Level 58 Melee
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Exp
SubCategory: 02
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
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  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 552. - I'm confident we'll recover Theron. See you at the village.
      • 460. - I would have made that shot with my eyes and the droid's eyes shut! Stupid Sith!
        • 459. - I understand your frustration, Jakarro, but there's only so much of your bluster I'm prepared to take.
          • 462. Player - What's going on?
            • 463. - Theron's been captured by the Revanites.
              • 465. - Data from the Nova Blades hinted at the location of a Revanite safehouse in Raider's Cove. We looked into it and were ambushed.
                • 466. Option - A trap.Player - Revan knew we were here.
                  • 469. - It looks that way. It's possible he may have sensed our presence; I couldn't say for sure.
                • 468. Option - Theron wasn't killed....Player - They wouldn't bother taking Theron prisoner unless they needed something from him.
                  • 471. - Were I in their position, I'd do everything I could to learn how much Theron knows.
                • 467. Option - You idiots went without me?Player - You should have waited for me to finish with the Mandalorian clan. Absolutely stupid.
                  • 470. - I'll concede we acted in haste. In retrospect, maybe the lead was simply too tempting for us to have trusted it.
                    • 477. - Whatever the case, I stand by my decision to not impede in Theron's abduction--and I know Theron would, too. Now he's in a position to do what he does.
                      • 480. - Where I come from, we value our allies! We do not let them become imprisoned!
                        • 484. Option - Lana has a point.Player - We're talking about a seasoned SIS operative. If the Revanites took him to their base, he could learn a lot.
                          • 489. - Of course, if we're to make any use of that knowledge, we'll have to exfiltrate him all the same.
                        • 483. Option - I'm with you, Jakarro.Player - Theron should never have fallen into enemy hands. We can't let it stand.
                          • 490. - I wouldn't dream of leaving him with the Revanites. After all, we need to know what he's learned whilst in captivity.
                        • 485. Option - What does the droid say?Player - Where do you stand on this, Deefour?
                          • 486. - Me? No one ever asks my opinion--not even the hairy lug here! You honor me!
                            • 488. - Jakarro does make an excellent point--but, then, so does Miss Beniko....
                              • 494. - Ultimately, I think we should go after Agent Shan, as it will allow us to plow through as many Revanites as possible.
                                • 496. - Good suggestion, droid! I will keep you plugged in for that!
                                  • 574. - Hopefully you fared better with the Mandalorians.
                                    • 499. Player - Revan has a fleet of warships on standby.
                                      • 504. - Of course. From examining the Nova Blades' data, it looks as though they've been routing Imperial and Republic fleets here to Rishi.
                                        • 505. Player - So the Empire and Republic are drawn into a full-scale battle, and whoever's left standing, the Revanites pick off.
                                          • 509. - And we still don't know who we can trust. We need to interfere with the Revanites' plans, if not stop them outright.
                                            • 506. - The droid knows where they are!
                                              • 508. - Yes, it's true. I was able to pinpoint several communications originating from another island.
                                                • 512. - I'm told there's a Rishii village on the outskirts. I can't imagine they would resent our presence there.
                                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                    • 539. Player - The village will be our staging area. After the Revanites fall, I will confront Revan myself.
                                                    • 538. Player - Then we will go there immediately and establish a base of operations for my campaign. In the end, Revan will answer to me.
                                                    • 537. Player - All right, let's not waste any more time. We'll set up shop there and I'll see if Revan prefers carbonite or cinders.
                                                    • 536. Player - Their village will be remote, high up. Perfect. I'll turn this conspiracy on its ear, then see to Revan himself.
                                                  • 514. Option - No more pirate subterfuge.Player - I'm not telling them I'm some pirate.
                                                    • 516. - I don't imagine you'll have to. The Rishii do seem to be very hands-off, from my understanding.
                                                  • 515. Option - They won't have a choice.Player - Do you think it matters to me if they mind?
                                                    • 517. - I was only pointing out that they're not terribly concerned with the affairs of others.
                                                      • 521. - We have to assume Revan's expecting a resistance force now; you should expect to find patrols along the way.
                                                        • 523. - Tear into those Revanites, but try to save some for me!
                                                          • <Conversation Exit.>
        • 551. - These Mandalorians ought to assist us--if they know what's good for them.
          • 420. Player - What have we learned from the Aggressor?
            • 423. - Very little, I'm afraid. It would appear someone took it upon themselves to corrupt much of the data as a last resort.
              • 428. - It's a real mess. Getting fragments, but nothing incredibly coherent.
                • 430. - The one thing that does keep turning up is the Mandalorian Margok brought up earlier--the one they call Torch.
