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Cartel Market Specials: Week of February 13, 2017

Get your hands on some Cartel Coins!

Looking for the ultimate Jedi robes? A pack so grand it remains a jealously-guarded secret of the Nar Shaddaa elite? Well the Cartel Market has you covered, with returning gear and a brand new item THIS WEEK ONLY, including:

1 WEEK ONLY: Tuesday, February 14 – Tuesday, February 21
DIRECT SALE ITEM: Temple Guardian Armor Set – 2,000 Cartel Coins
  • One of the galaxy's most iconic and coveted robe sets. For thousands of years, the Temple Guardians have protected the hallowed halls of the Jedi Temple. Now you too can don the robes of the ultimate Jedi sentinel!
WEEKDAYS ONLY: Tuesday, February 14 – Friday, February 17
RETURNING PACK: Galactic Legends Cartel Pack – 750 Cartel Coins
  • Due to popular demand, the Galactic Legends Pack will stay on the Cartel Market for THREE MORE DAYS! Get your hands on legendary gear inspired by some of the Old Republic's most iconic heroes and villains!
THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Friday, February 17 – Tuesday, February 21
RETURNING PACK: Grand Nightlife Pack – 1000 Cartel Coins
  • Famous across the Nar Shaddaa smuggling circuit, the Grand Nightlife pack is comprised of the very best items from both the Star Cluster Nightlife and Club Vertica packs. From the Recon Walker mount to the Ceremonial Mystic armor to the Dathomir Rancor, this pack is truly for the galaxy's elite.
Temple Guardian Armor

Galactic Legends Cartel Pack

Grand Nightlife Cartel Pack

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