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Lana Beniko

Lana Beniko
Level 1-75 Lana Beniko
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Alliance
SubCategory: Satele_ship
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 6.2.0
Last Seen: 6.2.1a
Star Wars Name: Lana Beniko
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  • 9. - I realize this is something you must do without me, but I couldn't let you go without at least wishing you luck.
    • 18. - The way this is unfolding... I'm completely disheartened. I never dreamed we'd face Valkorion again, and now you must do so without my help.
      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
        • 11. - I can't stand the thought of you out there, facing him alone... I'll pace the halls until you return.
          • 15. Option - [Flirt] I won't be gone long.Player - Don't worry, Lana. I'll be back with you as soon as I can. We wouldn't want you to wear the floors down.
            • 30. - No, we wouldn't want that, would we?
          • 16. Option - At least you'll be safe.Player - I know you want to protect me, but leaving you behind... this is my way of protecting you.
            • 27. Player - We don't really know how to fight this, and it would destroy me if something happened to you.
              • 32. - And I would fare no better if you didn't return. So, unless you want me wearing down your floors, you'd better come home quickly...
                • <Non-dialogue segment.> (295)
                  • 1. - I hate to ruin the moment, but we need to talk...
                  • 5. - Oh... Apologies, we didn't mean to intrude.
                  • 7. - Ahem...
                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                      • 35. - The, uh... The shuttle is loaded with Teeseven's coordinates. We're... we're ready to go when you are.
        • 25. - I hope you know that if I could, I would be by your side for this.
          • 19. Option - I'm sorry for making you worry.Player - I always appreciate your concern, but I hate making you worry. This will be over soon, I promise.
          • 23. Option - It's for the best.Player - I won't hold it against you. There's just too much uncertainty this time.
            • 42. - I don't doubt it. Just stay safe.
          • 17. Option - Make yourself useful.Player - There's plenty around here to do. I'm sure you'll find something to occupy yourself with while I'm gone.
            • 22. - I'm sure there is... I'll find something to do.
              • 48. - Good, you're still here. I was hoping to catch you before you took off...
                • 62. Player - What is it, Theron?
                  • 66. - You didn't think I'd let you leave without a kiss for luck, did you?
                    • 73. Option - [Flirt] Maybe I did.Player - I don't know, you cut it close... But I think you can make it up to me.
                      • 192. - Oh, I'm pretty sure I can.
                    • 74. Option - Of course not.Player - The thought never crossed my mind. I'm happy you're here.
                    • 68. Option - There's no time.Player - We don't have time for this. Teeseven could be in serious trouble.
                      • 90. - Oh... I guess we can just skip straight to the important stuff.
                  • 67. - I hope there's room for one more on that shuttle, because I'm going with you.
                    • 71. Option - It's too dangerous.Player - That's not a good idea. You could get infected, like Satele and her students, or worse...
                    • 77. Option - You want to come with us?Player - I appreciate the thought, but are you sure?
                      • 194. - I know it's risky, but Satele is in trouble. I have to help.
                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                    • 78. Option - You're out of your mind.Player - Out of the question. You're insane if you think I'd ever agree to this.
                    • 94. Option - You're out of your mind.Player - Not an option. You're crazy if you think I'm letting you come along.
                      • 79. - And I can't believe you think I'm going to just sit on the sidelines while Satele is in trouble.
                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                          • 96. - I lost one parent. I'm not just standing by and letting the other one go.
                            • 99. - Not if there's something I can do to save her.
                          • 98. - Whatever the Emperor's doing, I can resist it.
                            • 101. - I was on Ziost... he didn't control me then. I sure as hell won't let him affect me now.
                              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                • 227. - Commander...
              • 46. - There you are.
                • 105. - We need to speak with you. Before you go...
                  • 83. Option - Go ahead.Player - Whatever you need to say, I'm listening.
                  • 63. Option - Make it quick.Player - Speak quickly. We need to leave.
                  • 133. Option - Make it quick.Player - Whatever it is, hurry it up. We need to hit the road.
                    • 64. - That is what we must discuss.
