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Top 5 Reasons to Play KotFE (The Vulkk Edition)

This is the Vulkk's Edition of TOP 5 Reasons to Play Knights of the Fallen Empire. Don't forget to share yours after reading the article and watching the video!

Greetings from Bulgaria and Vulkk.

In the following 10 minutes you will hear my top 5 reasons why I believe everyone should play KotFE, the new digital expansion for SWTOR. I would like to invite you all to share your opinions and top 5’s in the comments, because thre are far from only 5 options to pick from. The picks are my personal and are selected from an active player’s PoV. Someof them are attractive to returning players or fresh new beginners, but the main aim of this video is to provoke your minds to think why should I STAY in the game for 4.0. Some of the elaborations and theories and defences for my choices will seem weird to you, but that’s the good part. Everyone can pick their top 5 and here are mine. Don’t forget that I eagerly await to see your top 5’s on this subject. Also, if you trully enjoy this type of videos, I am willing to continue.

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Author: Vulkk
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