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Update on Outfit Designer

Current Unlock Costs

Outfitter TabCredit CostCartel Coin Cost
Tab 1FreeFree
Tab 220,000To Be Determined
Tab 330,000To Be Determined
Tab 445,000To Be Determined
Tab 570,000To Be Determined
Tab 6100,000To Be Determined
Tab 7150,000To Be Determined
Tab 8225,000To Be Determined
Tab 9350,000To Be Determined
Tab 10500,000To Be Determined
Tab 11500,000To Be Determined
Tab 12500,000To Be Determined
Tab 13500,000To Be Determined
Tab 14500,000To Be Determined
Tab 15500,000To Be Determined
Tab 16500,000To Be Determined

Appearance Designer

  • 03/26/2015: Insert piece costs are still 14k per piece.
  • 03/26/2015: No Legacy prices yet
  • 03/26/2015: Switching sets is free.
  • The Designer allows for you to have an equip set while also having 16 "shells" of appearance you may use to replace the look of your armor
  • You make have one equiped set and 16 shells for appearance
  • You select a piece you want to use it, place it in the designer slot and the it costs another 14k to "save" it. So it seems there will a price to change out the gear. The gear piece is not used up so you can throw it away or save it for later once it is "saved" and will apear back in your inventory. The items becomes BOUND once you save it in your appearance shell.
  • Any type of gear may be used currently as long as you can equip it. In the picture the chest piece I have on is a "white" piece. Being a Light armor wearer I was not allowed to equip a medium or heavy armor pieces.
  • To switch the shell you click "Apply" button a second time to unapply it and then "apply" the new shell
  • You can apply your set you use for stats.
  • You can dye, color match the chest, and hide head slot per shell.
  • The designer is for looks ONLY. You have to switch between pvp/pve gear same as you always did.

Picture of my gear/stats set - The is the Top little person tab

Picture of my Set 1 Appearance Set (including a White Item as the chest) after I saved the chest in my designer I threw it in trash but it is still visible)

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