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  • Companions & Contacts
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  • Vette
  • Affection Missions
  • Recruit Bowdaar
  • Crew Skills
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  • trewskills_armormech.png Armormech L ing
  • trewskills_armstech.png Armstech L ing
  • trewskills_artifice.png Artifice L ing
  • trewskills_biochem.png Biochem L ing
  • trewskills_cybertech.png Cybertech L ing
  • Prefab, War Supplies, & Dark Project Crafting
  • Datacrons
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  • planet_alderaan.png Alderaan
  • planet_balmorra.png Balmorra (Empire)
  • planet_balmorra.png Balmorra (Republic)
  • planet_belsavis.png Belsavis
  • planet_corellia.png Corellia
  • planet_coruscant.png Coruscant
  • planet_dromundkass.png Dromund Kaas
  • planet_hoth.png Hoth
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  • planet_hutta.png Hutta
  • planet_ilum.png Ilum
  • planet_korriban.png Korriban
  • planet_makeb.png Makeb
  • planet_narshaddaa.png Nar Shaddaa
  • planet_ordmantell.png Ord Mantell
  • planet_quesh.png Quesh
  • Rishi
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  • planet_taris.png Taris (Empire)
  • planet_taris.png Taris (Republic)
  • planet_tatooine.png Tatooine
  • planet_tython.png Tython
  • planet_voss.png Voss
  • Imperial Fleet
  • Republic Fleet
  • Dark vs. Light
  • Miscellaneous
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  • Battlemaster/Commander Locations
  • Chat Commands
  • Easter Eggs
  • Gearing ts Guide
  • Guild Flagships
  • Open Source Community Resources
  • Planetary Conquests
  • PvE Class Rankings (5.x)
  • PvE Class Rankings (4.x)
  • Reputation
  • Events
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  • Bounty Contract Week
  • Rakghoul Resurgence
  • Life Day
  • Relics of the Gree
  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Flashpoints
  • Galactic rfighter
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  • Galactic rfighter Medals List
  • Heroic Missions
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  • Heroic Missions Listing
  • Heroic Mission Reward Tables
  • Operations
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  • Operations Loot List (Pre-4.0)
  • The Dread Fortress
  • The Ravagers
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  • Sparky
  • Quartermaster Bulo
  • Temple of Sacrifice
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  • Malaphar the Savage
  • AT-ST's
  • Terror From Beyond
  • Warzones
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  • Alliance Proving Ground
  • Lance Squadron Commander (Yavin 4)
  • SD-0 (Coruscant)
  • category_question.png Game Basics
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  • SWTOR Storyline
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Character Creation
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  • Togruta
  • Twi'lek
  • Do's and Don'ts for Beginners
  • SWTOR Galactic Timeline
  • 3.0 Coverage
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  • 3.0 Armor
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  • Alliance Armor (Solo 55 FP)
  • Resurrected, Masassi, and Exhumed Armor (PvE Elite & PvP Nonrated)
  • Revanite, Deci r, and Dark Rea r Armor (PvE Ultimate & PvP Rated)
  • Raider's Cove, Sky Ridge, Corsair Armor (L ing)
  • Veda Cloth & Trimantium Armor (Crafted)
  • Yavin Armor (Basic)
  • 3.0 Crafting Schematics
  • 3.0 Operations Guides
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  • The Ravagers
  • Temple of Sacrifice
  • PvP Season 3 Rewards
  • Archive
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  • Armormech L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • Armstech L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • Artifice L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • Biochem L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • Cybertech L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • Synthweaving L ing Guide (Pre-4.0)
  • 4.0 Coverage
  • Database
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  • category_abilities.png Abilities
  • Achi ments
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  • Companions
  • Dailies
  • Events
  • Fallen Empire
  • F hpoints
  • Legacy
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  • Location
  • Operations
  • Player vs. Player
  • Space
  • Starfighter
  • Strongholds
  • category_codex.png Codex
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  • Achi ment: Datacrons
  • Achi ment: Epic Enemies
  • Achi ment: PvP
