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Question regarding early access eligibility

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.10.2015 01:24PM
Originally Posted by Aurinax View Post
If I had an active subscription on all of the reward dates (Nico, Blasters, Duster, Swoop Bike), but my subscription BRIEFLY lapsed from 9/17-9/19, will I get early access? Before that I was subbed since about April.

I have seen posts that indicate you have to have an active sub without a single lapse from august 10th to now, but I have also seen posts that indicate you just have to have been a subscriber on the dates listed on each of the four material rewards and qualified for them to get early access.

Which is it?
Yup! You were a sub on all of the reward dates, Early Access is yours Aurinax.

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