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The only questions I would like answered

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.11.2015 02:02PM
Originally Posted by Ghisallo View Post
First... Eric, thank you for actually speaking about the elephant in the room. Most MMOs I have played would have just let the threads run on, say nothing, launch patch and move.

Second... HOWEVER, questions. For people who have a basic understanding of MMO design the issue was obvious. Maybe not the exact cause but we were like "holy junk this is not right." So... First... how did such an obvious issue get pushed to live? Wasnit a QA issue? Time crunch issue? Second... Is this the "real" issue or a band-aid?

I ask number 2 because sometimes the "real" cause is unknown at first but you know you have to at least address the symptoms. If you do not know the real cause of the issue you have to make a fix that works "for now"

I ask the second question because this change will be a rather large shock to some and people can only sustain so many of them.
Hey Ghisallo,

Good questions, let me take a stab at them.

First answer - This wasn't a QA issue as it isn't a bug. Our goal with Fallen Empire was to ensure that all of our story content was very accessible to all players, new and old. The power of Companions was certainly a part of that, and so we do want them to be strong. However, we went a bit too far on the strong side, and need to bring that back in line.

Second answer - You can kind of see from the first answer that this will work to fix the issue and not be a band-aid as it is just a question of balancing. Now, it is always possible we will make future tweaks, but this should bring Companions more in line. They will still be strong, but they will not overshadow the power of a player.

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