                  • 84. Option - Great, who else wants to come?Player - Is the entire Alliance planning to come along?
                    • 138. - I don't believe so.
                  • 82. Option - What's going on?Player - Is everything all right?
                    • 135. - We're coming with you. We helped you defeat Valkorion before, and we won't abandon you now.
                      • 177. - Whatever this weapon is that he's unleashed, I'm sure it won't have any power over Arcann and I.
                        • 179. - This is just as much our responsibility as it is yours. If there is the slightest chance Valkorion could return, we must do what we can to stop him.
                          • 141. - Sorry to interrupt your send-off, but we need to get going.
                            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                              • 145. - We will accompany you.
                              • 144. - I'm going, too.
                                • 147. - That is... really not a good idea.
                                  • 149. - Kira is correct--too many are already infected by Tenebrae's weapon. Bringing you is too great a risk.
                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 153. - That's not your call to make.
                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                          • 159. - I know the three of you have a history, and your opinion carries a certain weight, but...
                                          • 160. - The only orders I'm following are the Commander's.
                                      • 154. - With all due respect, this isn't your decision.
                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                          • 162. - The three of you are clearly very important to each other, but...
                                          • 163. - We will go where the Commander chooses. No one else.
                                            • 171. - All right, then. What do you think?
                                              • 181. Option - We need all the help we can get.Player - I wasn't expecting anyone to offer to come with us, especially since we don't truly know what we're up against.
                                                • 220. Player - We're going to need all the support we can get. Thank you.
                                                  • 221. - If that is your decision...
                                                    • 224. Player - It is.
                                                      • 231. - Then let us proceed as carefully as possible. This changes the entire plan.
                                              • 288. Option - I won't risk anyone else.Player - Kira and Scourge are right. The more people we involve in this problem, the more lives are at stake.
                                                • 290. Player - I'm sorry, but there's no other choice. You need to stay behind this time.
                                              • 203. Option - We don't need any more help.Player - No one besides Kira, Scourge, and myself is setting foot on that ship. Understood?
                                                • 182. Player - It'd be reckless to let anyone else near it. We aren't dealing with the Emperor--or the Valkorion--that we knew before.
                                                  • 205. - This is a mistake. I want to help you.
                                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                      • 212. - As do we.
                                                      • 207. - Didn't you say you'd follow the Commander's orders?
                                                  • 202. - You're going to need us. I can feel it.
                                                    • 208. Player - Enough. If you have a problem with my reasoning, we'll discuss it when I'm back.
                                                      • 218. - Indeed. Now is not the time or place.
              • 36. - Sorry to interrupt, but we're loaded up and ready to go. Are you ready, too?
                • 37. Player - I'm ready. Thank you, Kira.
                  • 38. - I wish you all good luck, and I'll keep our forces here on high alert. Should you need us, just say the word.
                    • 113. Option - Thank you, Lana.Player - We appreciate the support, Lana. Thank you.
                    • 110. Option - Hopefully we won't need them.Player - Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
                      • 121. - Still, it's good to know we've got backup.
                    • 112. Option - It's time to go.Player - Then we're off. We've already wasted enough time.
                    • 49. Option - Let's get going.Player - Let's move out. There's no more time to waste.
                      • 107. - Agreed.
                        • 123. - Enough talk. Let us depart before we lose the droid.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • 60. - A moment, please...
                              • 108. Player - You all go ahead. We won't be long.
                              • 109. Player - Kira, Scourge, start boarding. I won't be long.
                                • 116. - Be quick. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to catch the old Hand off-guard...
                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                    • 131. - Commander, I'm... I don't know if I can do this.
                                      • 235. Player - What do you mean?
                                        • 237. - Face Valkorion. Not now, after so much has changed... for me, for us...
                                        • 239. - Sit by and do nothing, while Valkorion bleeds his way back into our world.
                                          • 241. - I thought we were finally free of him. I grew complacent, and all this time, an aspect of him has been out there. Lingering, waiting...
                                            • 243. - With your help, I became a new man. But part of me feels it was only possible because I left Valkorion where he belongs: in the past.