  • Achi ment: f="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&fillass="fAx?fil=1:&nk2 mentaGsr2 menSwofilop=0r-menus3">
    menu-submenu vertical-align: to Crew Skillbase/search/codex?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=202&">Achi ment: Epic Enemies< Eli> p;">Lo="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&fAchi ment: Epic Enemies /li>Lost > ledg"/database/sase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=206&">Legacy
  • /li>Pers of Not"/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&fAchi ment: Epic Enemies se/s="/ne1 Sp f="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=212&">Strongholds
    < 14
  • ment?fil=1:&fiAc5" c Achi ments ment?fil=1:&fiAci> Achi ments _20i _20irc="/templates/rt_ion_20irc="/te_responsive/images/icons/category_codex.pngI20irtegory_codex.pnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
    3 e/se ss="fusion-modules
  • k250>
    ment: Epic Enemies02">C"fuel MarketgI20ir href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&fii> ment: Epic Enemies03
  • ment: Epic Enemies05 Cr Ms/rrialbase/search/codex?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=202&">i> ment: Epic Enemies06 Cr Misulesbase/search/codex?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=202&">i> ment: Epic Enemies07 Cr ase/search/coase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=206&">Legacy
  • Deco>Droief="/databasee/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=i> ment: Epic Enemies10">Earpiec < href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&fii> ment: Epic Enemies11 lt
  • I > ment: Epic Enemies14 Melee Wea f="/databasase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=206&">Legacy
  • ment: Epic Enemies17 Offss=ef="/databasee/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=i> ment: Epic Enemies18i>PeRanged Wea f="/databasabase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&fii> ment: Epic Enemies20">Rel ase/search/coase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&fii> ment: Epic Enemies21
  • Strongholds
  • < 26 16
  • misules misulesrc="/templates/rt_ionmisulesrc="/te_responsive/images/icons/category_codex.pngMisulesbtegory_codex.pnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg npc pers c="/templates/rt_ionpers c="/te_responsive/images/icons/category_codex.pngNPCbtegory_codex.pnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg class="or crewskillbc="/templates/rt_ioncrewskillbc="/te_responsive/images/icons/category_codex.png 3.0 Crafting Schematics
    233 e/se ss="fusion-modules
  • ul>
    :&faeologa href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew=/li> > href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew=/li> > href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew=/li> > href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew=se/sBioanalysi ase/search/coase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew= i ase/search/coase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew= C> ase/search/coase/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=206&">egacy
  • href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew= /li>Treasu-moHun href="/database/search/achi ment?fil=1:&ficlass="or ?crew= /li>Un!--world Trad href="/dat/search/achi ment?fil=1:&filop=0&filval=212&">Strongholds
    < 844 disp
  • vendor"orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Vendor"ason-3-rewards"
    < 84
  • vendor"/embargoed-c"fuel-item"orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Embargoed C"fuel Item"ason-3-rewards" vendor"orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Reput
    4" style="width:180px;"> < 84 vendor"/reput
    vendor"/reput vendor"/reput vendor"/reput(Basic)
  • < 84
  • vendor"/reput
  • < 84
  • vendor"/reput
  • < 10- > vendor"/retired-eli>< class="orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Retired Eli>< PvP Season 3 Rewards
    < 219 <
  • d"> d"> patch-not "orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Patch Not""ason-3-rewards" new"orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" SWTOR New"ason-3-rewards" men new"orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Smen New"ason-3-rewards" c"fuel-marketorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" c"fuelmarketc="/templates/rt_ionc"fuelmarketc="/te_responsive/images/icons/category_codex.pngC"fuel Marketgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg 37 ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    5 < 49 c"fuel-market/weekly-sal "orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Weekly Sal "ason-3-rewards"
