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Bronze/Silver/Gold (BSG) Packs Returning for a Limited Time

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2016 01:10PM
Hey folks,

In early December we took the BSG packs off of the Cartel Market to coincide with the launch of the Strategy Alliance Pack. This certainly raised some questions on when they would be returning. We are going to be bringing the BSG packs back to the Market next Tuesday, January 12th, for a limited time. The BSG packs will remain on the Cartel Market for one week, before being embargoed on Tuesday, January 19th.

BSG packs will be treated similarly to other previous grand packs, we will be embargoing them but they are likely to return for limited periods in the future. If you want to get yourself some BSG packs, next week will be the time to do it before they become embargoed.

Thanks everyone.

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