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KOTFE Level 60 character creation is bugged

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 04.11.2015 03:44PM
Hey folks,

We wanted to get some information out about the issue you are experiencing. First off, there is a bug that can occur when you make a level 60 character, it instead creates it as a level 1 and places you on the fleet. Without going too technical, basically the game is moving faster than your account is, which is creating the issue. Here are a few important notes to be aware of:
  • Go slow When going through the character creation process take your time, watch the Sacrifice trailer that starts your level 60 character. This can give time for your account to recognize the start at 60 character and to potentially avoid the level 1 issue.
  • If you end up in the game as a level 1 when using a token, you can delete that character to have the token returned to you. After you have deleted the character, give it some time, you will see that token restored. At this point you can try to create a level 60, but once again please take your time.

With a lot of level 60s being made, there is an element of a bottleneck occurring. But do not worry, even if you experience the bug, the start at level 60 token is in no way lost. It may take some time to be restored but it will happen. Know that if you continue to make / delete characters without waiting for your account to catch up, you can exacerbate the issue.

We are working to correct this as soon as possible, but the information above can work to potentially avoid it, or work around it. Thanks everyone.

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