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IR-9X Replicator Droid

IR-9X Replicator Droid
Level 55 Replicator Droid
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Exp
SubCategory: Macrobinoculars
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 2.0.0
Last Seen: 6.3.0
Star Wars Name: IR-9X Replicator Droid
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  • 403. - Great work, stopping the Shroud's plan. Thank you.
  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 12. - Stay back. If you come too close, I'm dead. If I move, I'm dead.
      • 115. - He was close by. Wanted to watch the destruction. When it didn't happen, he came here. The Shroud. You didn't kill him.
        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 127. - Ganging up against a single man. Not terribly sporting. I approve.
          • 117. - Hello again, Master Jedi. I do hope you're well rested after slashing your way across the galaxy.
          • 123. - It's been too long since I last matched wits with a master Jedi like yourself. I forgot how exhilarating it can be.
          • 124. - Major. I had hoped to one day see General Rakton's bane in action. You did not disappoint. Well done.
          • 125. - Ah, Captain. Much more resourceful than I expected--even from the privateer who bested the Voidwolf.
          • 126. - You put a stop to my most ambitious plan to date. I have to say, I'm impressed.
            • 146. - I hope you enjoyed fighting my double. Not nearly as formidable as the genuine article, but I feel he played his part quite well.
              • 147. Option - It's over. Now let her go.Player - You've already lost, Shroud. There's nothing to be gained in threatening the agent's life.
              • 148. Option - You tip your hand.Player - By revealing yourself now, you lose everything that having a double afforded you.
                • 155. - No, that's where you're wrong, Jedi.
              • 149. Option - You lost. Get over it.Player - Don't be a sore loser, Shroud. Let the agent go.
                • 293. - I might--but it all depends on you, Major.
              • 150. Option - Sneaky, sneaky.Player - The old stand-in trick. I'd use it myself, but I can't find anyone nearly good looking enough.
                • 158. - A curious time to make light, Captain, when you hold an associate's life in your hands.
              • 151. Option - What's your game?Player - What do you want with Riss?
                • 153. - Nothing. Nothing at all. It's what I want from you.
              • 152. Option - Face me, coward.Player - You hide behind doubles and holos. What's wrong--too afraid to face me?
                • 159. - Not a student of espionage, I see.
                  • 161. - My double possessed some data he shouldn't have. It's as though everyone's an ungrateful thief these days.
                    • 167. - You will now wipe the data clean via Riss's console. Do so, and I'll let Special Agent Riss live. I am monitoring the console, so no tricks.
                      • 163. - No. Don't. Whatever that data is, it's damaging enough for him to stick his neck out after faking his death.
                        • 165. - Plug it into the console--but upload the data into the SIS secure system instead. Do it. Don't think about me--not for one second.
                          • 168. Option - [Destroy the data]Player - +100
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            • 171. Player - There. The data's all yours, Shroud. Now do as you promised.
                              • 310. - I may be a professional back-stabber, but I am also a man of my word.
                                • 174. - The collar--it's powered down. It's over.
                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                    • 184. - Oh, but it's never truly over is it? I'm still alive. Still planning. And now I've found a new challenge. Or rather--a new challenger.
                                    • 188. - Oh, but it's never truly over is it? I'm still alive. Still planning. And now I've found a new challenge. Or rather--new challengers.
                                      • 189. Option - You'll never win.Player - So long as there are brave souls like Deena Riss willing to sacrifice everything to stop you, all you can do is count the days until you're caught.
                                        • 306. - Nobility and justice and fluffy clouds. You should see by now that none of that matters to me.
                                      • 190. Option - This isn't personal.Player - I'm not your arch nemesis. You're someone who deserves to be brought to justice--nothing more.
                                        • 305. - You disappoint me. Ah, but you'll come around.
                                      • 191. Option - Game on, Shroud.Player - You want an enemy? You got one--but you'll come to wish you never crossed me.
                                        • 216. - We'll detonate that bridge when we come to it.
                                          • 302. - Score one to you for saving Galactic City from the greatest plot of mass destruction ever conceived--but this game's only just begun. I'll see you around.
                                            • 304. - So many agents died to get us this far. We could have had him! And now....
                                              • 315. - No. You know what? You saved the Republic capital from utter destruction. You did the noble thing, and--I'll say it, I'm glad to be alive.