                  • 431. Player - What about her?
                    • 434. - Well, it looks like Torch and Margok were thick as thieves for a while, then something happened. Had to do with the Revanites.
                      • 436. - Don't really know the details, but it looks like Torch moved her whole clan to another island here on Rishi. I've got the coordinates.
                        • 437. Option - That's where I'm going.Player - Jakarro, ready your ship. I'll go see what this "Torch" has to say for herself.
                          • 442. - Beniko has other plans for me and the droid.
                        • 439. Option - [Flirt] Sending me away, Theron?Player - What's the matter, Theron--is my being around so distracting you need to hurry me off to some other island?
                          • 441. - You're not entirely wrong....
                        • 438. Option - We need a better lead.Player - There has to be something better to go on than an island of Mandalorians with vague motives.
                          • 443. - It's the best we have for now, so it will have to do.
                            • 446. - If I find anything else, we'll have Jakarro look into it.
                              • 448. - I'm sending Jakarro out on a scouting run; I've made local arrangements for your transportation should he not return in time.
                                • 451. - Wow, you've been busier than I thought.
                                  • 453. - Get whatever information you can from the Mandalorians. With any luck, they'll lead us to the Revanites.
                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 733. - My dear friend the Wrath! Always a pleasure to see you intact.
                                        • 734. Player - Darth Vowrawn. This is unexpected.
                                          • 735. - Well, what's life without a few surprises?
                                            • 737. - There are matters I'd like to discuss in person, and I happen to be near the Rishi System.
                                              • 739. - Perhaps we can meet? Enjoy a respite from the bloodshed and destruction?
                                                • 740. Option - Of course, Vowrawn.Player - It's past time we reconnected. I expect we have much to consider together.
                                                  • 741. - I will await you at these coordinates, but do make haste. My visit to Rishi must be brief.
                                                • 743. Option - There are plots afoot.Player - There are schemes at hand that require my attention. If you are involved, I would know. If you are not, then your moment is poorly chosen.
                                                  • 744. - I understand your position, but I can only say this:
                                                • 747. Option - Our alliance ended with Baras.Player - You are neither my friend nor my ally. Baras is gone, and our pact is ended.
                                                  • 749. Player - What use are you to me now?
                                                    • 750. - You wound me, Wrath, but I've endured worse.
                                                      • 752. - We have much to gain from one another--wisdom to trade that runs deeper than war. And it may be some time before the opportunity comes again.
                                                        • 754. - I will await you at these coordinates as long as I can, but I dare not linger. Good day.
                                                          • <Conversation Exit.> (755)
                                        • 681. - Dark Lord. Moff Pyron ready to report.
                                          • 682. Player - What do you have for me, Pyron?
                                            • 683. - Your apprentice Ashara briefed me on the Order of Revan. We are discreetly sweeping for infiltrators in your ranks.
                                              • 684. Player - Good.
                                                • 685. - If I may, I've also prepared a briefing on current military operations. I'll endeavor to be quick.
                                                  • 687. - for the Celanon campaign, Darth Marr is coordinating the joint armada with minimal losses.
                                                    • 689. - That does raise the issue, however: Our Silencer fleet-killers are underperforming as the Republic adapts tactically and technologically.
                                                      • 691. - We may be able to refine the Silencer cannons further, but their radiation output will begin to kill our own gunners. Shall we proceed?
                                                        • 692. Option - Try to minimize our losses.Player - Make the refinements, but post a skeleton crew to any ships so equipped. We have only so many troops to spare.
                                                        • 694. Option - Time we retire the Silencers.Player - The Silencers served us well, but there's no use clinging to obsolete technology at our people's expense.
                                                        • 696. Option - We proceed, and fear no death.Player - If our men are to die, let them die gloriously in my name. Continue the refinements.
                                                          • 697. - Yes, Dark Lord.
                                                            • 699. - There is also the question of Alzar. Darth Ravage still believes the natives hold no value and expands rapidly into their territory.
                                                              • 701. - Your Overseers on Korriban believe the Alzarians might be trained as Sith, but to recruit them now could make an enemy of Ravage.
                                                                • 702. Option - Let Ravage do as he wishes.Player - Ravage is a useful ally. He may crush the Alzarians with my blessing; we'll find new acolytes elsewhere.
                                                                • 704. Option - Recruit the natives anyway.Player - Let Ravage whine at the next council meeting. The Empire needs allies, not resentful colonies.
                                                                • 708. Option - Enslave them, but avoid blame.Player - Find a slaving ship willing to slip behind Ravage's lines. Anyone taken from Alzar we'll gladly pay for. Ravage need know nothing.
                                                                  • 709. - A clever stratagem. It shall be done.