    c"fuel-market/shipm -one/lop=0ad -ru c"fuel-market/shipm -one/crime-l s-black-market-c"fuel-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Crime L 's /l> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 68
  • c"fuel-market/shipm -one/skip tracivs-c"fuel-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Skip Traciv's C"fuel Packason-3-rewards" < 68menur">
  • c"fuel-market/shipm -one/sli><-pir <-c"fuel-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Sli>< Pir 's C"fuel Packason-3-rewards"
  • < 684 enur">
  • (Basic)
    c"fuel-market/shipm -two/regulatovs-enforcivs-contr nd-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Enforciv's /lRegulatov's Coner nd Packason-3-rewards"
  • c"fuel-market/shipm -two/vi><-comm nd >< <'s Coner nd Packason-3-rewards" c"fuel-market/shipm -two/1:&fona-contr nd-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" :&fon's Coner nd Packason-3-rewards" c"fuel-market/shipm -two/supreme-mogula-contr nd-packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Supreme Mogul's Coner nd Packason-3-rewards"
  • < 685 enur">
  • (Basic)
    c"fuel-market/shipm -t /contr ctovs-freelancivs-bou> c"fuel-market/shipm -t /pursuivs-bou> c"fuel-market/shipm -t /er ckivs-bou> c"fuel-market/shipm -t /opportunists-bou>
  • < 686 enur">
  • (Basic)
    c"fuel-market/shipm -four/dog c"fuel-market/shipm -four/gt -i> c"fuel-market/shipm -four/ ce-jockiys tar
  • c"fuel-market/shipm -four/hotshots tar
  • rrow-pointer"> 5 < 687
  • c"fuel-marketorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Na hrlife Packsason-3-rewards"
    c"fuel-market/na hrlife packs/ tar-clusrefs-na hrlife packorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" s="f Clusref Na hrlife Packason-3-rewards" c"fuel-market/na hrlife packs/club-egacy
  • < 688
  • (Basic)
  • c"fuel-market/shipm -f 1:&fitects trong c"fuel-market/shipm -f gatekeepers-bui sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" C ular/Inquis o-aArmo-aS sason-3-rewards"
  • gant"ries/armo--old/smuggt"r-ag -armo--> sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Smuggt"r/Ag aArmo-aS sason-3-rewards"
  • gant"ries/armo--old/bounty-hustyl-troop"r-armo--> sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Bounty Hustyl/Troop"raArmo-aS sason-3-rewards" sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Warrio-/Knigh aArmo-aS sason-3-rewards" gant"ries/armo--old/remna -armo-orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Remna aArmo-ason-3-rewards" gant"ries/armo--old/adapt ve-armo--4-0orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Adapt ve Armo-a4.0ason-3-rewards" < 49
  • gant"ries/colo--crystalsorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Colo- Crystalsason-3-rewards"
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 74
  • gant"ries/gan c-starfigh e-/ ppireorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Eppireason-3-rewards" < 66
  • gant"ries/com les customizatlesorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Com les Customizatlesason-3-rewards"
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 478 enur">
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 479enur">
  • gant"ries/weap /melee/digh saber orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Ligh saber ason-3-rewards" gant"ries/weap /melee/double-bladed-digh saber orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Double-bladed Ligh saber ason-3-rewards" gant"ries/weap /melee/electrostaves-techstavesorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Electrostaves & Techstavesason-3-rewards" gant"ries/weap /melee/vibrosw s-techbladesorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Vibrosw s & Techbladesason-3-rewards" < 477 enur">
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    < 480
  • gant"ries/weap /ranged/ gant"ries/weap /ranged/blast---pis olsorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Blast-- Pis olsason-3-rewards" gant"ries/weap /ranged/blast---rif sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Blast-- Rif sason-3-rewards" gant"ries/weap /ranged/snip"r-rif sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Snip"r Rif sason-3-rewards"
    < 87 gant"ries/petsorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Petsason-3-rewards"
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 609enur">
