The Old Republic in December

Hey folks,

There are quite a lot of things that will be going on in-game during the month of December! We wanted to share all of them with you so you know when to get in on the action.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

For Life Day this year we have made a few changes to the rewards. All previously available rewards, including some items previously only available on the, are available for purchase with Snow-Covered Parcels from the Master of Ceremonies on each Faction's Fleet. Additionally, we have a few new Cartel Market items in honor of Life Day and one of them might be a tank that shoots snowballs, seriously.


  • Dec 8: Relics of the Gree
  • Dec 15: Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Dec 22: Death Mark
  • Dec 29: The Balance of Power

That is everything coming to you in December. Don't forget about all of the great subscriber rewards you can become eligible in January as well (link to lander). Thanks everyone.


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  • DIS Artifice L
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  • DIS Synthweaving L
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  • v.getEleme">DISQ/"> crew-skillQ/gathe>vh2>< sssi> athe>v.getEleme">DISQ/"> crew-skillQ/ptElabsdark-proj"cl-crafaingn >PtElab, WarnSu Slie , & B Proj"cl Crafaing a>vh2>< sssi>PtElab, WarnSu Slie , & B Proj"cl Crafaing h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q Dabscr">Q a>vh2>< sssi>Dabscr">Q h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q/aalniaan Aalniaan a>vh2>< sssi>Aalniaan h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/balmo-ra-empire Balmo-ra (Empire) a>vh2>< sssi>Balmo-ra (Empire) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/balmo-ra-an class Balmo-ra ( of the ) a>vh2>< sssi>Balmo-ra ( of the ) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/belsaviQ BelsaviQ a>vh2>< sssi>BelsaviQ h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q/corellia Corellia a>vh2>< sssi>Corellia h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/coruscan Coruscan a>vh2>< sssi>Coruscan h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/dromund-kaaQ Dromund KaaQ a>vh2>< sssi>Dromund KaaQ h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/hotBc >HotB a>vh2>< sssi>HotB h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/hutta Hutta a>vh2>< sssi>Hutta h2>DISQ/tabscr">Q/iluvh2>< sssi>Ilu< h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/ko-riban Ko-riban a>vh2>< sssi>Ko-riban h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/makeb" Makeb a>vh2>< sssi>Makeb h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/nar-shaddaa" NarnShaddaa a>vh2>< sssi>NarnShaddaa h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q/ord-man B Ord Man B a>vh2>< sssi>Ord Man B h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/quesBc >QuesB a>vh2>< sssi>QuesB h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q/rishic >Rishi a>vh2>< sssi>Rishi h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/taris-empire Taris (Empire) a>vh2>< sssi>Taris (Empire) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/taris-an class Taris ( of the ) a>vh2>< sssi>Taris ( of the ) h2>DISQ/tabscr">Q/tatooon>B Tatooon> a>vh2>< sssi>Tatooon> h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/tyth=" 4>Tyth=" a>vh2>< sssi>Tyth=" h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/vosQ VosQ a>vh2>< sssi>VosQ h2> /">DISQ/tabscr">Q/impleialtfleet' Impleial Fleet a>vh2>< sssi>Impleial Fleet h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/an class=fleet' of the Fleet a>vh2>< sssi> of the Fleet h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/tabscr">Q/dark-vn-n gacc > B vs. lder= a>vh2>< sssi> B vs. lder= h2> /">DISQ/misc BaneouQ Misc BaneouQ a>vh2>< sssi>Misc BaneouQ h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/batar