                                                                    • 711. - One last order of business. I understand you're on Rishi; normally I wouldn't bother you with trivialities, but....
                                                                      • 712. Player - Speak, Pyron.
                                                                        • 713. - You have a servant there by the name of Lord Veijel. Like many, he's been seeking an audience since your ascension.
                                                                          • 715. - He won't say why, or speak to anyone but you. However, Thanaton clearly prized him--he received significant resources for his "research."
                                                                            • 716. Option - Tell me about his research.Player - Do we know anything about what he's doing on Rishi?
                                                                            • 718. Option - Sounds like a trap.Player - One of Thanaton's prized dogs wants me in person on Rishi? Surely he wouldn't be so obvious?
                                                                              • 719. - Veijel did serve Thanaton's predecessor, as well--he may truly be loyal.
                                                                            • 722. Option - Why wasn't I told earlier?Player - When one of my servants wishes to speak with me, I expect to be informed.
                                                                              • 723. - Respectfully, you receive dozens of requests daily, most of no import. I sought only to avoid a deluge.
                                                                                • 725. - Veijel was designated a "seeker into matters exotic and arcane." Quite a few of your researchers have this designation.
                                                                                  • 727. - Whether Veijel's work is productive or--like certain other legacy projects--mere eccentricity is not for me to judge.
                                                                                    • 728. Player - Where do I find him?
                                                                                      • 729. - I'll send coordinates. Perhaps your archaeologist might assess Veijel's work with some insight as well.
                                                                                        • 730. Player - Then you are dismissed.
                                                                                          • 731. - My life for yours, Dark Lord.
                                                                                            • <Conversation Exit.>
                                          • 756. - Hello? Hello? Are you the Grand Champion?
                                            • 757. Player - Who is this?
                                              • 758. - I'm Thera Markon. Crysta's daughter. She was your handler, right? On the Great Hunt?
                                                • 760. - I heard you were on Rishi. I want to meet with you. Crysta's dead.
                                                  • 764. Option - How do I know this is real?Player - Crysta never mentioned you, and a lot of people have this frequency. A lot of people don't like me.
                                                    • 765. - This isn't a trap. I know you'd shoot me--that's what you do!
                                                  • 768. Option - Not my concern.Player - This isn't the Great Hunt, and I don't work with Crysta anymore. Get off this channel.
                                                    • 769. - No! Absolutely not.
                                                      • 771. - Look, without Crysta, you'd still be on Dromund Kaas. Without Crysta, you wouldn't have a ship. You may work for Sith now, but you didn't always.
                                                        • 773. - Besides, I'm not asking a favor. I'm offering a job.
                                                          • 776. Player - Name a time and place. I'll be there.
                                                          • 778. Option - Those are the magic words.Player - In that case, we have something to discuss. Been a while since I worked outside the Empire.
                                                            • 779. - I've got a room at the cantina. I'll be drinking. Bring your slicer if you want to check my story--just come soon as you can.
                                                          • 781. Option - You should watch your tone.Player - Am I really a person you want to make angry?
                                                            • 782. - Of course not. I'm--look, I'm just on edge.
                                                              • 784. - Please, one meeting, and you can walk away. I'm at the cantina. Bring your slicer if you want to check my story.
                                                                • <Conversation Exit.> (785)
                                            • 663. - Warning! Adequate encryption has not been verified. Transmission interception is possible.
                                              • 665. - Please confirm identity. I am authorized only to speak with "the Red Blade."
                                                • 666. Option - My old cover identity? Okay...Player - This is the Red Blade. You want to tell me what's going on?
                                                • 668. Option - First, who are you?Player - Maybe I'm the Red Blade. Maybe I'm not. Who's calling?
                                                  • 669. - Partial authorization granted. I carry a message from your loyal associate "Jheeg."
                                                    • 670. Player - Let's hear the message.
                                                      • 671. - No audio available. Your loyal associate requests a meeting at the attached coordinates.
                                                • 674. Option - I have no idea who you mean.Player - You're on the wrong frequency. I don't know any Red Blade.
                                                  • 675. - Verbal identification: Rejected. Facial recognition: Confirmed.
                                                    • 677. - Master Blade, I am to inform you that your loyal associate Jheeg awaits you at the attached coordinates.
                                                      • 679. - Please proceed with all appropriate haste. Also: Welcome back to Rishi after your long sojourn on Hutta!
                                                        • <Conversation Exit.>
                                              • <Conversation Exit.>
                    • 550. - The Nova Blades fear you, as they should. Now take the Aggressor.
                      • 356. Player - I'd say the Nova Blades are properly distracted, wouldn't you?
