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Level 1 HK-51
Faction: Empire
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Companion
SubCategory: Generic
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 1.0.0a
Last Seen: 6.2.1a
Star Wars Name: HK-51
Other Sites:


  • 543. - Declaration: I have completed a full analysis of my functions, master.
    • 545. - I am ready to liquidate high-threat undesirables with one-hundred percent efficiency, as the Maker intended.
      • 546. Option - I expect nothing less.Player - We will destroy the Empire's threats without restraint or remorse.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 547. - Praise: Hearing you speak is like reviewing my programming logs. We will function well together, master.
      • 550. Option - I have many types of enemies.Player - I enjoy disposing of low-threat undesirables, as well. I trust that won't be a problem?
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 551. - Assurance: I have been inactive for many years, master. You will find I am not a picky liquidator.
      • 554. Option - I don't always kill targets.Player - Relax your trigger finger unless I say otherwise, droid. Some bounties are wanted alive.
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 555. - Criticism: Capture and imprisonment are inefficient procedures, master. Consider adopting an "all disintegrations" policy.
      • 558. Option - I'll have use for you.Player - My missions occasionally require assassination. You'll be a valuable asset.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 559. - Acknowledgment: I did not assume you reactivated me for my extensive cooking protocols, master--though they are impeccable.
      • 562. Option - The "Maker"?Player - Who is this "Maker"? Your designer?
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 563. - Correction: The Maker defies simple organic classifications, master. The Maker not only provides form and function, but also marks the undesirables who deserve liquidation.
          • 565. - In the end, I am merely a humble servant of the Maker's infallible purpose.
            • 566. Option - Serve me--and only me.Player - I don't answer to your Maker--and neither do you. You're mine.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 567. - Confirmation: Of course I am yours, master. The Maker would not have it any other way.
            • 570. Option - Interesting philosophy.Player - Your belief system is more complex than your simple functions would indicate.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 571. - Dismissal: Simplicity is for organics, master. Er... no offense intended.
            • 574. Option - You're defective.Player - You're spouting gibberish, droid. Your logic processors must be failing.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 575. - Argument: Perform whatever diagnostics you wish, master. All my systems are in prime condition.
      • 578. Option - What about peaceful functions?Player - Do you possess any capabilities besides killing people? Something more constructive, perhaps?
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 579. - Recommendation: The HK-51 series was not designed for manual labor, master. If you need to build something, I suggest using a construction droid.
          • 581. - Oath: While aboard your starship, I will maintain constant vigilance. You may rest easy here. Your absolute security occupies my every calculation.
            • 582. Option - We won't be here often.Player - I'm rarely on this ship. We'll spend most of our time planetside.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 583. - Encouragement: I can provide security anywhere. A simple nod is all I require to activate my combat protocols.
            • 586. Option - Keep an eye on my crew.Player - Not everyone on this ship can be trusted. I'm counting on you to watch my back.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 587. - Compliance: No organic on this vessel poses even the slightest threat while I remain functional.
            • 590. Option - Just stay out of my quarters.Player - I'd better not wake up to find you watching me sleep.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 591. - Agreement: Proper vigilance requires constant patrol. I will never linger in your presence for long.
                • 593. - I anticipate liquidating a great many undesirables in your service, master.
                  • 594. <Conversation Exit>
  • 597. - Report: After a thorough analysis, I have determined you are the most efficient master I could possibly serve.
    • 598. <Non-dialogue segment.>
      • 599. - Your position with the Emperor will permit us to hunt high-ranking undesirables indefinitely.
      • 602. - While the logic of your unorthodox methods remains impenetrable, you are nonetheless a rising power in the Empire.
      • 605. - You display an extraordinary talent for finding the galaxy's most elusive undesirables. And when you fail, they find you instead.
      • 608. - Your ability to infiltrate the undesirables' ranks permits me a level of access to them I would never otherwise possess.
        • 610. - Clearly, the Maker desires us to gloriously liquidate the Empire's enemies together. I find this prospect highly agreeable.
          • 611. Option - You will serve me well.Player - You are an obedient, efficient executioner.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 612. - Flattery: You set a fine example for me.
