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Alec Ranin

Alec Ranin
Level 70 Melee
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Alliance
SubCategory: Hearts_and_minds
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 5.10.3
Last Seen: 6.3.2b
Star Wars Name: Alec Ranin
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  • 1. - Ah, Commander! Welcome! Follow me and we'll get started. Our studio is just this way...
    • 22. - Live in three... two...
      • 24. - Welcome back to Republic News. I'm your host, Alec Ranin.
        • 25. <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 28. - Our guest tonight has led a rather illustrious career as an esteemed member of the Jedi Order.
          • 29. - Our guest tonight is a decorated veteran of the Republic Army and the one-time leader of the elite Havoc Squad.
          • 30. - Tonight's guest has a colorful history as a transport pilot and freelance adventurer across countless worlds.
            • 35. - But nowadays, you're simply known as the Commander. Leader of the Alliance that overthrew the Zakuulan Empire. A hero to the entire galaxy.
              • 39. - How does it feel to return to the Republic?
                • 40. Option - Great!Player - It feels great, Alec. I'm excited to move forward and bring the Alliance closer to the Republic.
                • 41. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - What I love about the Republic is how imperfect it is. A big mess of imperfect beings, muddling through, just trying to make it.
                  • 55. - That's an interesting viewpoint.
                • 148. Option - We're actually still separate.Player - The Alliance hasn't officially joined the Republic yet. But we are siding with the Republic in the war.
                  • 149. - An important distinction! I think we're happy to have all the allies we can get.
                    • 53. - Some people in your position might have felt... abandoned, given the Republic's treaty with Zakuul precluded any official support for the Alliance.
                      • 54. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                • 42. Option - I didn't leave. I was abandoned.Player - I never left. Some members of the Republic stepped up and did the right thing, but the government never supported my Alliance against Zakuul.
                  • 43. - That's true. The Republic's treaty with Zakuul prevented any official support for the Alliance.
                    • 44. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                      • 45. - Is that why you chose to support the Sith Empire on Iokath? Because you felt abandoned by the Republic?
                        • 47. Option - I regret Iokath.Player - Iokath was a mistake. If I could go back and change what happened, I would.
                          • 62. - I think it's safe to say your actions since Iokath support that.
                        • 58. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - Really, I'd say it was the Republic that went against me on Iokath, not the other way around. But I don't hold it against them. Everyone makes mistakes.
                        • 153. Option - I won't discuss that.Player - Next question.
                        • 48. Option - We were obligated to do so.Player - The Sith Empire helped us when the Republic wouldn't. The Supreme Chancellor actually tried to have me killed!
                          • 64. - I can see how that might color your views! But you feel differently now--or so your actions since Iokath would seem to indicate.
                      • 46. - And despite those difficult circumstances, you remained loyal. You supported the Republic's efforts on Iokath, for example. Why is that?
                        • 67. Option - I love the Republic.Player - I could never abandon the Republic. I had to help them, no matter the risk.
                          • 137. - As you've proven since then.
                        • 68. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - It was clear that they were in way over their heads. I'd hate to imagine what might have happened otherwise. Wouldn't you?
                        • 157. Option - I trust the Republic more.Player - The Sith had helped us, but they can't be trusted long-term. Siding with the Republic was the obvious choice.
                        • 69. Option - Because I'm no traitor.Player - Anyone in my position who sided with the Empire would be a traitor. That's all there is to it.
                          • 70. - I see. It's all very cut and dried for you.
                            • 74. - At the request of Republic personnel, you defended the Jedi colony on Ossus when it came under Imperial attack.
                              • 79. - It was during that attack that we learned of the survival of Darth Malgus, possibly the Empire's most feared battle commander. How did his reappearance make you feel?
                                • 82. Option - I'm not afraid of him.Player - Malgus is dangerous, but we've beaten him before. We can do it again.
                                  • 85. - Your confidence is reassuring.
                                • 83. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - Honestly, they have so many Sith lords over there, you could lose track of which one's which. And every one of them is dangerous.
                                • 161. Option - Indifferent.Player - Another day, another crazy Sith lord.
                                  • 162. - Simple as that, then?
                                • 84. Option - We can't hold back.Player - The Empire is clearly taking this war seriously--so we have to do the same. We can't hold back anything when we're facing an enemy like that.
                                  • 89. - A harsh stance.
