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Ossus Defense

Reward Level Range: -
Ossus Defense
Travel to the Jedi Compound on Ossus and interact with the Ossus Republic Mission Board to see what you can do to help the Republic efforts on Ossus.
Use Ossus Republic Mission Board
Requires:Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Trooper
Mission Rewards
Use Ossus Republic Mission Board
Command XP: 600
Category: Ossus
Can Abandon: No
Hidden: No
Class Quest: No
Bonus: No
Shareable: No
Required Privacy: None
First Seen: 5.10.0
Last Seen: 6.3.2b
Star Wars Name: Ossus Defense
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(Click an NPC or another link in the list below to open the conversation)
  • 1. - Fools... ignorant fools....
    • 3. - He's alive... barely, but... he's alive!
      • 5. - Truly? Hah... Lord Malgus has lost his edge.
        • 6. Player - Malgus?
          • 7. - Oh, yes. This is all his handiwork... I would never make such a mess of a library, even one belonging to Jedi.
            • 93. - Malgus usurped my entire operation. A veritable ballet of predatory evolution, discarded in favor of the bludgeoning fists of a toddler.
              • 94. Player - That's impossible. Malgus is dead--I was there.
                • 97. - Apparently you should have been more thorough. Malgus is alive, here, on this planet.
              • 95. Player - That's impossible. Malgus died years ago.
                • 96. - Apparently it didn't take. Malgus is alive, here, on this planet.
                  • 99. - Though, "operational" might be more accurate... a machine with pieces of a desiccated Sith lord bolted into it hardly deserves to be called "alive".
                    • 15. - Life is far more variable, more adaptable... capable of true change, and thus true power. The Force is life, and only life can truly command its depths!
                      • 17. - Will you shut up?
                        • 103. - Malgus or not, we have to get the Old Man back to the colony. Now.
                          • 19. Option - Agreed.Player - We'll find a way to move him safely, and head straight for the colony.
                            • 107. - The dig team used hoversleds when they were working in here--we'll find one and use that to carry him.
                          • 104. Option - We could bring Doc here.Player - It may not be safe to move him--we should find a way to bring Doc here.
                            • 105. - You might be right, but... blast it, comms are still jammed!
                          • 20. Option - He isn't the priority.Player - Stabilize him as best you can, but if Malgus is here, taking him down has to be our first priority.
                            • 21. - No. No! We are not losing him!
                              • 23. - You realize Malgus is on his way to burn your colony to the ground, yes? He could hardly say he finished my work if he leaves it standing.
                                • 113. - That would be them now.
                                  • 122. - Thirty seconds to objective, my lord.
                                    • 124. - Enemy fighters! Evade!
                                      • 320. - Red group, stay on the enemy fighters. Blue group, cover the bombers for their attack run!
                                        • 118. Player - Those are Republic fighters!
                                          • 121. - They made it! They actually made it!
                                            • 128. - Good afternoon, Commander! Before you ask, rest assured--I brought tea.
                                              • 129. Option - It's great to see you!Player - You have great timing, General. We can't thank you enough.
                                                • 142. - I only wish we could have been here sooner.
                                              • 130. Option - [Flirt] Great timing.Player - I have to say, General: you know how to make an entrance.
                                                • 132. - I have frequently considered an alternate career in the theater.
                                              • 131. Option - Where the hell were you?Player - It's about time, Daeruun! Do you have any idea how long we've been waiting?
                                                • 138. - Longer than I ever hoped. I do apologize.
                                                  • 134. - Can you bring medics to our position? We have urgently wounded people here.
                                                    • 136. - Right away. We'll evacuate everyone to the colony--medical and support teams are landing as we speak. Daeruun out.
                                                      • 141. - I'll... just be going, then....
                                                        • 146. - I don't remember saying you could leave.
                                                          • 149. - Taking me prisoner will waste time and personnel that you'll need to treat the wounded--like your friend here. I'm sure I'm not worth the effort.
                                                            • 148. Option - You're coming with us.Player - I think a prisoner like you could tell us a lot of interesting things about Malgus and the Empire's plans. +100
                                                            • 150. Option - I agree. [Kill Malora]Player - You know something? You're absolutely right. +100
                                                              • 151. - Argh!
                                                                • 153. - I guess I'm not really the best person to lecture you for killing Sith lords... let's just get out of here.
  • 290. <Conversation Exit>
  • 43. <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 44. - Thanks to the distress calls, we were able to sweep in and pick up all of the evacuation shuttles before the Empire could deploy pickup teams of their own.
      • 53. - That's a huge relief. We can never thank you enough, General.
        +0 Influence : The rescue of the shuttles will boost Republic morale. will be pleased.
    • 45. - Four evacuation shuttles are still missing in the Cron Drift. Imperial patrols have increased dramatically... it's likely they were captured or destroyed. If only they had signalled....
      • 47. - We honestly didn't think anyone would answer.
        +0 Influence : The loss of the shuttles will lower Republic morale and aid the Empire. will be pleased.
        • 49. - I understand. If we could have just gotten here sooner... much could have been different.
          • 57. - All evacuees will be transported to safety in Republic space. I know of some settlements on Taanab that could put good farmers to use, if any are interested.
            • 59. Option - Thank you.Player - Your help is greatly appreciated, General.
            • 60. Option - Will you try to hold Ossus?Player - Are you going to keep enough troops here to fight off any Imperial reinforcements?
              • 67. - We'll establish a forward listening post here, secure the colony perimeter, but I can't spare more than that. We're too close to Imperial lines to risk a full garrison.
                • 68. <Non-dialogue segment.>
            • 61. Option - You can do better.Player - I'd have expected you to do more. A few bombers and a cab ride? Really?
              • 62. - I wish I could do more, but with resources as they are... just gathering enough fuel to get us out here was a huge undertaking.
                • 63. <Non-dialogue segment.>
                  • 192. - Speaking of farms, I have already forwarded your data to a friend of mine, an outstanding Shah-tezh player from the Agriculture Administration.
                    • 194. - They tell me the information from your farms is likely to revolutionize our entire logistical structure. Countless millions may be fed thanks to your efforts.
                      • 199. Player - I'm glad I could help.
                  • 195. - Speaking of farms, I'm told you have a collection of data from the colonists' farming efforts?
                    • 196. Player - We were able to save a copy, but the data was corrupted. Whatever got to the farm's computers got to their data, too. It's useless.
                      • 197. - Such a tremendous shame. Food shortages are already an issue on many core worlds. It's very difficult to win a war on an empty stomach.
                        • 274. - Our people spent half a decade bringing those farms to life... this is going to crush them.
                          • 64. - Any chance your fighters got Malgus in their attack?
                            • 66. - It's possible, but... it seems a bit too much to hope for.
                              • 178. - Darth Malgus, back on the front lines... this is a dark day for the Republic. We caught him off guard this time--I doubt we'll be so lucky again.
                                • 280. Option - We can handle him.Player - We beat Malgus before. We can beat him again.
                                • 281. Option - It can't really be Malgus.Player - I still don't see how it's possible. Malgus died. This has to be some kind of trick.
                                  • 283. - I didn't sense any deception in Malora. And a few of the Imps we captured confirmed her story. However he managed it... Malgus is alive.
                                • 282. Option - So find him--now!Player - Sitting here talking about him won't solve anything. Get your troops out there, find Malgus, and I'll handle him myself.
                                  • 288. - We barely have the resources to evacuate, and attempting a search will only spread our troops and make them easy targets. We fight Malgus another day.
                                    • 181. - Is he all right? Did he make it?
                                      • 183. - Gnost-Dural's wounds were severe. Cauterized perforation of the upper ventricle, ocular damage from oxygen exposure, catastrophic muscular and nerve damage to the left forearm....
                                        • 185. - Fortunately, he received treatment from the most brilliant, skilled, and handsome doctor in the entire galaxy, so he's going to pull through.
                                          • 186. Option - Wonderful!Player - That's great to hear. Good work, Doc.
                                            • 209. - Anyone else need patching up? I am on a roll.
                                          • 187. Option - I expected no less.Player - You've worked your magic as always.
                                            • 205. - Glad I could prove that I haven't lost my edge.
                                          • 188. Option - So you're good after all.Player - At least you have the skills to back up that ego.
                                            • 190. - With plenty to spare, I assure you.
