Hylo Visz

Hylo Visz
Specialist: Underworld Logistics
Level 65 Melee
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Alliance
SubCategory: Camp
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
Other Sites:


  • 297. - Wow, Commander. Skadge. Got to admit I'm a little on the fence about this last one. I've worked with his type before, and it can go real wrong real fast.
    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
      • 422. - Between this guy and Broonmark, I'm getting a lot more killers than I need.
      • 309. - Take it from a smuggler with experience--sometimes it's better to just shoot 'em before they have a chance to give you grief.
        • 315. Player - Having the boss of the Black Sun on our side has got to be worth something.
        • 310. Player - He'll be a useful tool. Some jobs require a sledgehammer. A big, psychopathic sledgehammer.
        • 311. Player - [Bounty Hunter Background] As long as I'm around, Skadge will behave. Give him a wide berth when he's in a bad mood--other than that, he's pretty useful.
          • 312. - I guess you'd know better than anyone.
        • 316. Player - I'll leave it to "the best" to figure out how to make it work.
          • 301. - I mean, sure he's got the Black Sun wrapped around his finger--which is great, we've got access to all their muscle, territory, and contacts...
            • 303. - ...which'll let us run some jobs through them where they're strongest, covering our own tracks better...
              • 305. - ...and maybe I could have him watch over our riskier runs. Nobody in their right mind would try to mess with him. Even if they tried, he'd just rip 'em apart....
                • 307. - Know what, I take it all back. Maybe he'll wind up being more use than he is trouble. I just need to be real careful he doesn't get too bored....
                  • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 281. - A Jawa bounty hunter... never thought I'd see the day. Even has his own crew....
      • 283. - He's not exactly fearless, but Blizz is hands down ten times braver than any Jawa I've ever seen.
        • 286. - Little guy really knows his stuff when it comes to a firefight, too. Full custom hardware as good as anything credits could buy. Nobody who looked at him would ever guess what's coming.
          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
              • 289. Player - [Bounty Hunter Background] You don't have to tell me, little guy was part of my old crew for years.
                • 292. - So that's where he gets it. Yeah, I guess that makes a lot of sense.
              • 295. Player - [Let her continue]
            • 288. - I'd be happy just having him watch over our riskier jobs, but he's got all kinds of friends and contacts with other Jawas. Connections we could never make on our own.
              • 291. - Takes a lot to impress me, Commander, but consider me impressed. Great find.
      • <Non-dialogue segment.>
        • 403. - You got some nerve, Commander. I ask you to help out a friend, and you don't just do the exact opposite... you bring me some whacked-out psychopath?
          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
            • 405. - Between this new... thing... and Skadge, I'm getting a lot more killers than I really need.
            • 406. - I'll give him space and keep him fed, but I'm not putting him in with any of my crews. Feel free to take him away for missions all you want.
              • 412. Player - I apologize for the loss of your Wookiee allies. It wasn't an easy decision.
                • 416. - I doubt I want to know the details.
              • 410. Player - Thank you for accommodating him. Broonmark is going to be very useful.
                • 415. - Just leave me out of whatever he's useful for.
              • 411. Player - Broonmark is a... personal associate. You will keep him happy--understand?
                • 414. - Yeah. Suddenly I'm understanding a lot.
              • 413. Player - Do your job and skip the complaints, Hylo.
                • 425. - Inspirational stuff--really.
                  • 427. - Time I got back to work.
                    • <Conversation Exit.>
          • 418. - Got supply runs stopping through Kashyyyk already, Commander. Plus some reliable muscle that nobody wants to mess with.
            • 420. - Gonna chalk this one up as a big win. Thanks for your help!
              • <Conversation Exit.>
          • 263. - Hey Commander, just wanted to say nice job bringing in Bowdaar.
            • 265. - He's got a sharp mind, good instincts, and a lot of experience. Not to mention all of the interesting people he knows.
              • 267. - The intimidation factor is good too! People are gonna think twice about trying to cross an intergalactic pit fighting champion, even if he is retired.
                • 268. Player - [Smuggler Background] Little furball's actually quite a pilot too! Taught him myself.
                  • 269. - Ohh, that explains the bad habits... don't worry, I'll break him outta those in no time.