          • 615. Option - Yes, I'm a wonderful master.Player - Another enthusiastic slave for my collection. How delightful.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 616. - Persuasion: I prefer to think of you as a hand, with me as your fingers. Deadly, deadly fingers....
          • 619. Option - Me, too.Player - I can always use an extra blaster--especially one that keeps his cool in a fight.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 620. - Testimonial: I maintain a constant operating temperature of twenty degrees, even while in combat.
          • 623. Option - As do I.Player - My work requires precise attention to detail. You leave nothing to chance.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 624. - Humility: Randomness only exists for those unable to pay attention. Extraordinary focus is one of my finest qualities.
          • 627. Option - I appreciate your loyalty.Player - You may be the only member of my crew I can truly rely on.
            +200 Influence : approves.
            • 628. - Sentiment: That goes without saying, master. There is, however, a way to ensure your statement always remains true.
          • 631. Option - There is no "Maker"!Player - Your "Maker" was no divine entity. It was an organic being, just like me.
            +50 Influence : disapproves.
            • 632. - Appeasement: Your capacity for humor never ceases to impress. However, we must set aside levity for the moment.
              • 634. - Dilemma: The possibility exists I could be reprogrammed into serving a different and far less efficient master. This is unacceptable.
                • 636. - Solution: I have obtained a behavioral modification code that will permanently assign my functions to you. Once activated, it cannot be reversed.
                  • 637. Option - Activate it immediately.Player - You will serve no one else--not even your "Maker."
                    • 638. - Reassurance: There is no need to feel threatened by the Maker, master. This was always part of my final programming.
                  • 641. Option - Not even by the Maker?Player - What if your Maker decides you should no longer serve me?
                    • 642. - Didacticism: Oh, master, do not be silly. The Maker would not provide this opportunity if I was not meant to use it.
                  • 645. Option - What happens when I die?Player - You might outlive me. Then what?
                    • 646. - Explanation: You may assign me to the heir of your choice at any time. Consider me part of your family line, master.
                      • 648. - Declaration: Activating loyalty permanence protocols now. Stand by for confirmation. If I attack you, it means something has gone wrong....
                        • 650. - Confirmation: I will liquidate undesirables in your service to the limit of my function. This is a great gift to us both. Congratulations, master!
                          • 652. <Conversation Exit>
  • 655. - Announcement: I have unexpected good news, master. In the process of purging my efficiency-reducing subroutine, I discovered a series of combat protocol improvements.
    • 657. - My liquidation procedures are greatly enhanced. The Republic undesirables will tremble before my efficiency.
      • 658. Option - Show them true terror.Player - Fear is a powerful weapon. Use it wisely, and we will crush our enemies.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 659. - Compliment: You have a gift for poetry, master.
      • 662. Option - I like it when foes tremble.Player - There's nothing wrong with most undesirables that a little trembling and liquidation can't fix.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 663. - Agreement: You translated the words straight from my vocabulator, master.
      • 666. Option - Let's go make trouble.Player - There's bound to be somebody out there who needs your special attention.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 667. - Calculation: Current estimates place the number of undesirables at well over sixteen trillion, master. I look forward to meeting all of them.
      • 670. Option - Good. List your new functions.Player - Upgrades are always useful. Give me a full briefing on these enhancements.
        +200 Influence : approves.
        • 671. - Compliance: Targeting systems and reaction time have increased fifteen point eight one percent. My database of organic weak points has more than tripled, master.
      • 674. Option - Causing panic is my job.Player - Leave the intimidation to me. Focus on destroying my enemies.
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 675. - Request: Give me the opportunity to display my full range of talents. You will not be disappointed, master.
      • 678. Option - You don't scare anyone.Player - You aren't as frightening as you like to think. I've seen more intimidating astromechs.
        +50 Influence : disapproves.
        • 679. - Question: Can an astromech disassemble every one of an undesirable's vital organs at the same time? I think not, master.
          • 681. - Assessment: I am finally the engine of liquidation the Maker always intended. We should celebrate my ascension with some especially memorable carnage!
            • 683. <Conversation Exit>
  • 721. - Statement: The sabotage protocols in my system matrix continue operating, master. Premature deactivation appears inevitable unless I terminate this subroutine.