                        • 357. - That would be an understatement. Theron's been monitoring communications; you've caused quite a stir.
                          • 359. - Want some gratification? Here, check this out. Just recorded.
                            • 361. - They're blasting up my supplies, my foot soldiers! Taking my workers! What are you people prepared to do about it?
                              • 363. - This appears to be your problem, not ours.
                                • 365. - How would you like it if I made it your personal problem? Gimme Revan! I wanna talk to Revan!
                                  • 367. - No, I don't think so.
                                    • 369. - You don't put Revan on, the Nova Blades stop rerouting galactic traffic. That ain't negotiable.
                                      • 372. Player - Revan.
                                        • 371. - Commodore Margok, are you threatening to alter the terms of our deal?
                                          • 375. - I paid you to do a job and you've done it well, but that's over now. I no longer have any use for your Nova Blades.
                                            • 377. - Hey, I know Torch and her Mandalorian clan up and left us, but the Blades still got a lot to offer.
                                              • 379. - Not if you don't have your own house in order. Put an end to the upstart causing you trouble and I'll consider resuming our alliance.
                                                • 381. - You really did it. You got them running scared.
                                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                    • 388. Player - That's the only way this was ever gonna go.
                                                    • 387. Player - Naturally. You were expecting some other outcome?
                                                      • 401. - Guess it was silly of me to question, huh?
                                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                    • 395. Player - Margok said something about Mandalorians. Sure hope I'm not going to have to face my own.
                                                      • 398. - We don't know much about that yet. Let's take things one step at a time.
                                                    • 396. Player - Margok mentioned Mandalorians. Do you know anything about that?
                                                      • 397. - Heard the name Torch before, but not much else. I'm looking into it.
                                                  • 384. Option - Now to end it.Player - This is no time to let up. I'm going to get back out there and finish this.
                                                    • 389. - Now, not to sell you short or anything--don't think this'll be a cakewalk all of a sudden.
                                                      • 391. - The Nova Blades still have an impressive roster of hardened criminals at their disposal, and the Aggressor is still heavily fortified.
                                                        • 411. - The Aggressor's their headquarters. You've seen it--a crashed ship Margok turned into a fortress. Can't get in without the proper security codes.
                                                          • 412. Player - That won't be a problem for me.
                                                            • 415. - We'll get Jakarro to lend a hand all the same.
                                                              • 572. - If nothing else, the activity will keep him from picking apart Deefour any futher.
                                                                • <Conversation Exit.>
                        • 549. - The Nova Blades have to believe you're a legitimate threat to their supremacy. Show them you are.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                • 26. Player - Lana Beniko.
                                  • 9. - The Emperor's Wrath. Good to see you again. Any... word from your namesake?
                                    • 10. Option - Not as such.Player - Nothing has changed, if that's what you're asking.
                                      • 53. - Pretty cagey. Think you'd be more open with Lana after all she's sacrificed for your Empire.
                                    • 21. Option - [Flirt] Let's talk about you.Player - Right now, I'd rather hear what you've been up to. It's been too long.
                                    • 22. Option - Mind your business.Player - You should know it's a dangerous thing to pry.
                                      • 52. - No, no, you're doing it wrong. Howling Tempest Gang pirates are way less uptight.
                                  • 11. - Dark Lord. An honor, as ever. And how fares the Dark Council?
                                    • 14. Option - We are determined.Player - No matter the obstacles we come to face, we endure.
                                      • 62. - You're a confident one, I'll give you that....
                                    • 19. Option - [Flirt] Never mind them....Player - Forget about the Dark Council. I'd much rather discuss how you've been since last we met.
                                    • 20. Option - I should be in charge.Player - It would be far better off were it operating under my own agenda.
                                      • 63. - I thought to myself, "Now that sounds like something a Sith would say," and sure enough.
                                  • 12. - The hunter arrives--just as I'd hoped you would. I trust Rishi has been to your liking?
                                    • 15. Option - Definitely.Player - Sandy beaches, shimmering waters, whole bunch of clowns think they're tougher than me--I could get used to it here.
                                      • 50. - Then maybe you haven't smelled a Skarkla's breath yet. Or maybe you have, I don't know.
                                    • 17. Option - [Flirt] I like you being here.Player - Now that I know you're here, what's not to like?
                                    • 18. Option - This dump?Player - I know you were going to find some backwater to hide out in, but this is a bit much.
                                      • 31. - You'd be hurting our feelings--if we actually had anything to do with picking this place.
                                  • 13. - Commander. Pleased to see you again. I hope you'll forgive the cloak-and-dagger routine. You must grow tired of it.
                                    • 16. Option - I've found it amusing.Player - It's actually been a refreshing change of pace to impersonate a legendary outlaw.
