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January Producer Live Stream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.01.2016 04:43PM
Hey folks,

Thank you for tuning into our Producer Live Stream with Ben and myself. Here is a recap of the things we talked about, for those of you that couldn't tune in.

State of the Galaxy
  • Group content - We know that group content is something that is very important to you guys. Although we have no further updates at this time on the PvE side, we did talk a bit about the new Warzone which is coming (more on that shortly). Also, we will have even more detailed information on the new Warzone in next month's Producer Live Stream.
  • GTN Search - Thank you to all of you who helped us gather information on the issue. With that information in hand we were able to resolve the GTN search issues yesterday afternoon.
  • Events- As mentioned previously on the forums, due to the issues in December we are re-running all three recurring events in January.
  • Conquest Rewards - By the end of the day today (Austin time) everyone should be receiving their missing Conquest rewards.
Changes Since Last Stream
  • The Eternal Championship and Bowdaar Recruitment have been moved to coincide with Chapter XI (Update 4.2)
  • A Blizz Recruitment Mission has been added into Chapter X (Update 4.1)
  • Reminder that Chapter X is launching on February 11th. Be a subscriber by February 1 to get the HK-55 Jetpack and 2 days of early access.
New Information:
  • Skill increase to 550
  • New Materials
  • New craftable Gear and Mods
  • Mission re-organization
  • *more details coming via forum posts towards the end of January
New Warzone
  • Located on Odessan
  • New Game Mode - King of the Hill
  • Multiple Hills
  • Hills randomly spawn
  • More details coming in the February Producer Live Stream
Eternal Championship
  • It is a solo challenge
  • Contains ten encounters
  • Weekly Missions reward progress
  • Rare drops from encounters
  • Recruitment Mission for Bowdaar

If you have any questions or comments about the things we talked about, feel free to post them in this thread! Thanks everyone.

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