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Help I lose all my C2-N2 affection

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 22.10.2015 10:04AM
Quote: Originally Posted by docbenwayddo View Post
When 4.0 hit I lost 8/10 of my ship droids. The 2 I managed to keep still had their Influence at 10k, but the 8 returned today were reset to 0.
All of the characters who had missing droids got their obsolete crafting sensors back in the mail, but the 2 that kept their droids and affection have not received their crafting sensors back.
The 1 C2 that I had a customization on is no longer able to equip that customization.
Sorry to hear you're having trouble! We are looking into remaining companion issues following 4.0a now (I'm looking at you, too, Xalek).

Two questions for from the team: Have you started Chapter 1 of KOTFE yet? Which Customization are you not able to equip?

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