                                      • 44. - Good to hear; you'll be doing more of it.
                                    • 23. Option - [Flirt] It's okay.Player - I'll make an exception this time--for you.
                                      • 32. - I see you haven't changed. Good.
                                      • 33. - It must be true, what they say about absence and the heart....
                                        • 27. - Not interrupting anything, am I? Just kidding; I don't really care.
                                    • 24. Option - In fact, I do.Player - This pirate cover of yours has been pretty tedious, frankly.
                                      • 42. - You can thank me for the cover--or blame me, if that's what does it for you.
                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.> (264)
                                          • 209. Player - And you are...?
                                            • 210. - This is Theron Shan. He's been invaluable in my efforts to investigate a most serious threat, and in bringing you here.
                                              • 220. Player - Why exactly am I here? And why are you here, for that matter?
                                                • 221. - I discovered that Darth Arkous had us raid the Jedi Temple to acquire technology he could use to harm the Empire.
                                                  • 227. - Along with a high-ranking Republic officer who led the assault on Korriban, Darth Arkous was working for a dangerous cult known as the Order of Revan.
                                                    • 229. Player - The Order of Revan's no secret to me--I had a run-in with them on Dromund Kaas.
                                                      • 234. - An earlier incarnation, perhaps--but this is a new breed of Revanite.
                                                    • 230. Player - I feel I should have heard of this order.
                                                      • 235. - These Revanites follow the teachings of Revan--a former Sith Lord who later became a Jedi Knight, in case you didn't know.
                                                        • 242. - Between what I've dug up through the SIS and what Lana's found on your end, the Republic and Empire are both riddled with undercover Revanites.
                                                          • 243. Player - You're with the Republic?
                                                            • 244. - Yeah, that's right. Are we gonna have a problem?
                                                              • 245. Option - I trust Lana's judgment.Player - If Lana vouches for you, that will be good enough.
                                                                • 256. - Really. Gotta say I'm surprised, but hey--I won't tempt fate or anything. Glad we can work together.
                                                              • 246. Option - [Flirt] Not at all.Player - I have a feeling we'll get along.
                                                              • 247. Option - Yes.Player - I'm just supposed to trust a Republic spy? I don't think so.
                                                                • 249. - Hey, I'm in the same boat you are. I've got traitors, you've got traitors, and they're teaming up to tear us apart.
                                                                  • 251. - We're in this together. Believe me, this is our best option by far.
                                                                    • 253. - Now that all that's out the way, let's get to the heart of the matter.
                                                • 314. - I have discovered that Darth Arkous was secretly working for a dangerous cult known as the Order of Revan.
                                          • 39. Player - Hello, Theron.
                                            • 40. - Is that a good hello or a bad one? Outside of Lana, I can never tell with you Imperial types.
                                              • 67. Option - I'm not an Imperial.Player - The Empire's a lucrative client, but they don't own me.
                                              • 65. Option - Don't push it.Player - Be grateful I'm working with you and leave it at that.
                                                • 68. - So definitely a good hello. Got it.
                                                  • 72. - If we're to succeed here, we'll need to cooperate a great deal. I suggest we don't antagonize one another.
                                                    • 74. - Yeah, okay. Well, in the spirit of cooperation, I'll get things rolling.
                                              • 57. Option - I welcome your assistance.Player - You've shown you want the Revanites stopped as much as anyone. That makes you an ally.
                                                • 79. - Good. Glad we're clear on that front, because here we go.
                                              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                • 169. Player - Are you really asking me that after the last time I saw you?
                                                • 170. Player - I'm very glad to see you, Theron.
                                                  • 181. - Really. Okay, good to know.
                                                    • 176. - Now that we're all reunited, perhaps we should get things underway.
                                                      • 178. - Right, yeah. Let's get to it.
                                              • 59. - Right. Okay. Moving on....
                                                • 64. - The Revanites are here--on Rishi. That's why we led you here under false pretenses. They can't know we're on to them.
                                                  • 187. Player - Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok have brought their Infinite Army here?
                                                    • 188. - No, Arkous and Darok--they're dead. Taken out in a raid on Rakata Prime. We destroyed the Revanites' whole cyborg manufacturing network.
                                                      • 194. - But what we discovered there.... Revan is alive. Alive, and leading the Revanites.
                                                        • 195. Player - I watched him take his last breath and say his last words.
                                                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                          • 196. Player - How can he be alive? Wasn't he killed in an Imperial assault?
                                                            • 198. - He claims to have been reborn. He also claims that he only wishes to save the galaxy, but at what terrible price?