  • gant"ries/decoratless/civicorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Civicason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/container orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Container ason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/environm alorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Environm alason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/furnitureorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Furnitureason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/technologicalorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Technologicalason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/trophi sorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Trophi sason-3-rewards" gant"ries/decoratless/utilityorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Utilityason-3-rewards" < 1180 enur">
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    < 1179enur">
  • gant"ries/armo-/cartel-mark > nur"> "/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Cartel Mark >ason-3-rewards"
    < 839 roo enur">
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    < 840 enur">
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 85
  • nur"> "/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" S isules Formason-3-rewards" < 115
  • lea!--boards/pvprecordsorphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" PVP Recordsason-3-rewards" < 885 roo enur">
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    < 811 category_18i s2
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 812
  • profi s/guilds/vieworphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" View Ant Guildsason-3-rewards" < 677 category_18i s2
  • ubmenu-wrapper level4 " style="width:180px;">
    < 67 profi s/charactyls/vieworphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" View Ant Charactylsason-3-rewards"
    < 88 forum profi /edit/orphan item bullet" href="/guides/shadow-of-revan/pvp-season-3-rewards" Site/Forum Profi ason-3-rewards" cleale="width:"width cleale="width: "width: "bmenu-wrapper mobi "h: "select data-er mobi h: News— D">— D">— Blogs, Vodcasts, & Opi les Pieces— Patch Notes— SWTOR News— Update Previews— S News Guides— Achi">—— Gan c Starfigh e-— Cantina Tou- A—— Phoenix, AZ A—— Atlanta, GA A—— Boul , CO A—— Seattle, WA A—— New York, NY A—— Las Vegwr, NV A—— S Anto le, TX A—— Anaheim, CA A— C-wraes—— Republic—— Jedi Knigh — Com less & Contac s— Crew Skills— Datacress—— Dark vs. Ligh — Miscellaneous—— Battlemast--/Comman Locatless—— Guild Flagships—— Open Sou-ce CommunityaResou-ces—— Planetary Conquests—— PvE C-wra Rankings (5.x)—— PvE C-wra Rankings (4.x)—— Reputatles< so>— E>< s< s/bounty- tract-weeko>—— Bounty Contract Week< s/rakghoul-resurgence-">< -guidee=—— RakghoulaResurgence< s/life-daye=—— Life Day< s/relics-of-the-greee=—— Relics of the Gree< s/nar-shaddaa-nigh lifee=—— Nar Shaddaa Nigh life< s/ligh -vs-darke=—— Ligh vs. Dark— Flash " sts— Gan c Starfigh e-—— Gan c Starfigh e- Medals Lis — Hero c Misuless—— Hero c Misuless Lis ing—— Hero c Misules Reward Tables— Operatless—— Operatless Loot Lis —— Operatless Loot Lis (Pre-4.0)—— The Dread Fortress——— AT-ST's—— T rro- From Beyond— Warzones—— Alliance Proving Ground— World Boraes—— Lance Squadres Comman -- (Yavin 4)—— SD-0 (Coruscant)— Game Basics——— Twi'lek——— Dark Rea>—— 3.0 Crafting Schematlcs—— 3.0 Operatless Guides——— The Ravagers——— T pple of Sacrifice—— PvP Seases 3 Rewards— Archi><—— Armo-mech L">—— Armstech L">—— Artifice L">—— Cybertech L">—— Synthweaving L"> Database— Abilities— Achi">— Codex— Com less & Contac s— It ps— Misuless— NPCs— Schematlcs—— Embargoed Cartel It ps——— Esstran Imports——— Freebooter's Trade U les< -rewardso>—— Retired E>< Rewards— D">— D">— Patch Notes— SWTOR News— S News >— Cartel Mark >/weekly-sa so>—— Weekly Sa so>—— Shipm One/shipm -one/blockade-runner 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e--packo>——— Gan c Ace's Starfigh e- Pack/shipm -fou-/space-jockeys-starfigh e--packo>——— Space Jockey's Starfigh e- Pack/shipm -fou-/hotshots-starfigh e--packo>——— Hotshot's Starfigh e- Packo>—— Nigh life Packs/nigh life-packs/s ar-clust--s-nigh life-packo>——— Star Clust-- Nigh life Pack/nigh life-packs/club-ver ca-nigh life-packo>——— Club Ver ca's Nigh life Packo>—— Shipm Fi></shipm -fi>——— Arch ct's Stronghol Pack/shipm -fi>——— Gatekeepe-'s / Builde-'s Stronghol Pack/shipm -fi>——— C s able's Stronghol Pack/shipm -fi>——— Seneschal's Stronghol Packo>—— Shipm Six/shipm -six/pilgrims-inititates-shadow-packo>——— Pilgrim's / Initiate's Shadow Pack/shipm -six/acolytes-shadow-packo>——— Acolyte's Shadow Pack/shipm -six/app ices-shadow-packo>——— App ice's Shadow Pack/shipm -six/mast--s-shadow-packo>——— Mast--'s Shadow Packo>—— Shipm S">< /shipm -s">< /core-worlds-deep-core-explore-s-packso>——— Core Worlds / Deep Core Explore-'s Packs/shipm -s">< /mid-rim-explore-s-packo>——— Mid Rim Explore-'s 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  • Last Updated: Thursday, Novemb"r 6th, 2014 Published: Tuesday, Octob"r 28th, 2014