                                    • 91. - I'm afraid we're just about out of time, so let's get to the heart of things: the war against the Sith Empire. Can we win?
                                      • 92. Option - Absolutely.Player - With the Alliance joining forces with the Republic, the Empire doesn't stand a chance.
                                        • 110. - I like the sound of that!
                                      • 93. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - Well, what are our other choices? Surrender? A treaty? Are those possible? It looks to me like winning is the only option, no matter the cost.
                                      • 165. Option - Who knows?Player - We might win. We might not. I don't know any better than you do.
                                        • 166. - Just along for the ride with the rest of us. I appreciate your honesty, at least.
                                      • 94. Option - Only through sacrifice.Player - That depends on whether we're ready to do everything necessary to win. If we're not, then we might as well give up now.
                                        • 95. - You don't hold back, do you?
                                          • 97. - Any final comments before we wrap up?
                                            • 98. Option - We win if we fight together.Player - The Republic is a place where all the peoples of the galaxy come together to create something greater than ourselves.
                                              • 102. Player - If we're going to win, we'll do it by working together to bring out the best in everyone.
                                                • 103. - Inspiring words indeed.
                                            • 99. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Interview]Player - I really like your boots.
                                            • 169. Option - No, thank you.Player - No, nothing else, Alec.
                                            • 100. Option - This war has only just begun.Player - The people out there need to know we've got a long road ahead of us. Things will get a lot worse before they get better.
                                              • 115. - Dig in and be ready for a long road. You heard it straight from the Alliance Commander.
                                                • 117. - Thank you so much to our special guest. I'm Alec Ranin. Good night, and stay strong.
                                                  • 119. - Transmission complete!
                                                    • 120. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                      • 121. - Great show! We'll have to bring you back again soon.
                                                      • 122. - Good show. We'll have to try putting you on a panel next time. That could be really interesting!
                                                        • 124. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                          • 192. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                            • 130. - An... interesting strategy, Commander. You have certainly shaken people's confidence.
                                                            • 125. - Not what I had in mind, Commander. I would recommend avoiding such situations in the future.
                                                          • 194. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                            • 131. - Great work, Commander! You looked good, and you sounded even better.
                                                            • 132. - Not your best work, Commander. Why don't you let someone else handle these from now on, okay?
                                                              • 195. <Conversation Exit>
                                                      • 123. - My, uh... my assistant will show you out...
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.alliance.hearts_and_minds.alec_ranin
Appearance ID16140923035596778773
Body Typebmn
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb483da33180000cb0a0c1e"
    "ParentSpecId": "16140940508488036246",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "bcyIOkV",
    "Name": "Alec Ranin",
    "NameId": "4242822098059264",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "Alec Ranin",
        "frMale": "Alec Ranin",
        "frFemale": "Alec Ranin",
        "deMale": "Alec Ranin",
        "deFemale": "Alec Ranin"
    "ClassId": "16141160777998100175",
    "ClassB62Id": "psOBGp5",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "v5n2lyN",
    "MinLevel": 70,
    "MaxLevel": 70,
    "Faction": 11,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762823",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Friendly",
            "frMale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "frFemale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "deMale": "Verb\u00fcndet",
            "deFemale": "Verb\u00fcndet"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "3780939478746129694",
        "FactionString": "friendly",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [],
        "B62References": [],
        "Base62Id": "7kNfSsC",
        "Id": "3780939478746129694"
    "Toughness": "Standard",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Standard",
        "frMale": "Standard",
        "frFemale": "Standard",
        "deMale": "Standard",
        "deFemale": "Standard"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.alliance.hearts_and_minds.alec_ranin",
    "CnvB62": "dd8FVR8",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.npc.regular",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.none",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "bmn",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "0",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedWepId": "0",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedOffWepId": "0",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "AppearanceId": "16140923035596778773",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.alliance.hearts_and_minds.alec_ranin",
            "SpeciesScale": 5680328090471059594
    "CharRef": "chr.alec_ranin",
    "Gender": "0x00",
    "FqnCategory": "alliance",
    "FqnSubCategory": "hearts_and_minds",
    "CommandXP": 16,
    "Id": "16140990054475756135",
    "Base62Id": "PzaHp7F",
    "Fqn": "npc.alliance.hearts_and_minds.alec_ranin",
    "first_seen": "5.10.3",
    "last_seen": "6.3.2b",
    "current_version": "6.3.2b",
    "hash": "2728456454",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [