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Season 5 Reward Teaser Blog

Glorious PvPers! Season 5 is upon us and we hope everyone is enjoying the intense action. Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark cordially invite you to dismember each other for their entertainment, all in the hope of taking home some exceptional prizes from their personal collection of antiques and cherished goods!

Without further ado, here is the concept for the Tier 1 reward. This should give you a taste of what is in store for gladiators of the arenas this season:

This mount is just one of the rewards available in Season 5. In addition to this Nexu mount, Giradda will be offering unique Decorations, Titles, Color Crystals, as well as a unique Gladiatorial weapon set. Additionally there is a Top 96 character reward and, of course, the Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox (the seasonal crystal reward last seen in Season 4). Stay tuned for more information on these rewards later in the Season.

To those that are about to die, Baron Deathmark salutes you (Giradda is indifferent at this point, his recognition depends on how entertaining the death is). Enjoy Season 5!

Happy Hunting!

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