                                                              • 201. - The good news--for you--is he'll destroy the Republic in the process. Bad news is he'll destroy the Empire, too. He has to be stopped.
                                                  • 83. - We need you to go out there and make life hard for the Revanites' allies--the Nova Blades.
                                                    • 90. Option - What are they up to?Player - I know the Nova Blades are running things in Raider's Cove, but how are they helping the Revanites?
                                                    • 91. Option - Is Revan on Rishi?Player - If the Revanites are operating out of Rishi, then it stands to reason their leader is here.
                                                      • 98. - That's our suspicion, too, but we can't say for sure just yet.
                                                    • 92. Option - You don't give me orders.Player - I'll decide what I "need" to do.
                                                      • 93. - Hey, easy. I'm not making demands, okay?
                                                        • 95. - Theron and I have a plan. Please, hear us out.
                                                          • 99. - From what we've been able to gather, the Revanites' agents in the Empire and Republic have been feeding the Nova Blades intel on ship activity.
                                                            • 101. - The Blades then use that intel to ambush military patrols and key shipping lanes on both sides. They're essentially remapping hyperroutes.
                                                              • 107. Option - Forget the Nova Blades.Player - We should be taking the fight to the Order of Revan directly.
                                                                • 109. - If we knew where on this planet they were situated, we would do just that.
                                                              • 102. Option - So?Player - What good does that do them?
                                                                • 103. - That's what we'd like to find out.
                                                              • 110. - Hate to admit it, but I haven't been able to remotely slice the Blades' computers. I have to have their security shut down.
                                                                • 112. - The trouble is, we can't have any suspicion raised that our attack is related to the Revanites' activities.
                                                                  • 117. Player - If I assault the Nova Blades as a member of this Howling Tempest Gang, all suspicion is averted.
                                                                  • 118. Player - So I am meant to be some base pirate who has a "beef" with the Nova Blades.
                                                                  • 119. Player - I light into the Blades like some big-time, greedy pirate and no one's the wiser.
                                                                  • 120. Player - Hence the cover. I should appear to be after the Nova Blades, and the Nova Blades alone.
                                                                    • 121. - Yeah, you've got it exactly. Bust up their operations, get their attention, make yourself look legitimate--and then go for the throat.
                                                                      • 137. - We have a trusted source who's determined that the Nova Blades' base, a wrecked ship called the Aggressor, contains their entire security apparatus. That's our final target.
                                                                        • 138. Option - Let's get to it, then.Player - Where do I start?
                                                                        • 140. Option - I want more details.Player - It would be nice to know a little more about what I'm getting myself into.
                                                                          • 148. - The Nova Blades built Raider's Cove, so they get a piece of every kind of action going on here.
                                                                            • 150. - They're well funded, well staffed and protective as all get-out of the empire they've built here. Empire with a small "e", of course.
                                                                        • 139. Option - "Trusted source"?Player - And who might that be?
                                                                          • 334. - Someone we trust with our lives.
                                                                          • 141. - Someone you already know.
                                                                            • 143. - Two someones, if we're being precise.
                                                                              • 157. - We'll place you in range of the first Nova Blade target; that's where our source is waiting.
                                                                                • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                                                                  • 557. - May the Force serve you well.
                                                                                  • 159. - It really is good to see you again.
                                                                                    • 161. - Been hiding out a long time. It's nice to see someone who isn't a complete stranger. Good luck out there.
                                                                                      • 163. - Yes. May the Force serve you well.
                                                                                        • <Conversation Exit.>
                                • 189. Player - Lana Beniko...?
                              • 190. Player - Am I supposed to know you?
                                • 284. - My name is Lana Beniko. I am a Sith Lord, though I have no interest in the title.
                                  • 286. - I used to serve as advisor to Darth Arkous of the Dark Council--until he was revealed as a traitor and consequently executed.
                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 294. Player - How is it I'm just learning of this now?
                                        • 310. - I apologize for that being the case, Wrath. The truth is hardly anyone knows what I'm about to tell you.
                                      • 295. Player - A member of the Dark Council is executed and I learn of it on some backwater?
                                        • 311. - I'm afraid that's correct, Dark Lord. Understand, though, that hardly anyone knows what I'm telling you now.
                                      • 296. Player - And here I thought I was plugged in to all the juicy gossip.
                                        • 312. - Yes, well--everything I'm telling you remains unknown to most, hunter.
                                      • 297. Player - There's very little that escapes my notice. You'd think I'd have found out about this by now.
                                        • 313. - Certainly, Commander. Once I've explained further, I believe you'll understand.
                                          • 338. - You almost sound like you're about to explain all this craziness on your own....
                                    • 288. Option - [Flirt] Need a substitute?Player - You could advise me instead if you want....
