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#2 Changes Coming to Packs with 4.1

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.01.2016 09:43AM
Hey folks,

We have definitely seen a few consistent topics popping up in this thread and we want to make sure we get answers to those questions. Here they are:

How much will packs cost after these changes?
The price will remain the same as the previous pack at 200 Cartel Coins per pack. Even with the price being the same, it is worth noting that you have a higher chance to receive Gold and Silver items than there was previously.

Are Grand Chance Cubes replacing all Bronze items in packs?
Yes, any time you would have gotten a Bronze item in the past, you will now get a Grand Chance Cube in its place.

Is it possible that I can get two Grand Chance Cubes in one pack (meaning no new items)?
Yes, this is possible. Just as with previous packs, it is possible to get two Bronze drops together, and in this case that means two Grand Chance Cubes. Keep in mind that you can get a new item from a Grand Chance Cube. It is even possible to get a full lootboxed version of one of the new Gold Armor Sets.

How does this change affect the drop rate on new pack items?
The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which are new to the pack).

What are the drop rates for Bronze, Silver, and Gold items inside of the Grand Chance Cube?
Although we cant go into details on specific drop rates, Silver and Gold items will be much more common in the Grand Chance Cube than they were in previous Bronze and Grand Packs.

Are Collection unlock prices going to be adjusted?
There are no plans to adjust Collection unlock prices at this time.

Are there or more less new items in the new pack, with the removal of Bronze items?
There are more Silver and Gold items than there were in previous packs, but less items overall with the removal of Bronze.

Thanks everyone.

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