskNpcB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskPlcB62Ids": [],
                            "MapNoteB62Ids": [],
                            "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                            "ItemsGiven": [],
                            "ItemsTaken": []
                    "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                    "ItemsGiven": [],
                    "ItemsTaken": []
    "Items": [],
    "Rewards": [],
    "ReqPrivacy": "PrivateSpot",
    "CreditRewardType": "0",
    "CreditsRewarded": 0,
    "XP": 0,
    "SubXP": 0,
    "F2PXP": 0,
    "CommandXP": 600,
    "HashedIcon": "2524487980_2488480162",
    "BranchCount": 1,
    "ClassesB62": [],
    "ConversationGains": {
        "CompanionsParsed": [],
        "NodeText": [],
        "AffectionGainTable": []
    "QuestsNextB62": [],
    "QuestsPreviousB62": [],
    "Id": "16141109798495336344",
    "Base62Id": "c3VagyN",
    "Fqn": "qst.companion.republic.smuggler.risha.conversations.personal_4",
    "B62References": {
        "conversationStarts": [
        "conversationEnds": [
    "first_seen": "1.0.0a",
    "last_seen": "6.3.2b",
    "current_version": "6.3.2b",
    "hash": "1326335410",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [
    "ClassesAllowed": [],
    "IsDaily": false