                                      • 319. - I'll keep that in mind.
                                        • 325. - Haven't gotten into all the details yet, have you?
                                          • 327. - You're just in time; I was about to start.
                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 299. Player - Last thing the Empire needs is some two-timer mucking up the works.
                                        • 305. - I'm inclined to agree, hunter.
                                      • 301. Player - Whoever ended his pathetic life did us a favor.
                                        • 303. - Yes, my lord.
                                        • 304. - Yes, Commander.
                                          • 321. - If the problem ended with Arkous, that would be great, right? But it doesn't.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • 656. - We'll meet you at the Rishi village. Hurry along.
                              • 585. - I could have caught up!
                                • 587. - We can't afford to be so reckless, Jakarro! Losing Theron is bad enough--what if we'd lost you, too?
                                  • 589. - Now, now, everyone stay calm... Queen Lina of Onderon once faced a similar predicament, and her solution was quite creative!
                                    • 591. - Shut up, droid!
                                      • 592. Player - What's going on? Where's Theron?
                                        • 593. - He was captured. The Nova Blades data listed a Revanite safehouse here in town, and when we tried to investigate....
                                          • 595. - There were only ten of them! We saw it happen, but she used her Sith wizardry to hold me back!
                                            • 597. - Theron is the only one the Revanites saw. They may not know about the rest of us. If so, we need to maintain that advantage.
                                              • 598. Option - Let's go after him.Player - If we move quickly, we may be able to catch up before the Revanites disappear again.
                                                • 599. - They already have. Please, this is not the time for reckless heroics.
                                              • 602. Option - You made the right call.Player - You made a tough call. But I think it was probably the right one.
                                                • 603. - And I think it was cowardly! Jakarro does not back down from a fight!
                                              • 606. Option - How could you abandon him?Player - Between the two of you, there was no hope of rescuing him? I don't buy that for a second.
                                                • 607. - That's not the point! Whether we saved him or not, the attempt would have revealed us to the enemy, and then we'd be running now instead of completing our mission!
                                                  • 609. - I really think you're all much too worried. They took him alive! That's a good sign!
                                                    • 611. - They're probably just torturing him a bit, maybe doing some interrogation... where he could tell them about us... oh no!
                                                      • 613. - That won't be an issue. Theron has several discreet implants to help him ignore pain and chemical manipulation.
                                                        • 614. Player - A powerful Force user may still be able to learn what he knows.
                                                        • 616. Player - What if Revan or one of his followers use the Force? Couldn't they read his mind?
                                                          • 617. - I've never been able to--yes, I've tried, I'm sure it's no surprise.
                                                            • 619. - Theron's mind is highly ordered, very... resolute. Probably due to his childhood training by the Jedi.
                                                              • 621. - He'll keep our secrets, and we will rescue him. But right now, we need to focus and think it all through--just like he would.
                                                                • 622. Option - I agree.Player - You're right--we need to stick to the mission. When we find the Revanites, we'll find Theron.
                                                                  • 623. - Precisely. If we're fortunate, he may even learn a bit about their plans.
                                                                • 626. Option - I don't listen to Sith.Player - I trusted Theron. I don't trust you.
                                                                  • 627. - Trust that I want to defeat the Revanites just as badly as you do.
                                                                    • 629. - Arguing and killing each other is pointless! We need to be killing Revanites!
                                                                      • 631. - Now: what did you learn from the Mandalorians?
                                                                        • 632. Player - Revan has a hidden fleet here on Rishi. He's preparing for some kind of battle.
                                                                          • 633. - A hidden fleet, pirates altering shipping lanes... that's it! They aren't just affecting the shipping lanes, they're also changing Imperial and Republic patrol paths.
                                                                            • 634. Player - Revan is trying to draw them into a battle.
                                                                              • 635. - Here, over Rishi. With his own ships in the mix, both fleets could be devastated.
                                                                                • 636. Player - That must be his goal. Weakening both sides so that he can make his own play.
                                                                                  • 637. - We have to find some way to interfere.
                                                                                    • 639. - I know where to find them!
                                                                                      • 641. - What? How? Explain, droid!
                                                                                        • 643. - After they caught Theron, I intercepted their transmissions. After that, triangulating their base was a simple calculation. I completed it almost eighty-seven seconds ago!
                                                                                          • 645. - They're on a small island, not far from here. The native Rishii have a trading village on the same island. I'm sure they'd give us comfortable lodging.
                                                                                            • 646. Player - Then let's go.
                                                                                              • 647. - We need to clean up any trail we might have left here. You go on--we'll meet you shortly.
                                                                                                • 649. - Oh, I used to love cleaning....