                                              • 245. - But I sense his presence again, and the old feelings are flooding back. My resentment of him, my anger, my fear...
                                                • 247. - All the progress I have made... I know where this road takes me, and I don't want to go there again.
                                                  • 258. Option - You won't. I won't let you.Player - That's not who you are anymore, Arcann. I know you can face Valkorion again and stay true to who you really are.
                                                    • 260. Player - Let me show you how much I believe in you.
                                                  • 250. Option - You won't. I won't let you.Player - I've seen what you've been through, what you've overcome... and I see the man it's made you. You won't let yourself go back.
                                                    • 265. Player - But if you feel yourself slipping, just hold onto me. I'll be right there with you.
                                                      • 261. - I... I don't know what I would do without you.
                                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                          • 274. - But when you are by my side, I believe I could do anything.
                                                          • 263. - Be careful. I won't rest until you are safely by my side.
                                                  • 252. Option - Get over it. For your own good.Player - We don't fully understand the danger we could face. I need everyone to be completely focused.
                                                    • 255. Player - If you're even the slightest bit hesitant, stay out of the way.
                                                  • 253. Option - Get over it. For your own good.Player - We have no idea what we're really up against, and I need everyone to be on top of their game.
                                                    • 257. Player - There's no room for anyone who can't give it all they've got. Including you.
                                                      • 277. - I... Do not worry. This will not prevent me from carrying out my duties.
                                                        • 279. - You will have my full support in this fight. And always.
                                                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                  • 251. Option - Get over it. For your own good.Player - Facing your past is part of life. If I gave up every time something from my history came back to haunt me, we wouldn't be here.
                                                    • 283. - I understand. But it will be difficult to overcome these new feelings when I cannot face their cause, myself.
                                                      • 285. - I've kept you long enough, and the others are waiting. Be safe.
                                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • <Non-dialogue segment.> (127)
                            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                              • <Conversation Exit.> (338)
  • 226. - There you are.
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.exp.seasons.01.multi.lana_beniko
Appearance ID16140991797452673841
Body Typebfn
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fd2b46f4e2e0000d0007dbd"
    "ParentSpecId": "16140940508488036246",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "bcyIOkV",
    "Name": "Lana Beniko",
    "NameId": "3600471084236800",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "Lana Beniko",
        "frMale": "Lana Beniko",
        "frFemale": "Lana Beniko",
        "deMale": "Lana Beniko",
        "deFemale": "Lana Beniko"
    "ClassId": "16141029938209591879",
    "ClassB62Id": "HvBjlp5",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "iyXPu90",
    "AbilityPackageB62IdList": [
    "MinLevel": 1,
    "MaxLevel": 75,
    "Faction": 11,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762823",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Friendly",
            "frMale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "frFemale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "deMale": "Verb\u00fcndet",
            "deFemale": "Verb\u00fcndet"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "3780939478746129694",
        "FactionString": "friendly",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [],
        "Id": "3780939478746129694",
        "Base62Id": "7kNfSsC"
    "Toughness": "Standard",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Standard",
        "frMale": "Standard",
        "frFemale": "Standard",
        "deMale": "Standard",
        "deFemale": "Standard"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.alliance.satele_ship.scene_2",
    "CnvB62": "EQLk6sA",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.companion",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.companion",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "bfn",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141033009911249412",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "13gTxm0",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "0",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedWepId": "0",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedOffWepId": "0",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "AppearanceId": "16140991797452673841",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.exp.seasons.01.multi.lana_beniko",
            "SpeciesScale": -6208027144227586886
    "CharRef": "chr.lana_beniko",
    "FqnCategory": "alliance",
    "FqnSubCategory": "satele_ship",
    "CommandXP": 16,
    "Id": "16141109891848770671",
    "Base62Id": "RvGmQED",
    "Fqn": "npc.alliance.satele_ship.lana_beniko",
    "first_seen": "6.2.0",
    "last_seen": "6.2.1a",
    "current_version": "6.2.0",
    "hash": "3203270712",
    "removed_in": ""