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Game Update 4.0 Known Issues

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 20.10.2015 07:33AM
Hey all,

Going into Game Update 4.0, there are a few issues that we are aware of and are looking to get fixed ASAP. Thanks!
  • Most Glowing Data Crystal items for the Imperial Agent and Smuggler will show an incorrect icon and appearance in game. As an example, the Defiant Mender's Jacket MK-5 will have the icon and appearance of Defiant Targeter's Gloves MK-5. When this item is equipped, it will go into the chest slot and provide the stats of the chest piece, however it will adjust the appearance of your gloves. To show the correct appearance of the gloves, please un-equip and equip the gloves from your character sheet. This will be corrected in a future update and the correct appearances will be updated onto the correct equipment pieces.
  • Accepting more than 25 Missions will cause Item Rewards to appear incorrectly in the Mission Log. They will still grant as expected once the Mission is completed.
  • The Locked Medium Elite Commendation Container is still named with the old Commendation name, but do contain the appropriate new Data crystals.
  • All level 10-50 Absorb Augments cannot be Reverse Engineered. If you attempt to reverse engineer one, you will receive an 'Invalid Schematic' error message.
  • Companions do not reliably follow players across bridges in the Star Fortress and may need to be re-summoned.
  • On completion of Chapter IV, players may need to leave their ship and reenter for the Galaxy map to populate all planets correctly.
  • There is a Cartel Market banner which incorrectly states that Start at 60 Tokens are available for purchase at this time. Start at 60 Tokens will become available for purchase in the near future. Stay tuned to the website and social media for further announcements.
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