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#2 Cartel Market Changes Coming in Fallen Empire!

Originally Posted by DanBunten ( Original Post ) | 02.10.2015 09:21AM
Hey folks,

Based on a lot of the feedback we have been seeing I noticed I missed a few details in the blog.

- Any existing pack in your bank/inventory will not be affected by any of these changes.
- Armor Sets from the Monthly Cartel Packs will come in 3 lootboxes (Upper, Lower, Auxiliary).
- Bronze, Silver, and Gold Armor Packs will contain full armor sets.
- The new Shipment will not have a reputation associated with it.
- Any item that was specific to a reputation (aka not available in a pack) will continue to be available for purchase from the associated Reputation vendor.
- Reputations from previous Shipments will still be made available through the packs on the GTN and Grand Shipment Packs that will return the the market from time to time.

As with all things Cartel Market, things are subject to change based on your feedback.

Dan Bunten
Cartel Market Producer
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