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"Deadeye" Leyta

"Deadeye" Leyta
Level 65 "Deadeye" Leyta
Faction: Friendly
Reaction: Republic | Empire
Category: Companion
SubCategory: Star_fortress
Class Trainer: No
Vendor: No
Class Spec:
First Seen: 4.0.0
Last Seen: 6.3.0
Star Wars Name: "Deadeye" Leyta
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  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 259. - I actually miss the smell of Bantha. Is that odd?
    • 260. - Let's go find some excitement, Commander.
    • 261. - It turns out that shipping in womp rats for target practice isn't considered a "priority."
    • 262. - My toes get cold here. I haven't experienced that since Corellia.
    • 263. - Some of the crew needs to work on their blaster grip. It looks like I'll have to share some tricks with the five-fingers.
    • 264. - The next idiot who waves his hand in my face looking for my "Deadeye" gets to eat my blaster.
    • 265. - So many faces, but you collaborate as well as the tribes back home. Zakuul is clearly underestimating their competition.
    • 266. - Keep your eyes on the action, Commander, and you'll never miss.
  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 182. - Theron made me a holorecording of the Star Fortress going up in flames over Tatooine.
      • 184. - I almost feel bad for the locals. It blew up on the nighttime side of the planet. Folks must have thought morning came early.
        • 186. - There's nothing I hate more than a bully. We did a good thing, Commander. And it looks like I'll be sticking around.
          +3000 Influence : is extremely grateful for all you've done.
          • 188. - You need a good blaster at your side, you know who to call. See you around.
            • <Conversation Exit.>
    • 190. - Any gang on Tatooine with a starship is ready to punch you an opening inside that Star Fortress.
      • 192. - The sooner we take that thing down, the better. I heard what happened to Bothawui.
        • 194. - Tatooine isn't much to look at, but there are good people living on it right next to the bad ones.
          • 196. - And if you need any other motivation, I might just be persuaded to stick around as your hired gun once this is all over.
            • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 165. - Theron Shan wants me to help coordinate the strike from Odessen. Looks like you're stuck with me a little while longer, Commander.
    • 166. Player - You'll always have a place on my team if you want one.
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 171. - Thanks! I haven't had a real job in... well, I've never had a real job. Could be interesting.
    • 167. Player - What do you know about organizing raids on battle stations?
      +50 Influence : disapproves.
      • 169. - It's still a shootout. The fundamentals don't change. It's all about positioning and aim. The blasters are bigger, that's all.
    • 168. Player - And our allies on Tatooine? What about them?
      +200 Influence : approves.
      • 173. - They think you're aces, and they plan to keep fighting. Don't worry, I'll keep them together for the Alliance.
        • 175. - My transport is waiting. See you on Odessen.
          • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 43. - You smell that? Burning detonite. There's nothing else like it. Reminds me of home.
    • 163. - The Star Fortress shield is down. Time to finish the job and knock that hunk of junk out of the sky forever.
  • 31. - It's like blasting wraids in a box canyon!
  • 33. - I was starting to think you got lost! I guess you're buying the drinks when this is done.
    • 158. - This bunker's got a weak spot. We plant explosives there, and this place will go down like a drunken bantha.
      • 160. - You lead the way. I'll cover your back.
        • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 27. - Last one to the shield generator buys all the drinks!
  • 24. - This will do nicely! I think we're finally ready. Let's hit that shield generator right between the eyes.
    • 155. - I'll get this last batch of gear to our friends and meet you inside the shield generator. See you there!
      • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 21. - Staying cool out there?
    • <Non-dialogue segment.> (238)
      • 231. Player - [Turn in supply crates.]
        • <Non-dialogue segment.>
          • 221. Player - [Turn in Alien Research crate.]
          • 222. Player - [Turn in Ancient Artifact crate.]
          • 223. Player - [Turn in Military Equipment crate.]
          • 125. Player - [Turn in Smuggled Goods crate.]
            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
              • 126. - Nice haul, Commander. I don't know what half this stuff is, but it'll come in handy.
          • 236. Player - [Go Back.]
      • 129. Player - [Report the Tatooine Resistance Campaign is complete to receive a massive Influence gain.]
      • 136. Player - [Start a Heroic Mission to secure supply crates.]
        • 137. - There's nothing that greases palms faster than desperation. I know something you could do that'll net us lots of gear.
          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
      • 140. Player - [Start an Eternal Empire Champion Duel.]
        • 141. - I think Zakuul knows you're down here. They sent some big guns to hunt you down.
          • 152. - I've always subscribed to the idea of shooting first. There's no telling what kind of gear you could loot off Zakuul's finest.
