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#2 Server Restarts - 12/22

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 22.12.2015 10:26AM
Hey everyone!

All servers are now available!

As part of this downtime, we have updated the security certificates on our Launcher Repair Utility and SWTOR Installer due to Microsoft no longer supporting the one we were using as of 1 January 2016. This, however, will result in XP and Vista users encountering errors when attempting to run the LRU or the Installer, as XP and Vista do not support the new SHA-2 certificates.

When you run the Launcher Repair Utility or Installer on XP youll get an Open File - Security Warning dialog stating that the Publisher is Unknown. You can select Run from this warning dialog. On Vista, if youre using Firefox you will see no issue. If youre using Internet Explorer or Chrome youll receive a warning that the file is unsafe (IE) or could be dangerous (Chrome). When you select Run from these errors youll get a User Access Control dialog which will Allow you to run the program.

For additional security, you can also check the MD5 Checksum of the .exe using an MD5 utility:

Launcher Repair Utility: AA37E912C2A1E8D87CEF727AF30FD54D
Installer: 6027C30B7AEA8A3A19C62D156143260A

This information will also be available on the SWTOR AHQ Page and the SWTOR section of EA Help.


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