                                          • 189. Option - Spare us your self-obsession.Player - There must not have been any mirrors in the room, or you would have never made it past your reflection to the operating table.
                                            • 203. - Thank you, Doc. I mean it.
                                              • 214. - It's what I do.
                                                • 212. - The soldiers are still digging through some of the worst of the damage to the library.
                                                  • 216. - Toril, Rana, and Zee are still missing, and... I can't sense them. That makes fifteen. I'll update again when we've finished clearing the rubble.
                                                    • 230. - The Old Man was right to bring us here. We needed this time to heal... and to remember what makes us Jedi.
                                                      • 232. - We've hidden long enough. The evil of the Sith doesn't stop just because we aren't there to oppose them. Quite the opposite.
                                                        • 234. - I'm no master. I can't speak for the Order. But I can say this: the Republic needs the help of the Jedi. So let me be the first to volunteer.
                                                          • 238. - I am deeply honored to accept. I'll have quarters prepared for any Jedi who wish to join you aboard my flagship.
                                                            • 240. - We're already packed--and I think this will end up being a much more worthy destination.
                                                              • 242. - Commander--thank you. Without you, this would have been a much darker day for us all.
                                                                • 243. Option - I'm glad to be with Jedi again.Player - I'm glad I could be here, Tau. Reuniting with the Jedi has been long overdue.
                                                                  • 255. - With you around, I think it's safe to say the future of the Jedi is a bright one.
                                                                • 244. Option - I'm glad to help the Jedi.Player - I'm always glad to help out the Jedi.
                                                                  • 252. - We're lucky to have friends like you.
                                                                • 245. Option - [Flirt] Keep in touch.Player - Let's stay in contact--I'd love to get to know you sometime when we aren't fighting for our lives.
                                                                  • 247. - I think I might like that too.
                                                                • 246. Option - Will you survive without me?Player - I probably won't be there next time--and this war is only going to get worse from here.
                                                                  • 258. - I don't plan to wait around for the Sith to attack again.
                                                                    • 249. - May the Force be with you.
                                                                      • 291. - "When the dawn came the Zhell awakened and saw the Taungs upon the high place and were afraid..."
                                                                        • 293. - "...for the morning light caught the glint of helms and weapons and created phantom warriors, made of dazzle and distance."
                                                                          • 295. - "But the cleverest of them were not deceived..."
                                                                            • 266. - The Empire thought they could make this a grand first strike in their renewed war against us.
                                                                              • 268. - They hoped to destroy the Jedi--to destroy us with fear before we ever faced them in open battle. Thanks to you, they failed.
                                                                                • 270. - The Jedi are renewed allies of the Republic. Our people have seen that the Sith are vulnerable whenever we stand united.
                                                                                  • 272. - This war will be dark and brutal and vicious. But we will stand against that darkness together. And together, we will win.
                                                                                    • 323. <Conversation Exit>
  • 160. - Tau? Tau, are you reading me?
    • 162. - Doc! You broke through the jamming! We need you at the library, now!
      • 164. - Wish I could, but I'm staring at a lot of very mean looking Imps who seem pretty determined to kill us all and burn the colony down.
        • 166. - That would be Malgus with the rest of my soldiers.
          • 168. - We're going to hold out as long as we can, but... it doesn't look good.
            • 170. - We'll never make it back there in time to help...
              • 171. Player - Wait... listen.
                • 173. Player - Republic fighters!