                                                                                                  • <Conversation Exit.>
                                • 655. - I hope these Mandalorians are in a talkative mood.
                                  • 654. - The Aggressor may look like a junk heap, but the Nova Blades have added quite a bit of security over the years. Be cautious.
                                    • 653. - It's good to have your assistance again. The Nova Blades' information will be in our hands very soon, I can sense it.
                                      • <Conversation Exit.>
                                      NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
                                      MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                  [_id] => MongoDB\BSON\ObjectId Object
                                                          [oid] => 588443f1a9532b3f5000a202
                                                  [ParentSpecId] => 16140940508488036246
                                                  [ParentSpecB62Id] => bcyIOkV
                                                  [Name] => Stranger
                                                  [NameId] => 3364776163934208
                                                  [LocalizedName] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                  [enMale] => Stranger
                                                                  [frMale] => Inconnue
                                                                  [frFemale] => Inconnue
                                                                  [deMale] => Fremdling
                                                                  [deFemale] => Fremdling
                                                  [ClassId] => 16141160777998100175
                                                  [ClassB62Id] => psOBGp5
                                                  [AbilityPackageB62Id] => v5n2lyN
                                                  [MinLevel] => 58
                                                  [MaxLevel] => 58
                                                  [Faction] => 11
                                                  [DetFaction] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                  [RepublicReaction] => cbtAttitudeFriendly
                                                                  [ImperialReaction] => cbtAttitudeFriendly
                                                                  [NameId] => 1173582633762823
                                                                  [LocalizedName] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                                  [enMale] => Friendly
                                                                                  [frMale] => Allié
                                                                                  [frFemale] => Allié
                                                                                  [deMale] => Verbündet
                                                                                  [deFemale] => Verbündet
                                                                  [DefendedFactionIds] => Array
                                                                          [0] => 1702206746723288870
                                                                  [FactionId] => 3780939478746129694
                                                                  [FactionString] => friendly
                                                                  [OpposingFactionIds] => Array
                                                                  [Id] => 3780939478746129694
                                                                  [Base62Id] => 7kNfSsC
                                                  [Toughness] => Standard
                                                  [ToughnessId] => 0
                                                  [LocalizedToughness] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                  [enMale] => Standard
                                                                  [frMale] => Standard
                                                                  [frFemale] => Standard
                                                                  [deMale] => Standard
                                                                  [deFemale] => Standard
                                                  [DifficultyFlags] => 0
                                                  [cnvConversationName] => cnv.exp.02.rishi.hub_1.multi.shared.lana_beniko
                                                  [cnvB62] => Y2HtTI7
                                                  [CodexId] => 0
                                                  [ProfessionTrained] => 0
                                                  [CompanionOverrideId] => 0
                                                  [LootTableId] => 0
                                                  [IsClassTrainer] => 
                                                  [IsVendor] => 
                                                  [VendorPackages] => Array
                                                  [movementPackage] => pkg.movement.npc.regular
                                                  [coverPackage] => pkg.cover.none
                                                  [WanderPackage] => pkg.wander.npc.none
                                                  [AggroPackage] => pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf
                                                  [VisualDataList] => Array
                                                          [0] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                                  [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                          [CharSpec] => bfn
                                                                          [ScaleAdjustment] => 1
                                                                          [MeleeWepId] => 16141077543308510611
                                                                          [MeleeWepB62Id] => aqNmh81
                                                                          [MeleeOffWepId] => 0
                                                                          [MeleeOffWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                                          [RangedWepId] => 0
                                                                          [RangedWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                                          [RangedOffWepId] => 0
                                                                          [RangedOffWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                                          [AppearanceId] => 16141047096798800413
                                                                          [AppearanceFqn] => npp.exp.02.rishi.world_arc.shared.hub_1.monkey_lizard_business.stranger
                                                                          [SpeciesScale] => -6208027144227586886
                                                  [charRef] => chr.lana_beniko
                                                  [Gender] => NPC_GENDER_FEMALE_PROPER
                                                  [FqnCategory] => exp
                                                  [FqnSubCategory] => 02
                                                  [CommandXP] => 2
                                                  [Id] => 16141059196675991945
                                                  [Base62Id] => YQbi1D2
                                                  [Fqn] => npc.exp.02.rishi.world_arc.shared.hub_1.monkey_lizard_business.stranger
                                                  [hash] => 189869653
                                                  [previous_versions] => Array
                                                          [0] => 5.2.0
                                                  [current_version] => 5.3
                                                  [last_seen] => 5.9.0
                                                  [first_seen] => 3.0.0
                                                  [changed_fields] => Array
                                                          [0] => CommandXP
                                                          [1] => hash

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