                    • 274. - Guess I'd better get to it. Stay safe out there, Commander.
                  • 270. Player - [Smirk knowingly]
                  • 275. - A great addition to our crew, Commander. Keep 'em coming.
              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                • 344. - Hey Commander, someone's been messing with our food processors and I'm guessing it's that C2-series droid. He even went onto some of the ships.
                  • 346. - The last thing any of our freelancers want is someone telling them what they can or can't eat. Honestly, I'm surprised that droid didn't wind up shot.
                • 349. - Hey, Commander! Want a sandwich? That C2 droid just came and dropped off a crate of packed lunches for us. They're pretty tasty--that droid can cook!
                  • 351. - And they're all neatly packed up too--our pilots can just grab a few when they go out on a run. Maybe I had that droid figured wrong. Thank him for us, would ya?
                • 354. - Hey, Commander, I'm not sure what that C2 droid thinks he's doing, but he's left pillows all over the hanger and added cushions to every chair he could find.
                  • 356. - I can't figure out how he manages to get onto ships without getting spotted. It's kind of creepy how good he is at sneaking around....
                    • 358. - Anyhow, this stuff is not helping--it's just getting in the way. Honestly, I think we should just switch that thing off.
                • 359. - Hey, Commander--I just had half my crew waste most of a day tracking down a leaky cargo container.
                  • 361. - Turns out the smell was just that blasted C2 droid playing around in our air circulators.
                    • 363. - What a giant waste of time. That droid is more trouble than he's worth.
                      • <Non-dialogue segment.> (366)
                        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                        • <Conversation Exit.> (441)
                • 321. - So here I am, minding my own intergalactic smuggling operation, when some random XS Freighter pulls a hotshot landing, and out walks Nico Okarr.
                  • 323. - I really thought they'd just turn out to be more rumors, but hey, I'll take it.
                    • 325. - Guy knows his stuff, has a lifetime of connections in the underworld, a name that opens doors... not to mention he's a crack-shot gunslinger.
                      • 328. - And a fine pilot to boot. He's almost as good as me, and that's not the kind of thing I say lightly.
                        • 329. Player - At least he used to be--isn't he getting a little old for this?
                          • 330. - Never sell a scoundrel short just because they're old, Commander. Just means they know twice as many tricks.
                        • 331. Player - [Smuggler Background] Fancy that, I tracked down someone you couldn't. Guess we know who the real captain is around here....
                          • 335. - Hate to pop your shields, Captain, but we found Nico because he wanted us to.
                        • 333. Player - You're welcome.
                          • 332. - I'll have to ask him how he managed to float those rumors to us....
                            • 339. - At any rate, he's going to be an all-around huge help. He's good enough that he can actually help take some of the pressure off of me, too.
                              • 399. - Today is looking to be a pretty good day.
                                • <Conversation Exit.>
                  • 2. - Well, if it isn't the new Commander! We didn't get much of a chance to talk earlier.
                    • 4. - You lost, or just slumming it down here with the likes of us?
                      • 5. Player - [Smuggler Background] You kidding? The scent of engine grease... the sound of cargo loading... this place feels more like home than anywhere else on the base.
                        • 7. - A captain after my own heart. Couldn't have said it better myself.
                          • 148. Player - I know a massive smuggling operation when I see it. Just what are you up to down here?
                            • 150. - Just doing what I do best: moving cargo and getting paid.
                      • 185. Player - [Bounty Hunter] Wait a minute--you're Gault's old flame. The one he rescued out of stasis on Belsavis.
                        • 186. - That backstabbing bag of desh is the reason I was in there to begin with! What he pulled after we got our pay for breaking the Hydian Way Blockade....
                          • 188. - Teaming up with him was the biggest mistake of my life. I ever catch up to that bishwag again, I'm giving him a bolt between the eyes.
                            • 191. - Sorry... kind of a sore spot....
                      • 50. Player - So, explain to me who are you again?
                        • 131. - You expect me to believe that a spacer with your resume doesn't know Hylo Visz?
                        • 67. - How've you never heard of Hylo Visz?
                          • 71. - Oh right, the carbonite poisoning... the doctor warned us that it might have messed with your head a bit. Didn't mean to rub it in.