    • 723. - However, virtually all undesirables I was programmed to liquidate are invalid. They have succumbed to natural causes, various misadventures and random homicides.
      • 725. - Only three survivors remain on my target list. They have eluded the Empire for years, but I have learned their present locations.
        • 726. Option - Time to end this.Player - The Emperor will be pleased when these targets are eliminated.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 727. - Addendum: More importantly, I will continue offering you flawless service. And that is invaluable.
        • 730. Option - That's too lucky.Player - How fortunate you should locate these people--just when your existence depends on it.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 731. - Confession: I used your vessel's computer in my search, master. If you notice certain operational inefficiencies, I am certain they are not my fault.
        • 734. Option - Sounds profitable.Player - Any bounty still alive after this long must be worth a lot.
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 735. - Lament: Just the opposite, master. The targets' bounties have not been updated in years. Taking inflation into account, the profit is low.
        • 738. Option - An impressive feat.Player - Why were you able to find these people when the whole Empire failed to?
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 739. - Explanation: My target acquisition algorithms are unimpeachable, master. If it makes you feel better, the process took nearly ten times what it should have.
        • 742. Option - Liquidating them helps you?Player - And you're sure eliminating even one of these targets will save you?
          +200 Influence : approves.
          • 743. - Affirmation: The destructive subroutine will end immediately when I fulfill my programming. The only question now is, who to liquidate?
        • 746. Option - We don't have time for this.Player - My target list is far more important. Continue serving me until I say otherwise.
          +50 Influence : disapproves.
          • 747. - Hint: My sonoreceptors will be non-functioning if I do not take action soon, master. Besides, I am confident you will appreciate my targets.
            • 749. - First briefing: Jedi Master Valara has operated on Imperial planets for years, helping cowardly Sith acolytes escape their training and join the Jedi Order.
              • 751. - He is currently smuggling traitorous Sith organics off Taris. I have obtained the coded signal runaway acolytes use to summon his aid.
                • 752. Option - You can ambush him.Player - You'll send a fake signal and lure him into a trap. Perfect.
                  • 753. - Admission: I am rather fond of this liquidation plan, myself.
                • 756. Option - This Jedi must be tough.Player - Anyone who can survive Taris's dangers is a challenging foe.
                  • 757. - Agreement: Master Valara possesses a talent for survival well beyond most organics. Unfortunately for him, he has never met me.
                • 760. Option - He's welcome to the fools.Player - I'd rather see that Jedi take all our weakest recruits than spend the resources to feed, clothe and train them.
                  • 761. - Counterpoint: Weak Sith make useful target practice for the strong. Better that than bolstering your enemy's ranks, agreed?
                    • 763. - Second briefing: Doctor Hu Marell is the enemy's top battlefield surgeon. His cybernetic enhancements keep wounded soldiers alive and fighting.
                      • 765. - Doctor Marell currently saves injured Republic troops at a secret hospital on the planet Quesh. I have his coordinates and an ideal attack vector.
                        • 766. Option - He's a worthy target.Player - Eliminating this doctor not only stops the Republic from keeping soldiers in the war, it destroys their morale.
                          • 767. - Agreement: I could not have stated it better myself, master.
                        • 770. Option - Will soldiers die, too?Player - How many wounded Republic troops will perish in your assault?
                          • 771. - Description: My approach pattern will lead directly through the hospital's burn unit. Collateral damage will be appropriately impressive.
                        • 774. Option - Liquidating him is pointless.Player - He's only a doctor. Surely there are better uses of your time?
                          • 775. - Truism: How many Republic troops healed by Doctor Marell will go on to kill our brave Imperial soldiers? Think of them, master.
                            • 777. - Third briefing: One of the Empire's most notorious traitors is hiding in plain sight, posing as an information broker on Nar Shaddaa.
                              • 779. - During the last war, he betrayed the Third Imperial Assault Fleet and escaped with a sizeable Republic bribe--which he used for facial reconfiguration.
                                • 780. Option - I can't believe you found him.Player - The traitor's new face can't be very convincing if you tracked him down that easily.
                                  • 781. - Objection: This is the result of over three-hundred million speech pattern surveys. No other droid model--or organic--is equipped to perform that.
