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The Force Awakens Spoilers

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.12.2015 09:57AM
Hey folks,

One thing ties all of us on these forums together, and that is STAR WARS. On Friday, The Force Awakens releases!!! Ahead of that there are some movie premiers, critics viewings, etc. For the next week or two, in respect of each other and your fellow STAR WARS fans, please be very cautious about posting any spoilers related to the new movie.

First, all discussion should be taking place in the STAR WARS discussion forum which you can find here. On that forum, if you are posting anything that could be considered a spoiler please use the spoiler tags. Basically, anything which hasn't been seen in one of the trailers should be looked at as a spoiler.

If you see a post which is a spoiler but is not properly tagged, please report it to the moderation team. Thanks everyone, and may the Force Awaken with you.

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