                            • 73. - Anyway, I'm Hylo Visz, one of the best freelance transport captains the galaxy has ever seen. Might be the best, but I try not to brag.
                              • 99. Player - Pleasure to meet you.
                              • 133. Player - [Smuggler Background] Well, clearly not the best--that spot's already taken.
                              • 74. Player - [Skepticism] Right....
                              • 75. Player - [Sarcasm] And so humble, too....
                                • 76. - Hey, it's only arrogance if I'm not as good as I say, otherwise it's just plain honesty.
                                  • 77. - Remember how the Mandos blockaded the Hydian Way during the war? How Coruscant was on the brink of starvation and riots, until some hero came along, broke the blockade, and saved the planet?
                                    • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                      • 79. - Well, that hero was me. And you're welcome.
                                        • 177. Player - You helped ease the suffering of billions.
                                        • 109. Player - [Roll your eyes]
                                        • 172. Player - [Smuggler Background] I've done plenty of things that were more impressive.
                                          • 173. - Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Captain....
                                      • 80. - Well, that hero was me. Not that I have anything against Imps.
                                        • 82. - I was never officially with the Republic or anything. I just did it for the money. A whole, awful lot of money. No hard feelings?
                                          • 88. Player - [Mandalorian Background] No hard feelings. Mandalorians respect and honor a worthy foe.
                                            • 89. - Likewise--that blockade was really something to see. Took everything I had to bust it.
                                          • 83. Player - [Imperial Background] No hard feelings. The Empire respects competence and talent.
                                            • 84. - In that case you're gonna love working with me.
                                          • 168. Player - No hard feelings? Do you have any idea what the loss of that blockade cost us?
                                          • 87. Player - [Glare Coldly]
                                            • 90. - Right... touchy subject... noted.
                                          • 91. Player - Wait--that all happened decades ago. You don't look that old.
                                            • 259. - Yeah. The one good thing that came out of that whole Belsavis mess was that the stasis actually froze my aging. Guess that's something, at least.
                                            • 92. - Heh, that's... a bit complicated. Suffice it to say, I wound up laying low in a stasis cell for a long time. Didn't know it'd freeze my aging too, but I'll take it.
                      • 6. Player - Just stopping by to have a look at things.
                        • 21. - Well, here it is in all its glory: the beating heart of your alliance's supply chain.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.> (22)
                            • 9. - Hey, not to change the subject, but that XS Freighter outside is yours, right?
                              • 11. - Even just having a quick look around the outside, you can tell there's been a lot of love put into that ship.
                                • 12. Player - You might be the first person I've ever met who can properly appreciate my ship.
                                  • 13. - Hah! Well you don't get as good as I am if you can't understand that looks don't matter, so long as a ship's got it where it counts.
                                • 14. Player - I think you and I are going to get along just fine.
                                  • 18. - Likewise, Commander.
                                • 16. Player - Just so long as we're clear about the part where it's my ship, not yours.
                                  • 17. - Keep 'em holstered, Commander. I know better than to step between a captain and their ship.
                                    • 29. - Besides, nice as your ship might be, it's not like it can really hold a candle to mine.
                            • 111. - Anyhow, I'd give you the grand tour, but we're all pretty busy.
                      • 34. Player - Ugh. What a rabble....
                        • 35. - Hmph. Might want to work on that attitude "Commander", or you're going to have a hard time making new friends.
                      • 68. Player - If I didn't know better, I'd say you're running a massive smuggling ring out of our base.
                        • 144. - You're actually not wrong, Commander.
                          • 51. - The Alliance needs a lot to keep it going--food, equipment, weapons, ships--and it needs to get everything without popping up on Arcann's scanners.
                            • 62. - That kind of work takes a true professional. Someone who knows where to look, how to ask, and who to ask.
                              • 60. - So naturally your friends went and found the best, yours truly, to run the supply end of this operation. I make sure you get what you need without raising any eyebrows.
                                • 66. - All at perfectly reasonable contract rates--plus hazard premiums and a discretion fee.
                                  • 106. Player - Nothing helps keep secrets like a steady flow of credits.
                                    • 107. - One of the great truths of the galaxy, Commander. Fact is, a lot of freighter captains are happy just to have steady work from someone who won't shoot 'em in the back when it's time to pay up.