                                                • 370. Option - You deserve nothing less.Player - You're a credit to the SIS. They couldn't afford to lose you.
                                                  • 375. - Hearing that means more to me than you know.
                                                • 371. Option - [Flirt] Go for a drink?Player - How about we celebrate? Hit the cantina, maybe somewhere more private?
                                                  • 373. - That actually sounds great... but I've probably got several weeks of briefings and report filings in my immediate future. Sorry.
                                                • 372. Option - Don't blow your second chance.Player - You're on borrowed time now. Make the most of it.
                                                  • 377. - I've been on borrowed time for quite a while already. I don't ever waste it.
                                                    • 317. - Thank you--for everything. And keep the macrobinoculars. You'll most likely need them again.
                                                      • <Conversation Exit.>
                          • 169. Option - [Upload the data]Player - +100
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            +50 Influence : disapproves.
                            +200 Influence : approves.
                            • 173. Player - Your sacrifice won't be forgotten, Special Agent Riss.
                              • 178. - I did not think you had it in you. I'd be impressed--if I wasn't so damned infuriated!
                                • 180. - You think you've won. But those files are heavily encrypted, and you're down one more SIS agent.
                                  • 181. Option - You'll never win.Player - SIS will eventually crack your encryption. And more brave people will rise up to replace Deena Riss and stand in the way of madmen like you.
                                    • 199. - I not only expect to find resistance; I'm counting on it.
                                      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                  • 182. Option - Turn yourself in.Player - Let's just skip to the end of all this to the part where you're brought to justice. What do you say?
                                    • 197. - And deprive us of the great chase? No, I don't think so.
                                      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                  • 183. Option - I'm coming for you.Player - You're not the only one willing to cross lines, Shroud. You may want to sleep with a blaster from here on out.
                                    • 200. - You're assuming I don't do that already--or that I even sleep.
                                      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                        • 203. - I wanted a grand challenge. Laying waste to Galactic City didn't work out, but now I've found a new challenge. Or rather--a new challenger.
                                        • 202. - I wanted a grand challenge. Laying waste to Galactic City didn't work out, but now I've found a new challenge. Or rather--new challengers.
                                          • 212. - I concede this turn, but the game isn't nearly over. Do enjoy my macrobinoculars. I'll see you around.
                                            • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 10. - Wow. I guess the Shroud won't be gumming up the works anymore. Surprised he didn't try to slip away....
    • 387. - What am I babbling about? Hurry--power down the hyperspace beacon before that dreadnaught plows into Galactic City!
      • 382. - Woo! You did it! We're safe! Galactic City is safe.
        • 384. - Looks like you've found a little something extra there, too. Huh. Never seen encryption like that. Be sure to bring it along for your debrief.
          • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 369. - You really need to be out finding the Shroud.
  • 6. - Thanks for coming here to meet me. I'm afraid I'm not quite as mobile as I used to be. Shrapnel will do that.
    • 366. - We've... been losing agents lately. A lot of talented agents. I have nowhere else to turn, so I hope you can help.
      • 14. - A galactic legend's been brought out of retirement--a freelance master spy known only as "The Shroud."
        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 15. Player - In all my travels, I've never heard of this "legend." What can you tell me about him?
            • 30. - He's been underground so long that he was barely a whisper when I was in the academy. I think that's by design.
          • 16. Player - I take it by the codename that this legend's specialty lies in remaining concealed. Makes me wonder if he's even real.
            • 28. - I thought he was just a myth back when I was in the academy. But he's real, all right.
          • 17. Player - I'm not up on my spy lore, so I'll take your word on the whole "legend" thing.
            • 23. - No, I wouldn't have expected you to have heard of him. He dropped off the map before I even joined the academy.
          • 18. Player - Can't be much of a legend if I never heard of him.
            • 26. - He disappeared so long ago that by the time I joined the academy we really believed he was just a myth.
        • 19. Option - [Flirt] Who cares about him?Player - I'm more interested in the spy standing in front of me now.
          • 363. - You're very kind, but I'm afraid this problem is far more important right now.
        • 20. Option - He's only one man.Player - How is a single spy taking out SIS agents and threatening the Republic?
          • 32. - He isn't just a spy--he's the spy, even after years of laying low.
            • 35. - The Shroud came back into SIS chatter after the Hutt Cartel contracted him to gather intel on Republic and Imperial interests.