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb47c7f33180000cb0a021c"
    "Name": "Ossus Defense",
    "NameId": "4228163374678104",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "Ossus Defense",
        "frMale": "D\u00e9fense d'Ossus",
        "frFemale": "D\u00e9fense d'Ossus",
        "deMale": "Ossus-Verteidigung",
        "deFemale": "Ossus-Verteidigung"
    "Icon": "cdx.locations.ossus.ossus_jedi_colony",
    "IsRepeatable": false,
    "RequiredLevel": 0,
    "XpLevel": 0,
    "Difficulty": "0x00",
    "CanAbandon": false,
    "IsHidden": false,
    "IsClassQuest": false,
    "IsBonus": false,
    "BonusShareable": false,
    "CategoryId": "2466269005611318",
    "LocalizedCategory": {
        "enMale": "Ossus",
        "frMale": "Ossus",
        "frFemale": "Ossus",
        "deMale": "Ossus",
        "deFemale": "Ossus"
    "Branches": [
            "Id": "1",
            "DbId": 0,
            "Steps": [
                    "Id": 1,
                    "DbId": 0,
                    "IsShareable": false,
                    "JournalText": "",
                    "LocalizedJournalText": [],
                    "Tasks": [
                            "Id": 1,
                            "DbId": 0,
                            "ShowTracking": false,
                            "ShowCount": false,
                            "CountMax": 1,
                            "TaskQuestB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskNpcB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskPlcB62Ids": [],
                            "MapNoteB62Ids": [],
                            "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                            "ItemsGiven": [],
                            "ItemsTaken": []
                    "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                    "ItemsGiven": [],
                    "ItemsTaken": []
                    "Id": 2,
                    "DbId": 0,
                    "IsShareable": false,
                    "JournalText": "Travel to the Jedi Compound on Ossus and interact with the Ossus Republic Mission Board to see what you can do to help the Republic efforts on Ossus.",
                    "LocalizedJournalText": {
                        "enMale": "Travel to the Jedi Compound on Ossus and interact with the Ossus Republic Mission Board to see what you can do to help the Republic efforts on Ossus.",
                        "frMale": "Rendez-vous dans l'enceinte Jedi d'Ossus et interagissez avec le tableau des missions de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus pour voir comment vous pouvez participer \u00e0 l'effort de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus.",
                        "frFemale": "Rendez-vous dans l'enceinte Jedi d'Ossus et interagissez avec le tableau des missions de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus pour voir comment vous pouvez participer \u00e0 l'effort de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus.",
                        "deMale": "Reise zur Jedi-Anlage auf Ossus und greif auf die republikanische Ossus-Missionstafel zu, um zu sehen, wie du die Republik auf Ossus unterst\u00fctzen kannst.",
                        "deFemale": "Reise zur Jedi-Anlage auf Ossus und greif auf die republikanische Ossus-Missionstafel zu, um zu sehen, wie du die Republik auf Ossus unterst\u00fctzen kannst."
                    "Tasks": [
                            "Id": 1,
                            "DbId": 0,
                            "String": "Use Ossus Republic Mission Board",
                            "LocalizedString": {
                                "enMale": "Use Ossus Republic Mission Board",
                                "frMale": "Utiliser le tableau de missions de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus",
                                "frFemale": "Utiliser le tableau de missions de la R\u00e9publique sur Ossus",
                                "deMale": "Benutze die republikanische Ossus-Missionstafel",
                                "deFemale": "Benutze die republikanische Ossus-Missionstafel"
                            "ShowTracking": true,
                            "ShowCount": false,
                            "CountMax": 1,
                            "TaskQuestB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskNpcB62Ids": [],
                            "TaskPlcIds": [
                            "TaskPlcB62Ids": [
                            "MapNoteB62Ids": [
                            "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                            "ItemsGiven": [],
                            "ItemsTaken": []
                    "BonusMissionsIds": [],
                    "ItemsGiven": [],
                    "ItemsTaken": []
    "Items": [],
    "Rewards": [],
    "ReqPrivacy": "",
    "CreditRewardType": "589686270506543030",
    "CreditsRewarded": 20,
    "XP": 0,
    "SubXP": 0,
    "F2PXP": 0,
    "CommandXP": 600,
    "HashedIcon": "2743264188_428789059",
    "BranchCount": 1,
    "ClassesB62": [
    "ConversationGains": {
        "CompanionsParsed": [],
        "NodeText": [],
        "AffectionGainTable": []
    "QuestsNextB62": [],
    "QuestsPreviousB62": [],
    "Id": "16140916010957751136",
    "Base62Id": "O4EDzqN",
    "Fqn": "qst.daily_area.ossus.republic.crit_path.bounty_board_breadcrumb",
    "B62References": {
        "conversationStarts": [
        "QuestMpns": [
    "first_seen": "5.10.0",
    "last_seen": "6.3.2b",
    "current_version": "6.3.2b",
    "hash": "999709111",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [
    "ClassesAllowed": [
        "Jedi Knight",
        "Jedi Consular"
    "IsDaily": false