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BIOWARE when are you going to fix the GTN. This is horrible behavior for a company

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.01.2016 02:23PM
Hey folks,

I have some information regarding the current issues with search on the GTN that I wanted to share. First off, the GTN issues will not be fixed with tomorrow's patch, 4.0.4. Now with that being said, we do think that we have started to isolate what is causing search to not work for some items.

I am going to post all of those details tomorrow, and we are also going to ask for your help in gathering information. I am sure you will ask, why wait until tomorrow? Well, we believe the issue is related to whenever a server comes online. Since we have a maintenance occurring tomorrow, it is possible, even likely, that some information will change. Tomorrow after the maintenance I will explain exactly what we think is happening and what information you can provide to help us work towards a fix. I wanted to make sure you all knew we are still actively working on it, especially since there wasn't a fix listed in the patch notes.

More information coming tomorrow, thanks everyone!

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