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Lord Izar

Lord Izar
Level 1-70 Melee
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Alliance
SubCategory: Hearts_and_minds
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 5.10.3
Last Seen: 6.3.0
Star Wars Name: Lord Izar
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  • 3. - Perfect timing, Commander. Darth Krovos is just finishing up. Follow me.
    • 5. - ... I can sense the strength in each and every one of you. The passion for victory--and the power to achieve it!
      • 33. - At the muzzles of your blasters--at the points of your blades--our ancient enemies shall finally be destroyed! For the Empire!
        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 35. - We meet again. Zasha and her family send their regards.
          • 38. - We meet again. It's a pity Zasha couldn't be here to see this day.
            • 37. - With your Alliance fighting alongside the Empire, victory is within our grasp.
              • 41. Option - I agree.Player - We are an unstoppable team.
                • 53. - The troops will be pleased to hear that.
              • 42. Option - You were promoted. Well done.Player - Congratulations on joining the Dark Council.
                • 49. - Thank you. I hope to serve our Empire as ably as you have.
              • 43. Option - Don't get ahead of yourself.Player - Assuming we will succeed is an excellent way to ensure that we fail.
              • 107. Option - Don't get ahead of yourself.Player - Assuming we'll win is a great way to make sure we lose.
                • 44. - Your caution does you credit.
                  • 46. - They're all yours.
                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                      • 56. Option - [Praise Imperial Traditions]Player - The Sith Empire is a place of tradition and conviction. A place where the strongest rule and those who achieve the most receive the greatest rewards.
                        • 60. Player - That is what sets us apart from our enemy. Their best and brightest don't fight their wars. Their poor, their desperate, and their deluded--that is who they send.
                          • 62. Player - In the Empire, war is a way of life. Conquest is a right. The strongest are entitled to everything they claim!
                            • 64. Player - The Empire is ruled by the strongest! The Empire is the strongest! Take up your weapons, march into the heart of the Republic, and teach them why!
                      • 55. Option - [Encourage reform and equality]Player - We are setting out to fight the same war we've fought many times before. But the outcome will be different--because we are different.
                        • 71. Player - Like the most powerful predators, the Empire has grown. Evolved. Learned. We are not the same Empire our enemies faced in the past.
                          • 73. Player - No longer do we ignore the strength of those who aren't human or Sith. No longer do we ignore the wisdom of those without the Force!
                            • 75. Player - The Empire held itself back before, but no longer. Now, the Republic will face the true strength of the Empire! Now, they will face you!
                      • 57. Option - [Speak of War and Victory]Player - Darth Krovos spoke the truth. Victory over the Republic is inevitable!
                        • 83. Player - The Republic is weak and cowardly! They will never be able to stand against us!
                          • 85. Player - You are soldiers of the Sith Empire! The greatest army to ever march across the galaxy!
                            • 87. Player - You will board your ships. Take up your weapons. Charge into the heat of battle. And win--for the Sith Empire!
                      • 58. Option - [Saboteur: Flub the Speech]Player - Together, we are marching back to war. To fight the Republic. To win!
                        • 93. Player - We all know this isn't the first time. We've all had friends or family who have marched this same path and never returned.
                          • 95. Player - We've spilled a lot of blood trying to beat the Republic over the years. Lost many lives.
                            • 97. Player - But I look at all of you, and I see soldiers--warriors--who won't let any of those losses slow them down. We can't give up now--we won't!
                              • 99. Player - Empire! Empire! Empire! Empire...
                                • 100. - Thank you, Commander. To your ships! And to victory!
                                  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                    • 69. - A superb speech, Commander! Your love of our traditions is clear.
                                      • 121. - Perhaps... but I believe our greatest victories are found in our future, not our past.
                                    • 79. - An... interesting speech, Commander. I'm... not sure...
                                      • 81. - I am quite sure. It was a powerful speech, one all of the Empire should have heard.
                                    • 91. - Well done, Commander. Simple and to the point--like a fine weapon.
                                      • 111. - A bit simplistic, perhaps, but... clearly effective.
                                        • 113. - I appreciate your time, Commander. I look forward to working with you again someday soon.
                                    • 104. - Uh, thank you for your time, Commander! Very... very enlightening! Let's just... step this way...
                                      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                        • 106. - You effectively whipped up their fervor for victory, Commander. Excellent work.
                                        • 115. - Nice job. Especially that ending! Wow.
                                          • 125. - They definitely did not leave full of confidence. Well done.
                                        • 116. - That was... pretty much the opposite of what we were looking for, Commander.
                                          • 127. - Maybe next time we just skip the speech entirely, all right?
                                            • <Conversation Exit.>
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.alliance.hearts_and_minds.lord_izar
Appearance ID16141149206179272749
Body Typebma
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb483da33180000cb0a0c1a"
    "ParentSpecId": "16140940508488036246",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "bcyIOkV",
    "Name": "Lord Izar",
    "NameId": "4242813508124672",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "Lord Izar",
        "frMale": "Seigneur Izar",
        "frFemale": "Seigneur Izar",
        "deMale": "Lord Izar",
        "deFemale": "Lord Izar"
    "ClassId": "16141160777998100175",
    "ClassB62Id": "psOBGp5",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "v5n2lyN",
    "MinLevel": 1,
    "MaxLevel": 70,
    "Faction": 11,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762823",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Friendly",
            "frMale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "frFemale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "deMale": "Verb\u00fcndet",
            "deFemale": "Verb\u00fcndet"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "3780939478746129694",
        "FactionString": "friendly",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [],
        "Id": "3780939478746129694",
        "Base62Id": "7kNfSsC"
    "Toughness": "Standard",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Standard",
        "frMale": "Standard",
        "frFemale": "Standard",
        "deMale": "Standard",
        "deFemale": "Standard"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.alliance.hearts_and_minds.lord_izar",
    "CnvB62": "Buu9Y6E",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.npc.regular",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.none",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "bma",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "0",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedWepId": "0",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "RangedOffWepId": "0",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "0000000",
            "AppearanceId": "16141149206179272749",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.alliance.hearts_and_minds.lord_izar",
            "SpeciesScale": 7117772241153716757
    "CharRef": "chr.lord_izar",
    "Gender": "0x00",
    "FqnCategory": "alliance",
    "FqnSubCategory": "hearts_and_minds",
    "CommandXP": 16,
    "Id": "16140926655127038133",
    "Base62Id": "jIXxI46",
    "Fqn": "npc.alliance.hearts_and_minds.lord_izar",
    "first_seen": "5.10.3",
    "last_seen": "6.3.0",
    "current_version": "6.0.0",
    "hash": "4097233364",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [