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#2 Item Stack Resale Exploit

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.12.2015 05:19PM
Hey folks,

Here is the first update on use of the stacked item sale exploit. As of this afternoon we have sent out our initial set of warnings, suspensions, and permanent bans for accounts participating in this exploit. I say initial, because it was important to action the accounts and prevent any further damage to the economy.

During their suspension time we will be continuing to investigate any account involved, and taking further action based on the egregious level of the offense. These actions can include:
  • Further suspension time, up to and including permanent ban
  • Removal of all credits
  • Removal of all commendations
  • Resetting of all Influence gained with Companions
  • Resetting of all influence gained with Base Commanders
  • Removal of items purchased or gained via exploit

Although you may hear that many people participated, it was rather a small group who were very egregious in their actions. In the future, I hope we see even less individuals using exploits, and simply just report them to the team. Thank you to the majority of you who reported it to us and avoided its use. I will continue to provide updates as I have them.


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