masteitcotmandeitlass="jwQ Batar mastei/Cotmandei Lass="jwQ a>vh2>< sssi>Batar mastei/Cotmandei Lass="jwQ h2> /">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/"> cha11actmands-o>DIS Cha1 1111ands a>vh2>< sssi>Cha1 1111ands h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/"> easteiteggs-o>DIS Eastei Eg" s846vh2>< sssi>Eastei Eg" s8h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/gea>DIS Gea>DISs846vh2>< sssi>Gea>DISs8h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/"> ">Dld=flagshipQ >Dld FlagshipQs846vh2>< sssi>G>Dld FlagshipQs8h2>v.getElemwsssssssdocs.googlesBlo/sptEadsheets/d/1JjbE- ch0E2sE6BcZBfwtFwXIci4yEgNq_rmgqKXfXM/edit#gid=1927761398 Open Source 1111111111RcsourceQs846vh2>< sssi>Open Source 1111111111RcsourceQs8h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/plaieaary-B < sssi>Plaieaary Cctquestss8h2>DISQ/misc BaneouQ/at-n/-rankis" s PvE Ct-n/ Rankis" (5.x) a>vh2>< sssi>PvE Ct-n/ Rankis" (5.x) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/at-n/-rankis" -4s PvE Ct-n/ Rankis" (4.x) a>vh2>< sssi>PvE Ct-n/ Rankis" (4.x) h2> /">DISQ/misc BaneouQ/an ct of t a>vh2>< sssi> of t h2> /">DISQ/evepan Evepans846vh2>< sssi>Evepans8h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/btabsy-csssracs-w=ek Boubsy Cct racs W=ek a>vh2>< sssi>Boubsy Cct racs W=ek h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/rakghoul-ocsurgence-evepa-o>DIS Rakghoul1Rcsurgence a>vh2>< sssi> akghoul1Rcsurgence h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/lifssdal" Lifs Day a>vh2>< sssi>Lifs Day h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/rehe s-ofationgreS Rehe s of tio GreS a>vh2>< sssi> ehe s of tio GreS h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/nar-shaddaa-ns/aclifs" NarnShaddaa Ns/aclifs a>vh2>< sssi>NarnShaddaa Ns/aclifs h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/evepan/li/ac-vn-dark" Li/ac vs. B a>vh2>< sssi>Li/ac vs. B h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/flashpoonan Flashpoonan a>vh2>< sssi>Flashpoonan h2> /">DISQ/gsf n> ); opghani 46vh2>< sssi>Gn> ); opghani h2> /">DISQ/gsf/gn> -sta ); opghani>Medaln lds= a>vh2>< sssi> n> ); opghani>Medaln lds= h2> /">DISQ/hero -mie/swts Hero Mie/swts a>vh2>< sssi>Hero Mie/swts h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/hero -mie/swts Hero Mie/swts lds=ing a>vh2>< sssi>Hero Mie/swts lds=ing h2> /">DISQ/hero -mie/swts/hero -mie/swt-ocwards Hero Mie/swt1Rcward TableQs846vh2>< sssi>Hero Mie/swt1Rcward TableQs8h2> /">DISQ/dataaa"wts Oataaa"wts a>vh2>< sssi>Oataaa"wts h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/dataaa"wtstlaot-n tt Oataaa"wts Laot lds= a>vh2>< sssi>Oataaa"wts Laot lds= h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/dataaa"wtstlaot-n tt-pan-4-0 Oataaa"wts Laot lds= (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Oataaa"wts Laot lds= (Pan-4.0) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/tiondtEad > tresQ Tio DtEad FortresQ a>vh2>< sssi>Tio DtEad FortresQ h2> /">DISQ/dataaa"wts/tionravagers-oataaa"wt-o>DIS Tio Ravagers a>vh2>< sssi>Tio Ravagers h2>DISQ/dataaa"wts/tionravagers-oataaa"wt-o>DIS/spB sa4>SpB s a>vh2>< sssi>SpB s h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/tionravagers-oataaa"wt-o>DIS/quaranimasteitbulo" Quaranimastei Bulo a>vh2>< sssi>Quaranimastei Bulo h2>DISQ/dataaa"wts/temple-ofasacrifice-oataaa"wt-o>DIS Temple of Sacrifice a>vh2>< sssi>Temple of Sacrifice h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/temple-ofasacrifice-oataaa"wt-o>DIS/malaphar-tionsavage" Malaphar tio Savage a>vh2>< sssi>Malaphar tio Savage h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/temple-ofasacrifice-oataaa"wt-o>DIS/at-sts AT-ST's a>vh2>< sssi>AT-ST's h2>DISQ/dataaa"wts/terror-from-beyoTerror From Beyovh2>< sssi>Terror From Beyo /">DISQ/warzonSQ WarzonSQ a>vh2>< sssi>WarzonSQ h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/warzonSQ/all/ -proving-ostsAll/ Proving Gstsvh2>< sssi>All/ Proving GstsDISQ/world-bon/SQ World Bon/SQ a>vh2>< sssi>World Bon/SQ h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/world-bon/SQ/ -squadrwt-cotmandei" La Squadrwt 1111andle (Yavin 4) a>vh2>< sssi>La Squadrwt 1111andle (Yavin 4) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/world-bon/SQ/sd-0 SD-0 (Coruscan ) a>vh2>< sssi>SD-0 (Coruscan ) h2> /">DISQ/game-bas Q Game Bas Q a>vh2>< sssi>Game Bas Q h2>DISQ/game-bas Q/storyBonS Ses/gaStoryBonS a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaStoryBonS h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/game-bas Q/kno -your-enemsa4>Kno Your Enems a>vh2>< sssi>Kno Your Enems h2> /">DISQ/game-bas Q/char eitcet-ti Char ei Cet-ti < a>vh2>< sssi>Char ei Cet-ti < h2> /">DISQ/game-bas Q/char eitcet-ti vh2>< sssi>Togruta h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/game-bas Q/char eitcet-ti vh2>< sssi>Twi'lek h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/game-bas Q/dos-and-dopan-> -beg/div>Q Do's and Don'ts > Beg/div>Q a>vh2>< sssi>Do's and Don'ts > Beg/div>Q h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/game-bas Q/timi inS Ses/ga n> Timi inS a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/ga n> Timi inS h2> /">DISQ/shado -ofarevan 3.0 11verave a>vh2>< sssi>3.0 11verave h2> /">DISQ/shado -ofarevan#armo- 3.0 Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>3.0 Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/all/ -armo- All/ Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>All/ Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/ocsurre ed-armo- Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/ocvancle-armo- Rcvancle, Decivh2>< sssi>Rcvancle, Deci /"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/oaDISrscov'-armo- RaDISr's 11ve, Sky Rneta, 11rsair Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>RaDISr's 11ve, Sky Rneta, 11rsair Armo- h2> /"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/vedacloth-armo- Veda Cloth & Triman ium Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Veda Cloth & Triman ium Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/yavin-armo- Yavin Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Yavin Armo- h2>v.gat-n/wssesaratou">PvE Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>PvE Armo- h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/shado -ofarevan/3-0-armo-/ocsurre ed-ma/-n/f-and-exhumed-armo- Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- h2>v.getEleme?Ile id=624s Rcsurre ed Armo- Sean a>vh2>< sssi>Rcsurre ed Armo- Sean h2>v.getEleme?Ile id=614s Deceilir Armo- Sean a>vh2>< sssi>Deceilir Armo- Sean h2>v.gat-n/wssesaratou">PvP Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>PvP Armo- h2>v.getEleme?Ile id=622s Exhumed Armo- Sean a>vh2>< sssi>Exhumed Armo- Sean h2>v.getEleme?Ile id=619 B Realir Armo- Sean a>vh2>< sssi> B Realir Armo- Sean h2>DISQ/shado -ofarevan/3-0-crafaing-sche a Q 3.0 1rafaing Sche a Q a>vh2>< sssi>3.0 1rafaing Sche a Q h2> /">DISQ/shado -ofarevan#dataaa"wts 3.0 Oataaa"wts G>DISQ a>vh2>< sssi>3.0 Oataaa"wts G>DISQ h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/dataaa"wts/tionravagers-oataaa"wt-o>DIS" Tio Ravagers a>vh2>< sssi>Tio Ravagers h2> /">DISQ/dataaa"wts/temple-ofasacrifice-oataaa"wt-o>DIS" Temple of Sacrifice a>vh2>< sssi>Temple of Sacrifice h2>DISQ/shado -ofarevan/pvp-seaswt-3-ocwards PvP Seaswt 31Rcwards a>vh2>< sssi>PvP Seaswt 31Rcwards h2> /">DISQ/ar hiv'' Ar hiv' a>vh2>< sssi>Ar hiv' h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/ar hiv'/armo-mecB-l
  • DIS-pan-4-0 Armo-mecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Armo-mecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/ar hiv'/armstecB-l
  • DIS-pan-4-0 ArmstecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>ArmstecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/ar hiv'/artifice-l
  • DIS-pan-4-0 Artifice L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Artifice L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2> /">DISQ/ar hiv'/bioche -l
  • DIS Bioche L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Bioche L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/ar hiv'/cybe"tecB-l
  • DIS-pan-4-0 Cybe"tecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Cybe"tecB L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2> /">DISQ/ar hiv'/synthweaving-l
  • DIS-pan-4-0 Synthweaving L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) a>vh2>< sssi>Synthweaving L
  • DIS (Pan-4.0) h2>v.getEleme">DISQ/kns/acs-ofationfallen-empire 4.0 11verave a>vh2>< sssi>4.0 11verave h2> /tabs-tex Bbs-tex a>vh2>< sssi> Bbs-tex h2>v.getElemetabs-tex/searcBc >SearcB All Bbs-texs a>vh2>< sssi>SearcB All Bbs-texs h2>vh2>< sssi>Abiv cixs h2>v.getElemetabs-tex/searcB/achivh2>< sssi>Achi /tabs-tex/searcB/codex/ Codex a>vh2>< sssi>Codex h2>v.getElemetabs-tex/codex-4atu/nu-b Ile Vu-b a>vh2>< sssi>Ile Vu-b h2>vh2>< sssi>Ile Vu-b h2>v.getElemetabs-tex/searcB/cle /catg/armo- Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Armo- h2>v.getElemetabs-tex/searcB/cle /catg/meleS MeleS Weapots a>vh2>< sssi>MeleS Weapots h2>v.getElemetabs-textsearcB/cle /catg/range/hi>Range/ Weapots a>vh2>< sssi>Range/ Weapots h2> /tabs-textsearcB/cle /catg/implait' Implaits a>vh2>< sssi>Implaits h2>v.getElemetabs-textsearcB/collela"> Collela"> s a>vh2>< sssi>Collela"> s h2> /tabs-textsearcB/companr">/ Companr">Q & Cct Wcts a>vh2>< sssi>Companr">Q & Cct Wcts h2> /tabs-textsearcB/cle / Ile s a>vh2>< sssi>Ile s h2>v.getElemetabs-textsearcB/mie/swt/ Mie/swts a>vh2>< sssi>Mie/swts h2>v.getElemetabs-textsearcB/npc/ NPCs a>vh2>< sssi>NPCs h2> /tabs-textsearcB/sche a / Sche a Q a>vh2>< sssi>Sche a Q h2> /tabs-textvendo>Q Vendo>Q a>vh2>< sssi>Vendo>Q h2> /tabs-textvendo>Q/embargoed-caranl-cle n Embargoed Caranl Ile s a>vh2>< sssi>Embargoed Caranl Ile s h2>Qhi>Rof t Vendo>Q a>vh2>< sssi>Rof t Vendo>Q h2>v.getElemetabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /btabsy-su Slsa4>Boubsy Su Sls a>vh2>< sssi>Boubsy Su Sls h2>v.getElemetabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /csssraband-resalS Cct raband1RcsalS a>vh2>< sssi>Cot raband1RcsalS h2>v.getElemetabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /ess ran-imporan Ess ran Imporan a>vh2>< sssi>Ess ran Imporan h2> /tabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /freeb1/29 s- raIS-unr"> Freeb1/29 's TraIS Unr"> a>vh2>< sssi>Freeb1/29 's TraIS Unr"> h2>v.getElemetabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /i-c-S I.C.E. a>vh2>< sssi>I.C.E. h2>v.getElemetabs-textvendo>Q/an ct /binars-sta<-reav cl" Binars ); Reav cl a>vh2>< sssi>Binars ); Reav cl h2>Q/antired-evepa-ocwards Rntired Evepa1Rcwards a>vh2>< sssi>Rntired Evepa1Rcwards h2>vh2>< sssi>D
  • /tabs-textd
  • vh2>< sssi>D
  • /tabs-textpatch-n/29s Patch N/29s a>vh2>< sssi>Patch N/29s h2>v.getElem/tabs-texts> s Ses/gaN s a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaN s h2>v.getElemetabs-textscle s ScleaN s a>vh2>< sssi>ScleaN s h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market' Caranl Market a>vh2>< sssi>Caranl Market h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/w=ekls-salSQ W=ekls SalSQ a>vh2>< sssi>W=ekls SalSQ h2>OnS a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>OnS h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-one/blockaIS-r>nners-caranl-pack BlockaIS R>nner's 1aranl Pack a>vh2>< sssi>BlockaIS R>nner's 1aranl Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-one/crime-lords-black-market-caranl-pack Crime Lord's / Black Market 1aranl Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Crime Lord's / Black Market 1aranl Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-one/skip- racers-caranl-pack Skip Tracer's 