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Welcome to Game Update 3.3

Hello all, and welcome to Game Update 3.3! We've been hard at work here at the BioWare Austin Studio and we're all excited to deliver this much anticipated update, so let's go right into the content of update 3.3.

Yavin Stronghold
As a designer on the original Strongholds release, I'm especially jazzed about the Yavin 4 Temple Stronghold. The Cartel Market Design team along with two of our extremely talented studio artists have put together a beautiful, immersive new space for you to explore, decorate and make a part of your unique Star Wars story.

This undiscovered temple has 16 centerpiece hooks, 2 starship hooks, more than any other stronghold currently in the game, and hundreds of the standard hooks you'd expect, offering countless decorating possibilities. We've also added more hooks in the environment and on the temple exterior, and those that explore off the beaten path may find a few additional surprises.

Will your Yavin 4 Temple be a retreat to contemplate the light side of the Force or a sanctuary to gather your strength in the dark side? Will you decorate your temple with the spoils of the galaxy or turn it into your hidden base of operations for your next conquest? The choice is yours!

Togruta Player Race
Have your montrals been burning? Because if you're a Togruta, we've been doing an awful lot of talking about you. You asked for the Togruta as a playable race and now they're here. With Game Update 3.3, you'll be able to make a Togruta male or female character with unique customizations.

Class Changes
We're also introducing some class changes in Game Update 3.3 which are primarily focused on improving various quality of life issues for SWTOR's healers. Specifically, we gave Sage and Sorcerer healers the ability to burst heal, increased the mobility of Operative and Scoundrel healers, and improved the overall healing capabilities of Mercenary and Commando healers.

We hope you enjoy update 3.3 as much as we did in putting it together for you. As always, for more details take a look at the 3.3 Patch Notes. And remember, if you run into a silver-haired Jedi Consular or a rockabilly bounty hunter, be nice, it just might be your friendly neighborhood SWTOR designer.

See you out there!

Toby McCall
Cartel Market Design

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