                                  • 163. Player - How do you know you've actually avoided detection?
                                    • 164. - Did I not mention that I'm the best?
                                      • 166. - Seriously though, the only reason this base is still intact is that Arcann doesn't know where to look. The proof that we're doing our job is that you're still alive.
                                  • 103. Player - How can they be charging us for this? The Eternal Empire is everybody's problem.
                                    • 104. - Fuel isn't free, Commander, and neither is time. Some of these people have families to look after, and a lot of them have debts--the kind you can't ignore.
                                      • 108. - I'm looking out for them so they keep looking out for us.
                                  • 101. Player - Exactly how many credits are we talking?
                                    • 102. - There are a lot of zeroes. Don't worry though, it's not coming straight out of your pocket. Probably.
                                      • 115. - All the same, I have to admit that I've stretched my network of contacts pretty thin. If this alliance is gonna get much bigger, we're gonna need a lot more help.
                                        • 117. - Smugglers, bounty hunters, maybe even pirates.... anyone who has useful skills, or just knows their way around the underworld. You find anyone good, bring 'em in.
                                          • 121. - I've always got my ear to the ground, too. If I find any promising leads, I'll let you know.
                                            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                                              • 94. - Oh... One last thing, while you're out and about. You ever find a Devaronian by the name of Gault Rennow, or Tyresius Lokai, you let me know...
                                                • 96. - Need to put a few new holes into that backstabber. Long story.
                                              • <Conversation Exit.> (395)
                    • 195. - Hey, Commander. What's going on?
                      • 196. Player - How are things going around here?
                        • 213. - Well, don't look now, but I think we might have actually managed to turn the corner.
                          • 215. - We're set up with a pretty broad supply of the basics--it's not perfect, but we've got what we need with a little room to grow.
                            • 217. - We're even starting to find sources for the rarer stuff. We've actually found a contact in the Zakuul Undercity--she's got access to Eternal Empire tech.
                              • 219. - Ol' Doctor Hutt's tripping over his tail at the chance to play with it.
                                • 221. - I mean, don't get me wrong, we've still got a lot more to do before everything is said and done. So keep your eye out as usual for people or supplies.
                                  • 223. - But we're actually kinda stable for the first time. Feels nice. Maybe I'll give the crews a day off....
                        • 206. - Well, as a matter of fact, I just managed to nail down most of the essentials. Don't worry about thanking me, I already know I'm great.
                          • 208. - Friend of a friend of a friend got us in contact with a major mover on Bothawui, a sympathizer. Wouldn't have happened without the reputation you've managed to build up.
                            • 210. - So now we've got a lot of the basics on lockdown--though that just means even more work for our freighters.
                              • 212. - As usual, keep an eye out of for anyone who can lend help to our operation here, any resources, or any leads on suppliers.
                        • 202. - Well, things here aren't as bad as when we first started, but if you ask me, the situation is still too close for comfort.
                          • 205. - Hate to sound like a looping holovid, but we need more. More contacts, more resources, and more people. Any help you could give us would go a long way.
                        • 197. - Not gonna lie, things are really tight around here right now. We're straining supplies as it is, and it's only going to get worse as we try to scale up.
                          • 199. - I'm moving as much as I can through the contacts we've got, and the few captains we have are running themselves ragged just keeping up with that.
                            • 201. - If this whole grand alliance idea wants to go anywhere, we really need to broaden our contact network, build a better supply base, and step up recruitment.
                      • 224. Player - What can I do to help around here?
                        • 225. - Getting by in the underworld takes three things--the right friends, the right information, and credits.
                          • 227. - Best thing you can do is keep an eye out for good people that can be convinced to join us, and for any underworld information you can get your hands on.
                            • 229. - The more people we get and the bigger our contact network gets, the smoother things are gonna go here.
                      • 244. Player - [Give Smuggled Goods] I've found some useful things for you....
                        • 245. - Ooh, nice. I'll sift through this and see what we've got.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • 249. Player - [Turn in More Smuggled Goods]
                            • 250. Player - [Back]
                              • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                      • 255. Player - I'll let you get back to it.
                    • 1. - Hey there, Commander.