1aranl Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Skip Tracer's 1aranl Pack h2>v.getElem/tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-one/space-pira29s-caranl-pack Space Pira29's 1aranl Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Space Pira29's 1aranl Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>Two a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Two h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-two/angulatous-enforcers-csssraband-pack Enforcer's / Rngulatou's 11t raband1Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Enforcer's / Rngulatou's 11t raband1Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-two/vice-cotmandaits-csssraband-pack Vice 1111andait's 11t raband1Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Vice 1111andait's 11t raband1Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-two/arcBwts-csssraband-pack ArcBwt's 11t raband1Pack a>vh2>< sssi>ArcBwt's 11t raband1Pack h2>vh2>< sssi>Su reme Mogul's 11t raband1Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>ThreS a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>ThreS h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-threS/csssractous-free us-btabsy-pack Free u's / 11t ractou's Boubsy Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Free u's / 11t ractou's Boubsy Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-threS/pursu us-btabsy-pack Pursu u's Boubsy Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Pursu u's Boubsy Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-threS/ rack us-btabsy-pack Track u's Boubsy Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Track u's Boubsy Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-threS/opporaunrsts-btabsy-pack Opporaunrst's Boubsy Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Opporaunrst's Boubsy Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>Fou- a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Fou- h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fou-/dogopghanis-wing1ans-staPack a>vh2>< sssi>Dogopghani's / Wing1an's ); opghani>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fou-/gn> -aces-sta Ac9's ); opghani>Pack a>vh2>< sssi> n> Ac9's ); opghani>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fou-/space-jockeys-staPack a>vh2>< sssi>Space Jockey's ); opghani>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fou-/hotshots-staPack a>vh2>< sssi>Hotshot's ); opghani>Pack h2>PackQ a>vh2>< sssi>Ns/aclifs>PackQ h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ns/aclifstpackQ/star-clusanis-ns/aclifstpack S); Clusani Ns/aclifs>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>S); Clusani Ns/aclifs>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ns/aclifstpackQ/club-ver a-ns/aclifstpack Club Ver a's Ns/aclifs>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Club Ver a's Ns/aclifs>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>Fiv' a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Fiv' h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fiv'/ar hitects-stronghold-pack ArcBitect's )ronghold>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>ArcBitect's )ronghold>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fiv'/ga29keeples-b>Dldles-stronghold-pack Ga29keeple's / B>Dldle's )ronghold>Pack a>vh2>< sssi> n29keeple's / B>Dldle's )ronghold>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fiv'/cssstableQ-stronghold-pack Cssstable's )ronghold>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Cssstable's )ronghold>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-fiv'/seneschaln-stronghold-pack Seneschal's )ronghold>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Seneschal's )ronghold>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>Six a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Six h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-six/pilgrims-initita29s-shado -pack Pilgrim's / Initia29's Shadow>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Pilgrim's / Initia29's Shadow>Pack h2>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Acoly29's Shadow>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-six/apprextices-shado -pack Apprextice's Shadow>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Apprextice's Shadow>Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-six/masteis-shado -pack Mastei's Shadow>Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Mastei's Shadow>Pack h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market Ships-pa>Sevep a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Sevep h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-sevep/core-worlds-deep-core-exploreis-packQ Core Worlds / Deep Core Explorei's PackQ a>vh2>< sssi>Core Worlds / Deep Core Explorei's PackQ h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-sevep/mid-rim-exploreis-pack Mid Rim Explorei's Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Mid Rim Explorei's Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-sevep/ouanitrim-exploreis-pack Ouani Rim Explorei's Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Ouani Rim Explorei's Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-sevep/wild-space-exploreis-pack Wild Space Explorei's Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Wild Space Explorei's Pack h2> /tabs-tex/caranl-market Ships-pa>Es/ac a>vh2>< sssi>Ships-pa>Es/ac h2> /tabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-es/ac/undleworld-all/ -pack Undleworld All/ Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Undleworld All/ Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-es/ac/force-all/ -pack Force All/ Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Force All/ Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-es/ac/s rategy-all/ -pack S rategy All/ Pack a>vh2>< sssi>S rategy All/ Pack h2>v.getElemetabs-textcaranl-market/ships-pa-es/ac/anar hist-all/ -pack Anar hist All/ Pack a>vh2>< sssi>Anar hist All/ Pack h2> /tabs-textmoubsQ MoubsQ & VehiclSQ a>vh2>< sssi>MoubsQ & VehiclSQ h2>v.getElemetabs-textmoubsQ/adno-familsa4>Adno Famils a>vh2>< sssi>Adno Famils h2>v.getElemetabs-textmoubsQ/amzab-familsa4>Amzab Famils a>vh2>< sssi>Amzab Famils h2> /tabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ MapQs846vh2>< sssi>MapQs8h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/aalniaan Aalniaan a>vh2>< sssi>Aalniaan h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/balmo-ra-empire Balmo-ra (Empire) a>vh2>< sssi>Balmo-ra (Empire) h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/balmo-ra-an class Balmo-ra ( of the ) a>vh2>< sssi>Balmo-ra ( of the ) h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/belsaviQ BelsaviQ a>vh2>< sssi>BelsaviQ h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/corell/ " Corellia a>vh2>< sssi>Corellia h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/coruscan Coruscan a>vh2>< sssi>Coruscan h2> /tabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/dromund-kaaQ Dromund KaaQ a>vh2>< sssi>Dromund KaaQ h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/hotBc >HotB a>vh2>< sssi>HotB h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/hutta Hutta a>vh2>< sssi>Hutta h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/iluvh2>< sssi>Ilu< h2> /tabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/ko-riban Ko-riban a>vh2>< sssi>Ko-riban h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/makeb" Makeb a>vh2>< sssi>Makeb h2> /tabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/nar-shaddaa" NarnShaddaa a>vh2>< sssi>NarnShaddaa h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/ord-man B Ord Man B a>vh2>< sssi>Ord Man B h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/quesBc >QuesB a>vh2>< sssi>QuesB