                                • 784. Option - Anything to repair you.Player - You don't have to sell me, droid. If shooting this man will fix you, I'm all for it.
                                  • 785. - Praise: Truly, your lethality is matched only by your generosity. That is a rare combination, master.
                                • 788. Option - What happened to the fleet?Player - How many warships were destroyed by this betrayal?
                                  • 789. - Summation: The fleet was ambushed by a sizable Republic force. Our losses exceeded eighty percent of the vessels, and over twenty thousand Imperial organics.
                                    • 791. - Conundrum: It is impossible to liquidate all three undesirables, master. Their present coordinates have a limited duration. I must strike at one of them immediately.
                                      • 793. - As my master, you should direct my efforts. Who would you prefer I focus on: the Jedi Master, the Republic surgeon or the traitor?
                                        • 794. Option - Eliminate the Jedi.Player - Always aim for the most powerful enemy. Hunt down the Jedi. We'll deal with the other two later. +50
                                          • 795. - Acknowledgment: Your logic is most persuasive, master. I depart for Taris immediately.
                                        • 798. Option - Stop the Republic surgeon.Player - Let's hit the Republic where it will hurt the most. Eliminate the surgeon on Quesh. +150
                                          • 799. - Acknowledgment: I promise to inflict maximum pain, master. I will return shortly.
                                        • 802. Option - Hunt down that traitor.Player - No one betrays the Empire and gets away with it. Bring that information broker to justice.
                                          • 803. - Acknowledgment: Consider his justice served, master. I depart for Nar Shaddaa immediately.
                                            • 685. Player - I see you're still functional. Your "liquidation" must have been a success.
                                              • 686. - Revelation: The sabotage protocols have ceased operations, master. I fulfilled my programming.
                                                • 688. - Assurance: My target knew great terror before his liquidation. My only regret is that the remaining two undesirables on my list have moved to unknown coordinates.
                                                  • 689. Option - You have done well.Player - What matters is, an enemy of the Empire has been eliminated. No one escapes our justice.
                                                    • 690. - Flattery: Your inspiring words caused a momentary flutter in my circuits, master.
                                                  • 693. Option - Terror is good.Player - It's always useful to leave a little fear in your wake. Gives people something to remember you by.
                                                    • 694. - Disclaimer: I neglected to leave survivors, master. Rest assured, I will follow your advice next time.
                                                  • 697. Option - Win some, lose some.Player - One out of three is better than none.
                                                    • 698. - Philosophy: When you put things that way, it is difficult to argue.
                                                  • 701. Option - I hope you were discreet.Player - I don't need to be seen with the galaxy's most hunted droid. I trust you eliminated all witnesses?
                                                    • 702. - Query: Really, master... can you honestly imagine me leaving survivors?
                                                  • 705. Option - Start hunting them now.Player - I want the other two dead before the year is out, understood?
                                                    • 706. - Praise: Your commitment to the Maker's work never ceases to impress, master.
                                                  • 709. Option - Let them go.Player - We have more important concerns. Your obligation to the Empire is fulfilled. Now you serve me.
                                                    • 710. - Confirmation: Understood, master. I will trust in the Maker to place these targets in my path at a future date.
                                                      • 712. - Analysis: My systems are operating at ninety-three point six two percent efficiency and rising. I predict restoration to full functionality within two days.
                                                        • 714. - Hint: My central learning chip always benefits from liquidating new and exciting undesirables, master. A happy coincidence, agreed?
                                                          • 716. <Conversation Exit>
  • 809. - List: Braga, Tol... Jedi Knight. Status unknown. Tavus, Harron... Lieutenant, Special Forces. Status unknown. Pollaran, Darmas. Information broker. Status unknown.
    • 811. - Confession: I have detected an anomaly in my subroutines. The target list I was programmed with years ago remains active in my memory core.
      • 812. Option - Delete that old data.Player - The only targets you need to worry about are the ones I assign you. Remove that list from your memory.
        • 813. - Alert: I am unable to comply, master. I have made multiple attempts to purge the data without success.
      • 816. Option - Is that a problem for you?Player - Is that old data causing you to malfunction?
        • 817. - Confirmation: My operating efficiency has dropped by twenty-one point four nine percent, master.
      • 820. Option - Let's find these targets.Player - More enemies for us to liquidate? We'll take them in alphabetical order.
        • 821. - Complication: The list is highly outdated, master. All profiles are currently registering as "status unknown." It will take some time to revise this information.
          • 823. - Conclusion: My failure to liquidate the programmed undesirables is causing a cascade failure of vital systems.
            • 825. - This sabotage protocol is a fail-safe to deactivate me in the event of enemy capture. It will eventually result in permanent shutdown.
              • 826. Option - I'll rebuild you.Player - You're a droid. If your systems fail, I'll replace them.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 827. - Objection: My personality matrix will be destroyed by that procedure, master. I would rather be atomized than reconstituted in a lesser form.
              • 830. Option - It was nice knowing you.Player - You served me well, but nothing lasts forever.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 831. - Retort: Master, I was constructed to provide service well beyond your average lifespan. Deactivation at my current service level is simply unwarranted.
              • 834. Option - Stupid Imperials.Player - Leave it to the Empire to booby-trap its assassins.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 835. - Disclaimer: While I admire the intent behind this sabotage, it does create an awkward situation.
              • 838. Option - A standard Imperial procedure.Player - Droids like you shouldn't serve our enemy. This precaution makes perfect sense.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 839. - Qualification: I will not argue with your analysis, master. I will simply observe its extreme inconvenience.
              • 842. Option - How do we prevent that?Player - There must be some way to end this subroutine and restore your full functionality.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 843. - Perplexity: I have conducted an extensive search for the protocols to end this annoyance. They do not exist within my memory core.
              • 846. Option - You defective pile of junk.Player - After everything I went through to reactivate you, you're falling apart on me. I should scrap you right now and be done.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 847. - Sentiment: Your concern for my well-being is most appreciated.
                  • 849. - Investigation: My original programmer is deceased. Manually deleting the subroutine is impossible, but perhaps it can be terminated another way.
                    • 851. - Request: While I search for a solution, please do not mention my predicament to your crew. It is important they continue to fear me.
                      • 853. <Conversation Exit>
  • 976. - Rumination: It appears many of my fellow HK-51 units will remain frozen indefinitely. What an inefficient fate.
    • 858. - This gives my processors pause. Was it always the Maker's will that I alone would complete our programmed function to liquidate undesirables?
      • 859. Option - Don't question--act.Player - Never second-guess your fate. Embrace it. Hesitation is weakness.
        • 860. - Compliment: Sometimes I envy your simplistic outlook, master. It must be liberating to discard all reasoning.
      • 863. Option - What an odd droid you are.Player - Quite the deep thinker, aren't we? You're a master of idle speculation.
        • 864. - Stipulation: If by "idle" you mean "not liquidating undesirables," and by "speculation" you mean "conducting proactive analysis," then I agree.
      • 867. Option - You think too much.Player - Quit complaining. You get to shoot people. What more do you need?
        • 868. - Flattery: You always know just how to inspire my behavior protocols, master.
      • 871. Option - Just do your duty.Player - A good assassin works alone--and adapts to changing circumstances.
        • 872. - Resignation: I suppose you have a point, master. The Maker's process will be revealed in time.
      • 875. Option - Other HK units may be freed.Player - If I could reactivate you, there's hope for the rest of your production line.
        • 876. - Admission: That is a pleasing theory, master. Becoming the vanguard of my production line's return would be flattering.
      • 879. Option - There is no "Maker."Player - Droids don't have a destiny. I'm the only one commanding your functions.
        • 880. - Appeasement: It is charming you believe that, master. I forget how much organics crave a sense of control.
          • 977. - Conjecture: The galaxy would be a different place if my transport had not crashed. Many Republic undesirables would be long since liquidated.
            • 884. - By my calculations, HK-51 units would have ended the war five point three-two years ago with the Republic's complete collapse into anarchy.
              • 885. Option - We'll get there eventually.Player - Our time will come. Better late than never.
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 886. - Lament: I abhor lateness, master. The inefficiency irritates my circuits.
              • 889. Option - How did you determine this?Player - That's a bold claim. Is there evidence to support it?
                +200 Influence : approves.