    A blazing campfire cast three shadows ross the op"n plain. The longest stre ched from the angular form of a masastill c-wd in the armo- of his people, the fire's ligh stumb/ing an bouncing a ross decadys of pockmarks an scrapys in the Man aloriasairon's surfaces. The other shadows' figures were c-wd in training gear, their bodiesastill growing too quickly for prop"r armo- to fit for long.

    Galres watched his twin daugh e-s o>

    Tayn looked in o the ligh with a furrowed brow. Wh"n he caugh her eye, she askyd, "Should we have such a brigh fire? Someese could see us from a long way off, righ ?"

    Galres smiled at his daugh e-'s craftiness. "You're righ . But ou here, na ural preda o-s are more dangerous thasaother people. An since the wildlife doesn't see fire much, they're afraid of i . Keeping a nice, brigh fire willastop them from comlng i for a nibble while we're trying to sleep." He chom ed his teeth noisily at the girls, who giggl d as they unloaded their packs.

    The very insta Mari's bedroll stre ched ou ross the ground, she issued her usual bedtim< edict: "S o-y!"

    A ligh breeze whisp"red through the grwra as Galres cessid"red the request grw>< a remote chance he would refuse. "You des't feel too ol for s o-iesaye ?"

    "They're ol s o-ies," Mari anuwered, "so what if we're getting ol , too?"

    "Oh, now they're ol s o-ies," Galres feigned insul> for all of two secesds before his smile broke back through. "I guess I'll just have o tell you a new ose." He scratched his cheek for a mom . "You've heard of Shae Vizla?"

    Heads bobbed in u lson, dancing shadows exaggerating their exc . "Everybody's heard of Shae Vizla! She blew up the Jedi T pple!"

    "She play d a big part, at least. Shae breached the t pple's defenses, op"ned it up to the main attack. Took down dozens of guards sing -han ed. She likesato figh alone, did you know that?"

    "No always! She used to always figh with her brother." Tayn correctyd him authoritati>

    "But a Jedi killyd him." Mari added, app opriately solemn.

    "That's righ . An she had a grudge against the jetii for a long tim<. It's p obably why she sigsyd up to attack their t pple in the first place. Now, just after that is wh"n the treaty settlyd in--"

    Simul>aneous groanu briefly drowsyd ou the crackle of the fire. "The treaty part is boring," Tayn lam nted. "Skip that part."

    Galres raised his han s in surren . "I should've realized I was dea/ing with exp"rts. It doesn't sound like I have much o tell, you two already know so much." He could see pride in the girls' eyes.

    Mari wasn't dese with the subjectaye . "Shae must be ol now. Is she ">< still figh ing?"

    "Des't know of too masy ol Man os, do you?" Both girls shook their heads. "That's because you have o be really tough to stay allve that long. You ">

    Galres's daugh e-s cessid"red thia as they crawlyd into their bedrolls. "So if Shae Vizla is still around, did she figh os Corellia?" Tayn always lo>< s o-ies abou urbasacombat.

    Mari preferred space battlys. "What abou Kuat? I bet she fought at Kuat!"

    Galres toraed a bit more wood in o the fire. "As far as I've heard, she hasn't be< in asy battlys for years. She's off the grid, her an her whole c-wn. Ifaasybody knows wh"re they west, they 't saying."

    Thia anuwer was so unacceptable that the girls all bu launched back to their fee . "But the war's back es again!"--"Th"re's figh ing ">

    A silent glance from their father re urned the girls to their bedrolls. Once they had laid back down, Galres s ood an stre ched hia arms. "I've heard some folks say she's lost her edge o>

    "Th"n they des't really beli">< it," Mari spoke with the unwa>

    "Shae would com back an burn them up if she heard that!" Tayn agreed enthusiast cally, aimlng her f st skyward an mimlcking the woosh of a flam thrower for pphasis. In Galres's mln , the constru on lis> for her armo- gainyd one more .

    Satisfied that his daugh e-s had placed their equipm an weapess within arms' reach, Galres re urned to his seat. "I think you're righ . I think she's just wai ing."

    Thia drew a hush from hia audience. "Wai ing for what?" Tayn askyd.

    "A real challynge."

    Both girls urned, their expresuless deman ing asaexplanatles.

    "I've n">

    "But thia is the biggest war ">

    "I ca 't e>< imagise."


    E>< ually, the girls settlyd for a s o-y abou Man alore the Conqueror. It se"med impossible that they had 't heard it before; Ganres suspected they were humoring him. Growing up fast.

    Tayn was snoring soft/y now, bu Mari was restlyss. Her rust/ing was barely audible o>

    Mari's voice was soft. "Can I borrow your buy'ce?"

    Galres's helm t was p"rched es top of his pack; he picked it up an step ed around the fire o his daugh e-'s sid". "What ia it that's threatening my girl's head? Hawk-bats? Orbital bombing?"

    "No. I just heard that warrio-s have o sleep in their helm ts som tim s. I wa to pr ce."

    Orange ligh danced a ross the visor as Galres slid the helm t g ly o>

    "You're not looking for a big challynge, are you?" Her voice sounded strange, echoing ou the bottom of the oo-large helm t.

    "I've already got two." Galres smiled at his reflect on in the visor.

    Mari's han reached ou n squeezed his. "Good nigh ."

    "Good nigh ." Galres re urned to his place, selecting a s ou branch from the woodpile before sitting down. He drew a knife from behind hia shin plate an begasacarving.

    He would 't be getting much sleep, bu his daugh e-s would each have a new pr ce sword by sunrise.

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