h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/rishic >Rishi a>vh2>< sssi>Rishi h2>vh2>< sssi>Taris (Empire) h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/taris-an class Taris ( of the ) a>vh2>< sssi>Taris ( of the ) h2>B Tatooon> a>vh2>< sssi>Tatooon> h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/tyth=" 4>Tyth=" a>vh2>< sssi>Tyth=" h2> /tabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/yavin-4s Yavin 4 a>vh2>< sssi>Yavin 4 h2>v.getElemetabs-texties/dmla"v'-mapQ/vosQ VosQ a>vh2>< sssi>VosQ h2>vh2>< sssi>ZakuuB h2> /tabs-textmed/ " Med/ a>vh2>< sssi>Med/ h2>v.getElemetabs-textmed/ /musss Musss a>vh2>< sssi>Musss h2>v.getElemetabs-textmed/ /com Q Com Q a>vh2>< sssi>Com Q h2> /tabs-textmed/ /fan-ar Fan Ar a>vh2>< sssi>Fan Ar h2>v.getElemetabs-textblo" s Blo" , Vodcast , & Opinr"> PieceQs846vh2>< sssi>Blo" , Vodcast , & Opinr"> PieceQs8h2>v.getElemetabs-textuptabS-pannu-b s UptabS Pannu-b s846vh2>< sssi>UptabS Pannu-b s8h2> /tabs-textarexa-statsc >Ranked PvP Arexa );ts a>vh2>< sssi>Ranked PvP Arexa );ts h2> /tabs-textpodcast c >Podcast a>vh2>< sssi>Podcast h2>v.getElemetabs-textpodcast /bets/d-than-crosQ-servei" Bets/d Than CrosQ Serveis846vh2>< sssi>Bets/d Than CrosQ Serveis8h2>v.getElemetabs-textpodcast /kephesscast" KephessCas= a>vh2>< sssi>KephessCas= h2> /toolQ ToolQ a>vh2>< sssi>ToolQ h2> /toolQ/model-nu-bei" 3D Model Vu-beis846vh2>< sssi>3D Model Vu-beis8h2> /toolQ/achi< sssi>Achiv.getElemetoolQ/skillQ Disciplon> B>Dldle (4.X) a>vh2>< sssi>Disciplon> B>Dldle (4.X) h2> /toolQ/skillQ-5 Disciplon> B>Dldle (5.X) a>vh2>< sssi>Disciplon> B>Dldle (5.X) h2> /toolQ/skill- ree-b>Dldle" Skill Tre> B>Dldle a>vh2>< sssi>Skill Tre> B>Dldle h2> /toolQ/skillQ-3-3-2s Disciplon> B>Dldle (3.3.2) a>vh2>< sssi>Disciplon> B>Dldle (3.3.2) h2> /toolQ/calendar Evepas 1alendar a>vh2>< sssi>Evepas 1alendar h2>v.getElemetoolQ/an ct -calculatouc >Rof t Calculatou a>vh2>< sssi>Rof t Calculatou h2>v.getElemetooltipQ Ses/gaTooltipQ a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaTooltipQ h2> /toolQ/in-game-cliext'arIn-Game Combat Log Parsle a>vh2>< sssi>In-Game Combat Log Parsle h2> /toolQ/s> pan-downloadle" Ses/gaPan-Downloadle a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaPan-Downloadle h2>v.getElemetoolQ/s> castle" Ses/gaCas=le a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaCas=le h2>v.getElemetoolQ/s> mouselook-cotbat" Ses/gaMouseLook Combat a>vh2>< sssi>Ses/gaMouseLook Combat h2> /"alleriSQ" n>leriSQ a>vh2>< sssi> n>leriSQ h2>vh2>< sssi>Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/legacy-armo- Legacy Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Legacy Armo- h2>vh2>< sssi>Adapa"v' Armo- h2> /"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/all/ -armo- All/ Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>All/ Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/vedacloth-armo- Veda Cloth & Triman ium Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Veda Cloth & Triman ium Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/oaDISrscov'-armo- RaDISr's 11ve, Sky Rneta, 11rsair Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>RaDISr's 11ve, Sky Rneta, 11rsair Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/ocsurre ed-armo- Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Rcsurre ed, Ma/-n/f, and Exhumed Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo-/ocvancle-armo- Rcvancle, Decivh2>< sssi>Rcvancle, Decivh2>< sssi>Cossular/Inquistor Armo- )sseQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/smuggler-ag-pa-armo--sssseQ Smuggler/Ag-pa Armo- )sseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Smuggler/Ag-pa Armo- )sseQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/btabsy-hues/d- rooata-armo--sssseQ Boubsy Hues/d/Trooata Armo- )sseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Boubsy Hues/d/Trooata Armo- )sseQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/warrio--kns/ac-armo--sssseQ Warrio-/Kns/ac Armo- )sseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Warrio-/Kns/ac Armo- )sseQ h2> /"alleriSQ/armo--old/remnapa-armo- Rcmnapa Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Rcmnapa Armo- h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/armo--old/adapa"v'-armo--4-0 Adapa"v' Armo- 4.0 a>vh2>< sssi>Adapa"v' Armo- 4.0 h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/coloitceystalQ Coloi CeystalQ a>vh2>< sssi>Coloi CeystalQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/dye moduseQ Dye ModuseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Dye ModuseQ h2> -sta ); opghani a>vh2>< sssi> n> ); opghani h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/gn> -stavh2>< sssi>Rcf the h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/gn> -stavh2>< sssi>Empire h2> /"alleriSQ/companr">-customiz Companr"> Customiz a>vh2>< sssi>Companr"> Customiz h2> /"alleriSQ/weapots Weapots a>vh2>< sssi>Weapots h2>vh2>< sssi>MeleS h2> /"alleriSQ/weapots/meleS/li/acsabe>Qhi>Li/acsabe>Q a>vh2>< sssi>Li/acsabe>Q h2> /"alleriSQ/weapots/meleS/do the-bladed-li/acsabe>Qhi>Do the-bladed lder=sabe>Q a>vh2>< sssi>Do the-bladed lder=sabe>Q h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/weapots/meleS/elelarostaves-tecBstaves Elelarostaves & TecBstaves a>vh2>< sssi>Elelarostaves & TecBstaves h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/weapots/meleS/vibroswords-tecBblades Vibroswords & TecBblades a>vh2>< sssi>Vibroswords & TecBblades h2>vh2>< sssi>Range/ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/weapots/range//-n/ault-cannots An/ault Cannots a>vh2>< sssi>An/ault Cannots h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/weapots/range//blas=le-pistolQ Blas=le PistolQ a>vh2>< sssi>Blas=le PistolQ h2> /"alleriSQ/weapots/range//blas=le-rifseQ Blas=le RifseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Blas=le RifseQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/weapots/range//sniata-rifseQ Sniata RifseQ a>vh2>< sssi>Sniata RifseQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/pet c >Pean a>vh2>< sssi>Pean h2> /"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wtshi>Decoaaa"wts a>vh2>< sssi>Decoaaa"wts h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/civss Civss a>vh2>< sssi>Civss h2> /"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/contaiiv>Q 11t aiiv>Q a>vh2>< sssi>C1t aiiv>Q h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/environs-paaB Environs-paaB a>vh2>< sssi>Environs-paaB h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/furnclure Furnclure a>vh2>< sssi>Furnclure h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/li/acshi>Li/acs a>vh2>< sssi>Li/acs h2>vh2>< sssi>PeesonneB h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/sigtshi>Sigts a>vh2>< sssi>Sigts h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/tecBnologicaB TecBnologicaB a>vh2>< sssi>TecBnologicaB h2> /"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/trophieQ TrophieQ a>vh2>< sssi>TrophieQ h2>v.getEleme"alleriSQ/decoaaa"wts/utiv cl Utiv cl a>vh2>< sssi>Utiv cl h2> /"alleriSQ/armo- Armo- a>vh2>< sssi>Armo- h2> /"alleriSQ/armo-/caranl-market Caranl Market a>vh2>< sssi>Caranl Market h2> /leadleboards Leadleboards a>vh2>< sssi>Leadleboards h2> /leadleboards/achivh2>< sssi>Achiv.getElemeleadleboards/achivh2>< sssi>Submie/swt1For< h2> /leadleboards/pvprecoads PVP Recoads a>vh2>< sssi>PVP Recoads h2> /profiseQ ProfiseQ a>vh2>< sssi>ProfiseQ h2> /profiseQe">Dlds/nu-b G>Dld ProfiseQ a>vh2>< sssi>G>Dld ProfiseQ h2>v.getElemeprofiseQe">Dlds/nu-b Vu-b All G>DldQ a>vh2>< sssi>Vu-b All G>DldQ h2>vh2>< sssi>Char ei ProfiseQ h2>v.getElemeprofiseQechar eis/nu-b Vu-b All Char eiQ a>vh2>< sssi>Vu-b All Char eiQ h2>v.getElemeforumeprofise/edia/ Scle/Forum Profise a>vh2>< sssi>Scle/Forum Profise h2>v at-n/wsfa fa-ba>Q sssi> html>