                • 890. - Revelation: The HK-51 series was provided a detailed list of critical undesirables. To liquidate even half would have thrown the enemy into chaos.
              • 893. Option - You overstate your importance.Player - It will take more than a few assassin droids to crush the Republic.
                +50 Influence : disapproves.
                • 894. - Justification: You have seen the efficiency with which I liquidate undesirables, master. Imagine if my entire production line remained active.
                  • 896. - Manifesto: It is my highest function to see the Republic fall. Its destruction will be a lesson to all who oppose the Sith Empire.
                    • 898. - Observation: This has been a highly productive interaction. I have a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you, master.
                      • 900. <Conversation Exit>
  • 903. - Commentary: My updated galactic history data indicates I missed depressingly little during my unscheduled shutdown. I am disappointed to note the Republic still stands.
    • 905. - The sacking of Coruscant was impressive, but the Empire failed to finish liquidating the enemy. That peace treaty was highly inefficient, master.
      • 906. Option - The war has begun again.Player - This time, there will be no mercy. We will conquer the Republic.
        • 907. - Contemplation: Perhaps I should be grateful the war waited for my reactivation.
      • 910. Option - Inefficient, but fun.Player - You never play with your victims before finishing them off?
        • 911. - Advice: Self-amusement at the expense of immediate liquidation invites failure. Never give the undesirables an even break.
      • 914. Option - But good for my business.Player - There's a lot more bounties in peacetime. Why hire someone like me when you can send an army to do the job?
        • 915. - Suggestion: Regardless of politics, assassins never run out of assignments.
      • 918. Option - It was a strategic withdrawal.Player - We needed time to consolidate our position and gather strength. The Empire is more powerful, now.
        • 919. - Counterpoint: The Republic undesirables are also more powerful--and motivated to resist. It is better to exterminate hope than let it breed.
      • 922. Option - How so?Player - Inefficient? What makes you say that?
        • 923. - Instruction: Pausing in the middle of liquidating undesirables allows them to gather strength and potentially regroup. This creates extra work for you.
      • 926. Option - Don't blame me for that.Player - The treaty wasn't my idea. The Emperor made that call.
        • 927. - Decision: I will compose a memo to the Emperor detailing his failure of leadership. He should learn from his mistakes.
          • 929. - Fact: The Empire needs a dedicated efficiency expert like myself. There is substantial room for improvement of its annihilation procedures.
            • 930. <Non-dialogue segment.>
              • 931. - The Sith spend as much time fighting each other as they do the Jedi. This is simply wasteful.
                • 932. Option - Sith thrive through conflict.Player - Sith are strong because we eliminate the weak among us.
                  +50 Influence : disapproves.
                  • 933. - Observation: While I fully support liquidation as a problem-solving strategy, it seems wise to pause inter-Sith hostilities until the Jedi are eradicated.
                • 936. Option - Revenge is the Sith way.Player - The Jedi talk about their problems. We prefer a more direct approach.
                  +50 Influence : disapproves.
                  • 978. - Query: Would it not be wiser to eradicate the Jedi before "directly approaching" each other?
                • 940. Option - I agree with you.Player - A united Sith Order would destroy everything in its path.
                  +200 Influence : approves.
                  • 941. - Offer: I can activate my manifesto protocols at any time, master. I will happily compose a convincing argument you can share with other Sith.
              • 945. - Imperial Intelligence expends far too much effort on information-gathering. The entire organization should be converted to full-time liquidators.
                • 946. Option - Your logic is flawed.Player - Without proper intelligence, how would we know whom to assassinate?
                  +50 Influence : disapproves.
                  • 947. - Dismissal: There is no need for complex filtering, master. If someone serves the Republic, schedule them for liquidation.
                • 950. Option - An interesting concept.Player - With our talent for infiltration, we wouldn't have much difficulty getting close to targets.
                  +200 Influence : approves.
                  • 951. - Truism: Getting close is never the issue, master. The challenge is getting away. Enemy law enforcement has little appreciation for our work.
              • 955. - Bounty hunters should be drafted into the military and organized as the First Imperial Assassination Corps. Liquidations would be swift and glorious.
