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Gear Up With The Stalwart Leader Cartel Pack

Bolster your defenses with the galaxy's newest gear, including never-before-seen armor, vehicles, weapons, and more! Lead a covert strike wearing the new Silent Warden Jedi robes, channel your inner fighter pilot with the Resourceful Engineer's Armor, or roll into battle atop the Dread Behemoth tank. Check out the new pack in the in-game Cartel Market, including:
  • Silent Warden Armor Set: Sworn to silence and unwavering in battle, the Silent Warden fights to defend ancient knowledge from bandits and ravagers.
  • Resourceful Engineer Armor Set: For the hero who knows the devil is in the details--the Resourceful Engineer is a master of building alliances and tearing down adversaries.
  • E-95 Dread Behemoth Tank Mount: The ultimate in military-grade firepower: an assault tank that combines adamantine protection with merciless devastation.
  • And much more!
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