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Lets Chat Cartel Market and You: New pack design (Underworld Alliance)

Originally Posted by TobyMcCall ( Original Post ) | 28.10.2015 09:21AM
Hi everyone,

Im Toby McCall, a designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic and a member of the Cartel Market Design Team. Ive asked community to set up this thread so we can discuss the changes that the 4.0 expansion brings to the Cartel Market. My hope for this post is to create a place where we can answer some of your questions and clear up any confusion surrounding the new pack design in Fallen Empire. We would like to focus this thread specifically around the recent structural changes that took effect with the Underworld Alliance Packs, Hypercrates, and Supercrates. If you have thoughts on the new Bronze, Silver, Gold and Category Packs, I invite you to join the discussion in a separate thread, found here.

Heres a few prompts to start the conversation:

How does the new Underworld Alliance pack structure feel? What are your thoughts on the pack consolidation? What suggestions do you have?
What are your thoughts on the changes to Hypercrates and the addition of Supercrates? Do you feel they are worth their cost? Do you enjoy opening them? If so, what do you enjoy most? If not, what do you like least?
Are you more or less likely to purchase packs from the Market and why?
Can you share any experiences or first impressions youve had with the new pack structure?

As always, lets try to keep the posts constructive and on point. If you havent had a chance to read the blog post about the 4.0 changes to the Cartel Market, you can find that here.
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