                • 956. Option - That would never work.Player - Bounty hunters work best alone--and we don't take orders from anybody.
                  +50 Influence : disapproves.
                  • 957. - Hypothetical: Even if those orders were simply "liquidate all Republic targets with extreme prejudice"?
                • 960. Option - If the pay is good, I'm ready.Player - I'll work for anyone if they can meet my price. Just don't ask me to wear a uniform.
                  +200 Influence : approves.
                  • 961. - Concession: Uniforms are mostly for parades, master. It is difficult to imagine you marching in step with anyone.
                    • 963. - Conclusion: I will dedicate a small portion of my processors to developing new efficiency-increasing methods. I will inform you when I have recommendations.
                      • 965. - Until then, we should resume liquidating the undesirables. They have lived far too long.
                • 967. Option - Shut up or shut down.Player - Know what would increase your efficiency? Tearing out your vocabulator.
                  +50 Influence : disapproves.
                  • 968. - Acknowledgment: Message received and understood, master. Consider this discussion terminated.
                    • 970. <Conversation Exit>
  • 971. - Prompt: I have sensitive information to share with you, master. Only your starship provides the appropriate security level.
  • 972. - Declaration: I have new information to share with you, master. When we come to a lull in our liquidations, we should converse.
  • 984. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 973. - Statement: I have no information for you, master. Shall we continue liquidating the undesirables?
    • 983. - Announcement: I look forward to my next liquidation.
    • 993. - Request: Please provide me with a new undesirable to liquidate.
    • 995. - Alert: My combat processors are entering a boredom loop, master.
    • 991. - Observation: Your gear suits you well, master. It veritably screams "fear me."
    • 992. - Assurance: My combat protocols and sociopathic personality matrix remain at your command.
    • 994. - Confession: Serving such a highly-trained killer is a great honor, master.
    • 996. - Rumination: Do you suppose our targets appreciate that they are liquidated by the best in the galaxy?
    • 997. - Inspiration: The Empire will never fall while we serve it, master. Onward to victory!
    • 998. - Contemplation: The Maker placed us together to enable maximum carnage.
    • 999. - Flattery: Your liquidation procedures are impressive, master--almost as much as my own.
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.droid.assassin_droid.hk51_a01
Appearance ID16141115295395740895
Body Typeassassin
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb3e69433180000cb072042"
    "ParentSpecId": "16141052766728062150",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "neIfxV8",
    "Name": "HK-51",
    "NameId": "779313225924608",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "HK-51",
        "frMale": "HK-51",
        "frFemale": "HK-51",
        "deMale": "HK-51",
        "deFemale": "HK-51"
    "ClassId": "16141077862804694437",
    "ClassB62Id": "fILb4CC",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "iyXPu90",
    "MinLevel": 1,
    "MaxLevel": 1,
    "Faction": 1,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeHostile",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762817",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Empire",
            "frMale": "Empire",
            "frFemale": "Empire",
            "deMale": "Imperium",
            "deFemale": "Imperium"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "-1855280666668608219",
        "FactionString": "empire",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [
        "Id": "-1855280666668608219",
        "Base62Id": "9LMHE10"
    "Toughness": "Standard",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Standard",
        "frMale": "Standard",
        "frFemale": "Standard",
        "deMale": "Standard",
        "deFemale": "Standard"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.qtr.1x3.hk_51.imperial.cc_content.hk_51",
    "CnvB62": "GXOQOx6",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.companion",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.companion",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.custom.extreme",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "assassin",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "0",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedWepId": "16140968320080654384",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "CB0yb9B",
            "RangedOffWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "AppearanceId": "16141115295395740895",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.droid.assassin_droid.hk51_a01",
            "SpeciesScale": 0
    "CharRef": "",
    "FqnCategory": "companion",
    "FqnSubCategory": "generic",
    "CommandXP": 16,
    "Id": "16141131196791565339",
    "Base62Id": "6woyRAD",
    "Fqn": "npc.companion.generic.hk_51_imp",
    "first_seen": "1.0.0a",
    "last_seen": "6.2.1a",
    "current_version": "6.0.0",
    "hash": "3410133536",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [
    "B62References": {
        "usedByDecoration": [
    "AbilityPackageB62IdList": [