            • 143. - I'm getting the supplies to our allies. When you have more to distribute, come find me.
              • <Conversation Exit.>
      • 215. Player - [Do Nothing.]
  • 13. - Heard you took out heavy resistance at the shield generator. That got Zakuul's forces stirred-up--and not only them.
    • 109. - Your message was heard all over this dustball. Every gang in hiding discovered it still had a backbone.
      • 111. - I think we've got enough foot soldiers to mount a full-scale insurgency. The trick now is getting them military-grade gear.
        • 112. Player - Let me guess... you need me to provide that gear?
          • 113. - They said you were a genius. I never doubted it.
        • 114. Player - The criminal syndicates should have more than enough firepower of their own.
          • 115. - They have blasters, sure. But desert warfare is a whole other thing. These thugs are used to living in cantinas.
            • 118. - The Republic and the Sith Empire never completely gave up this world. You can still find their outposts.
              • 121. - I'm thinking the Alliance can build some goodwill and secure the supplies we need to hit that shield generator where it hurts.
                • 123. - I'll do some digging and see what turns up, but it'll go faster if you help. You know where to find me.
                  • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 8. - Scout that shield generator's bunker and see what we're up against. I'll have news when you get back.
  • 5. - Welcome back to Tatooine, Commander. The locals still talk about your last visit. You left quite an impression. The name's Leyta, but everyone calls me "Deadeye." I'm your contact here.
    • 45. Player - That's an interesting nickname. How did you get it?
      • 49. - The hard way. I killed a whole lot of people who disagreed with me. Started on my home world, Corellia.
        • 57. - One of the bigger tribes kept coming after mine. Stealing our food, treating us like slaves. I went to have a chat with them.
          • 59. - We started out just trading words, but in the end it was all blasters. When the smoke cleared, I was the last one standing.
            • 60. Player - That explains why they call you "Deadeye." You must be amazing with that blaster.
              • 65. - I'm not some trick-shot artist, if that's what you're thinking. I aim where it counts, that's all.
            • 61. Player - You killed the entire tribe? No one survived?
              • 62. - Some ran when the blasting started. I guess they're alive. The rest got what was coming to them.
            • 63. Player - Impressive. I assume that slaughter was only the beginning of your reputation.
              • 64. - I don't know why people keep picking fights with me. I must have the kind of face they want to punch in.
                • 69. - My family decided it was best if I left Corellia for a while. I've been kicking around the Outer Rim ever since.
                  • 71. - But those Eternal Empire scum keep bothering me. I finally had enough and signed on with your Alliance.
                    • 80. - Enough about me. Let's talk about that Star Fortress and why it's orbiting Tatooine.
    • 46. Player - I can't say Tatooine impressed me. I don't even remember being here.
      • 53. - Consider yourself lucky. Most people spend their whole lives trying to forget this planet.
    • 47. Player - I never thought I'd have to revisit this backwater planet.
      • 51. - That's the thing about Tatooine. Every time you think you've seen it for the last time, there it is again.
        • 75. - We were all surprised when that Star Fortress showed up in orbit. We couldn't figure what Zakuul wanted with Tatooine.
    • 48. Player - Why does the Eternal Empire care about Tatooine enough to put a Star Fortress over it?
      • 55. - That's the first thing the rest of us wondered when it popped into orbit. You'd think Zakuul had bigger wraids to roast.
        • 78. - Near as we can tell, Zakuul thinks this world is some kind of criminal haven. They send forces down here to "clean things up."
          • 84. - Two of the bigger syndicates vanished overnight. Zakuul killed everybody. The other gangs went into hiding. It's hard to know how many are left.
            • 85. Player - I don't approve of Zakuul's methods, but I suspect life has improved for the honest citizens.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 88. - Are you kidding? The ranchers and moisture farmers are scared to death. They figure they're all next on the list.
            • 86. Player - Hunting random thugs seems like a waste of time for Zakuul's forces.
              +200 Influence : approves.
              • 87. - I got a theory that Tatooine is a testing ground. They may plan to do this on other planets they consider "high crime." Corellia, for instance.
            • 91. Player - Nobody kills these scum except me. I was here first.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
            • 92. Player - Don't expect me to shed any tears for criminals.
              +50 Influence : disapproves.
              • 95. - Fair enough, but I'm looking at the bigger picture--and I don't like what I see.
                • 100. - People should be free to misbehave. Zakuul's idea of law and order is killing everybody it doesn't like. And yes, I'm aware of the irony, so move on....
                  • 98. - My orders are to help you turn that Star Fortress into Tatooine's third sun. But we won't get far until we take out its shield.
                    • 103. - There's a bunker nearby housing the shield generator. We've got to find a way inside.