                      NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
                      MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                  [_id] => MongoDB\BSON\ObjectId Object
                                          [oid] => 588489ffa9532b433c01a66c
                                  [ParentSpecId] => 16140940508488036246
                                  [ParentSpecB62Id] => bcyIOkV
                                  [Name] => Hylo Visz
                                  [NameId] => 3600501149007872
                                  [LocalizedName] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                  [enMale] => Hylo Visz
                                                  [frMale] => Hylo Visz
                                                  [frFemale] => Hylo Visz
                                                  [deMale] => Hylo Visz
                                                  [deFemale] => Hylo Visz
                                  [Title] => Specialist: Underworld Logistics
                                  [LocalizedTitle] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                  [enMale] => Specialist: Underworld Logistics
                                                  [frMale] => Spécialiste : logistique clandestine
                                                  [frFemale] => Spécialiste : logistique clandestine
                                                  [deMale] => Spezialist: Unterweltlogistik
                                                  [deFemale] => Spezialist: Unterweltlogistik
                                  [ClassId] => 16141160777998100175
                                  [ClassB62Id] => psOBGp5
                                  [AbilityPackageB62Id] => v5n2lyN
                                  [MinLevel] => 65
                                  [MaxLevel] => 65
                                  [Faction] => 11
                                  [DetFaction] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                  [RepublicReaction] => cbtAttitudeFriendly
                                                  [ImperialReaction] => cbtAttitudeFriendly
                                                  [NameId] => 1173582633762823
                                                  [LocalizedName] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                                  [enMale] => Friendly
                                                                  [frMale] => Allié
                                                                  [frFemale] => Allié
                                                                  [deMale] => Verbündet
                                                                  [deFemale] => Verbündet
                                                  [DefendedFactionIds] => Array
                                                          [0] => 1702206746723288870
                                                  [FactionId] => 3780939478746129694
                                                  [FactionString] => friendly
                                                  [OpposingFactionIds] => Array
                                                  [Id] => 3780939478746129694
                                                  [Base62Id] => 7kNfSsC
                                  [Toughness] => Boss1
                                  [ToughnessId] => 0
                                  [LocalizedToughness] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                          [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                  [enMale] => Elite
                                                  [frMale] => Élite
                                                  [frFemale] => Élite
                                                  [deMale] => Elite
                                                  [deFemale] => Elite
                                  [DifficultyFlags] => 0
                                  [cnvConversationName] =>
                                  [cnvB62] => 9giaM10
                                  [CodexId] => 0
                                  [ProfessionTrained] => 0
                                  [CompanionOverrideId] => 0
                                  [LootTableId] => 0
                                  [IsClassTrainer] => 
                                  [IsVendor] => 
                                  [VendorPackages] => Array
                                  [movementPackage] => pkg.movement.npc.regular
                                  [coverPackage] => pkg.cover.none
                                  [WanderPackage] => pkg.wander.npc.none
                                  [AggroPackage] => pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf
                                  [VisualDataList] => Array
                                          [0] => MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument Object
                                                  [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
                                                          [CharSpec] => bfn
                                                          [ScaleAdjustment] => 1
                                                          [MeleeWepId] => 16141173282837695788
                                                          [MeleeWepB62Id] => B0sHnP4
                                                          [MeleeOffWepId] => 0
                                                          [MeleeOffWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                          [RangedWepId] => 0
                                                          [RangedWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                          [RangedOffWepId] => 0
                                                          [RangedOffWepB62Id] => 0000000
                                                          [AppearanceId] => 16140984933829547781
                                                          [AppearanceFqn] =>
                                                          [SpeciesScale] => 8882822249981165000
                                  [charRef] => chr.hylo_visz
                                  [Gender] => NPC_GENDER_FEMALE_PROPER
                                  [FqnCategory] => alliance
                                  [FqnSubCategory] => camp
                                  [CommandXP] => 10
                                  [Id] => 16141135521677609577
                                  [Base62Id] => QOe8qJC
                                  [Fqn] =>
                                  [hash] => 2605344522
                                  [previous_versions] => Array
                                          [0] => 5.2.0
                                  [current_version] => 5.3
                                  [last_seen] => 5.9.0
                                  [first_seen] => 4.0.0
                                  [changed_fields] => Array
                                          [0] => CommandXP
                                          [1] => hash

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