              • 37. - In his spying, the Shroud found something beyond what the Hutts were looking for. A challenge he could undertake. A weakness he could exploit--on Coruscant.
                • 38. Option - A challenge?Player - You make it sound like this isn't personal to him--almost like it's a game.
                  • 54. - Word is the Shroud doesn't act out of morality at all, but out of achievement. The more audacious, the better.
                • 39. Option - Isn't the Cartel our ally now?Player - After everything we went through on Makeb, the Hutts are still plotting against us?
                • 40. Option - The Hutts are behind this?Player - First the Cartel invades Makeb, and now they're targeting the Republic directly?
                  • 48. - The Cartel commissioned the Shroud in their lead-up to Makeb--but only to spy. They want no part in the Shroud's plan.
                • 42. Option - This is all rather vague.Player - A "weakness." A "challenge." Some specific information would be nice.
                  • 52. - We don't know the exact nature of his attack on Coruscant, except that one of his top lieutenants reportedly resigned over its severity. Fled to the Empire.
                    • 58. - I'm good at what I do--really good--but all this is so overwhelming. I need your help to stop the Shroud.
                      • 59. Option - I'll need your help, too.Player - I'm no spy. I'd like your assistance in the field.
                        • 62. - Me? In the field? Not since a sabotaged astromech exploded into my leg....
                      • 60. Option - Be strong.Player - I understand this has been a trial, but you have to keep going.
                        • 63. - I have no intention of quitting. I'll be with you every step--figuratively, at least.
                      • 61. Option - You're the spy, not me.Player - Sounds like I'll be doing your job for you.
                        • 68. - You'll be helping me save Coruscant from mass destruction. But don't worry, I'll be playing my role as well.
                          • 70. - One of our departed agents managed to intercept a shipment of the Shroud's. In it were several pairs of souped-up macrobinoculars.
                            • 75. - I've got budget envy. Data and environmental analysis, communications, even a special Miraluka interface.... Shroud spent a fortune on these things--which, ironically, you'll be using against him.
                              • 76. Option - May technology guide me.Player - Anything to make this madman's failure more likely, whether it be the Force or gadgetry.
                                • 111. - Good. But don't be too quick to dismiss the Shroud as mad. He's highly intelligent.
                              • 77. Option - His ambition betrays him.Player - Like most schemers, his own dark endeavors will become his undoing.
                                • 105. - Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Even stripped of everything, he's still a formidable threat.
                              • 78. Option - Another tool in the kit. Good.Player - Every little edge helps. Tell me where to go with these binocs and I'll bring him back in binders.
                                • 108. - Even if it were that easy to get to the Shroud, you'd want to be careful. He's no slouch.
                              • 79. Option - I do enjoy irony.Player - I just hope I get to see the look on his face right up and close when he realizes he's busted.
                                • 90. - I wouldn't be so eager to be anywhere near the Shroud. From all accounts, he's no pushover.
                              • 80. Option - How so?Player - How will a pair of binoculars help me avert a massive attack?
                              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                • 94. Player - The Force is my guide. I have no need for trinkets.
                                  • 96. - I mean no disrespect, but unless the Force can recognize discrete data packets and send them to me, you will need this trinket.
                                • 95. Player - I'm sure you've seen my jacket. Have I ever had trouble tracking anyone down before?
                                  • 101. - Your stats are impressive, Major, but these are highly-trained covert operatives. Without these macrobinoculars, they're ghosts to you.
                                • 98. Player - Come on--look who you're talking to. I always know the best hiding spots. I won't need binoculars.
                                  • 99. - We aren't looking for contraband inside a freighter, Captain. This is far more complicated.
                                    • 84. - The Shroud's data is scattered among his lieutenants. We've got a lead on one, but you'll need to identify key relay points that will help us triangulate his precise location.
                                      • 86. - I'll remain in constant contact, monitoring your incoming data to keep up with your progress. Working together, I know we can stop the Shroud. Good luck.
                                        • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 368. - Hi. Sorry I can't talk; I'm really busy right now.
  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 321. - This one had schematics for a hyperspace beacon. And part of a message...? I--I don't believe it.
      • 395. - He's planted a hyperspace beacon inside Galactic City! That remote-pilot dreadnaught, he plans to pull it out of hyperspace inside Coruscant's defenses! He's going to crash it!