                      • 105. - You should go take a look, but fair warning--there's probably something nasty patrolling the perimeter.
                        • 107. - I've been calling in some favors. I should have some good news when you get back.
                          • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                            • <Non-dialogue segment.>
                              • <Conversation Exit.>
                              • <Conversation Exit.>
  • 10. - I'm not looking for trouble. That doesn't mean it won't find me.
  • <Non-dialogue segment.>
    • 210. Player - [Start the Tatooine Resistance Campaign. Completion will grant a massive Influence gain.]
    • 134. Player - [Start the Tatooine Resistance Campaign. Completion will grant a massive Influence gain.]
      • 135. - You may want to check in with your old friends and see what sort of help they need. They can express their gratitude with some shiny new gear.
    • 149. Player - I'll be back.
    • 199. Player - [Report the Tatooine Resistance Campaign is complete to receive a massive Influence gain.]
  • 219. - You need a good blaster at your side, you know who to call. See you around.
NameCooldownRangeAI Use PriorityLevel
ItemCategorySubCategoryLevelAdded In
Appearance FQNnpp.flashpoint.star_fortress.story.local_contacts.tatooine_contact
Appearance ID16140988478388112835
Body Typebmn
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "5fb4483733180000cb095c45"
    "ParentSpecId": "16140966305425822495",
    "ParentSpecB62Id": "7vDq5b6",
    "Name": "\"Deadeye\" Leyta",
    "NameId": "3751348990377984",
    "LocalizedName": {
        "enMale": "\"Deadeye\" Leyta",
        "frMale": "Leyta \"\u0152il de Lynx\"",
        "frFemale": "Leyta \"\u0152il de Lynx\"",
        "deMale": "\"Todesfee\" Leyta",
        "deFemale": "\"Todesfee\" Leyta"
    "ClassId": "16141104943534091884",
    "ClassB62Id": "RAwcIMD",
    "AbilityPackageB62Id": "iyXPu90",
    "MinLevel": 65,
    "MaxLevel": 65,
    "Faction": 11,
    "DetFaction": {
        "RepublicReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "ImperialReaction": "cbtAttitudeFriendly",
        "NameId": "1173582633762823",
        "LocalizedName": {
            "enMale": "Friendly",
            "frMale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "frFemale": "Alli\u00e9",
            "deMale": "Verb\u00fcndet",
            "deFemale": "Verb\u00fcndet"
        "DefendedFactionIds": [
        "FactionId": "3780939478746129694",
        "FactionString": "friendly",
        "OpposingFactionIds": [],
        "Id": "3780939478746129694",
        "Base62Id": "7kNfSsC"
    "Toughness": "Standard",
    "ToughnessId": "0",
    "LocalizedToughness": {
        "enMale": "Standard",
        "frMale": "Standard",
        "frFemale": "Standard",
        "deMale": "Standard",
        "deFemale": "Standard"
    "DifficultyFlags": 0,
    "CnvConversationName": "cnv.flashpoint.star_fortress.story.local_contacts.tatooine_contact",
    "CnvB62": "a8G2HpC",
    "CodexId": "0",
    "ProfessionTrained": 0,
    "CompanionOverrideId": "0",
    "LootTableId": "0",
    "IsClassTrainer": false,
    "IsVendor": false,
    "VendorPackages": [],
    "MovementPackage": "pkg.movement.companion",
    "CoverPackage": "pkg.cover.companion",
    "WanderPackage": "pkg.wander.npc.none",
    "AggroPackage": "pkg.aggro.npc.exterior_high_baf",
    "VisualDataList": [
            "CharSpec": "bmn",
            "ScaleAdjustment": 1,
            "MeleeWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "MeleeOffWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "MeleeOffWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "RangedWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "RangedWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "RangedOffWepId": "16141173282837695788",
            "RangedOffWepB62Id": "B0sHnP4",
            "AppearanceId": "16140988478388112835",
            "AppearanceFqn": "npp.flashpoint.star_fortress.story.local_contacts.tatooine_contact",
            "SpeciesScale": 0
    "CharRef": "chr.\"deadeye\"_leyta",
    "Gender": "0x00",
    "FqnCategory": "companion",
    "FqnSubCategory": "star_fortress",
    "CommandXP": 16,
    "Id": "16141031304875479411",
    "Base62Id": "Sn6GyRJ",
    "Fqn": "npc.companion.star_fortress.local_contacts.tatooine_contact",
    "B62References": {
        "usedByDecoration": [
    "first_seen": "4.0.0",
    "last_seen": "6.3.0",
    "current_version": "6.0.0",
    "hash": "1721675787",
    "removed_in": "",
    "changed_fields": [
    "previous_versions": [