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#3 Item Stack Resale Exploit

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.12.2015 01:56PM
Hey folks,

Here is another update on the exploit, and the action we have taken. We are continuing to investigate accounts and action is on-going. Here are the actions we have taken against accounts:
  • Suspension time, up to and including a permanent ban (more than 500 accounts have been permanently banned so far)
  • Removal of all Credits
  • Removal of all Currencies
  • Removal of all items which could be gotten from the exploit, including recurring Event Currencies and Companion gifts
  • Resetting of all Companion Influence to 0
  • Resetting progress of all Alliance Commanders to 0
The nature of this exploit is that players could use it to gain a wide array of things. This includes anything from credits, to event currency, to Companion affection via Rank 6 gifts. We are working to ensure that the action we take against player is fair, but makes it clear that use of exploits will not be tolerated.

We have seen quite a few comments and questions about accounts which have participated in laundering ill-gotten items and credits around. I will have an update on this later today. Thanks everyone.

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