        • 397. - Millions will die! We'll get searching for the beacon but there's so little time. You'll have to find the Shroud and shut it down manually.
          • 399. - All those calls he made to you--I was able to triangulate his general position. Please, hurry! Stop that ship from taking out Galactic City!
            • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 323. - You're making me long for the days of being a field agent. Tracked down another lieutenant's data hub. We're good to go.
    • 325. - You're really making short work of the Shroud's best people. He's gotta be fuming right now. Let's see what we can find in here....
      • 360. - It's a manual for a remote piloting system. That would be for the dreadnaught. But he can't be sending it to Coruscant; planetary defenses would blow it to space dust.
        • 362. - Something's not adding up here and we're running out of time to do the math. Well--let's hunt down the next set of relays.
          • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 329. - I keep wondering what kind of person would potentially kill millions just to do it. It's so utterly insane....
      • 357. - Sorry. Thinking out loud again. I've got the coordinates of another lieutenant. You're doing great. Carry on.
        • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 350. - Nice work. Am I glad I got you to help out. Okay, transmission received....
      • 352. - Wow. The Shroud bought a dreadnaught. He's rich, but there's no way he could afford to staff it up. Maybe he's... storing something on it?
        • 354. - Sorry, just thinking out loud. I got some new relay coordinates off the data. We're still on track. Keep it up.
          • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 331. - My agents haven't found anything suspicious on Coruscant, but they'll keep looking.
      • 348. - Good news is, you've given me enough to triangulate another lieutenant. You'll have to pinpoint the exact location yourself, but I have total faith. Riss out.
        • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 335. - And from all that I'm able to triangulate.... Hold on.... There. That's where you'll find the Shroud's lieutenant. Go to it.
    • 392. - That won't help us triangulate anything--but, you know, that is one of the Shroud's spy droids. Keep an eye out for more of those--they'll be worth tracking.
    • 337. - There you go. That's just what we're looking for. Good work.
    • 390. - Hey, I just had some credible intel come in. Coordinates uploaded. Let's check it out.
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.droid.assassin_droid.stealth_recon_a01
Appearance ID16141142182219962394
Body Typeassassin
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb4109a33180000cb083a80"
    "ParentSpecId": "16140956225120991881",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "YNft5IB",
    "Name": "IR-9X Replicator Droid",
    "NameId": "3192509320658944",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "IR-9X Replicator Droid",
        "frMale": "Dro\u00efde r\u00e9plicateur IR-9X",
        "frFemale": "Dro\u00efde r\u00e9plicateur IR-9X",
        "deMale": "IR-9X-Replikator-Droide",
        "deFemale": "IR-9X-Replikator-Droide"
    "ClassId": "16140909562292851122",
    "ClassB62Id": "ij4hZBA",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "nIUeWsA",
    "MinLevel": 55,
    "MaxLevel": 55,
    "Faction": 11,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762823",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Friendly",
            "frMale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "frFemale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "deMale": "Verb\u00fcndet",
            "deFemale": "Verb\u00fcndet"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "3780939478746129694",
        "FactionString": "friendly",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [],
        "Id": "3780939478746129694",
        "Base62Id": "7kNfSsC"
    "Toughness": "Boss1",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Elite",
        "frMale": "\u00c9lite",
        "frFemale": "\u00c9lite",
        "deMale": "Elite",
        "deFemale": "Elite"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.exp.macrobinoculars.roth.republic.deena_riss",
    "CnvB62": "WdGu03A",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.npc.regular",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.npc.regular",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.npc.expansive_high_baf",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "assassin",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1.100000000000000088817841970012523233890533447265625,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "0",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "RangedOffWepId": "0",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "AppearanceId": "16141142182219962394",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.droid.assassin_droid.stealth_recon_a01",
            "SpeciesScale": 0
    "CharRef": "",
    "Gender": "0x00",
    "FqnCategory": "exp",
    "FqnSubCategory": "macrobinoculars",
    "CommandXP": 240,
    "Id": "16140925513411487386",
    "Base62Id": "ccRkT3C",
    "Fqn": "npc.exp.macrobinoculars.roth.republic.replicator_droid_hostage",
    "first_seen": "2.0.0",
    "last_seen": "6.3.0",
    "current_version": "6.0.0",
    "hash": "2194153124",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [
    "AbilityPackageB62IdList": [