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New Packs are bugged and give 90% Bronze items

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.10.2015 03:00PM
Hey folks,

We wanted to make sure to jump in the thread and clarify, the drop rates that you experienced in that Hypercrate are not a bug. Unfortunately the information provided by CS from that in-game ticket was in error, and we are working with them to adjust any miscommunication. Keep in mind that with 4.0 there were changes to the items that are found in each pack, with the goal of getting you better quality items overall. This morning one of our Cartel Market Designers, Toby McCall, posted two threads looking for feedback on these very changes. If you feel unhappy with the results of buying packs, or a Hypercrates, definitely head on over to those threads and give your feedback.

Apologies for any confusion, thanks!

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