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Warzone Queue Explanation

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 26.02.2016 09:23AM
Hey folks!

I've gotten some questions about the Warzone queue seeming to act weird, and I wanted to explain how it is currently set up.

Right now, it goes Odessen -> Rishi -> Odessen -> Rishi -> Odessen..., repeat ad infinitum.

The issue that some people are seeing as broken is that it will not deviate from this order, so if ~10 people queue up and the next pop is Odessen, it will wait until it has enough to trigger it instead of spinning up a Rishi.

Depending on the volume we see over the weekend, we may adjust this behavior, but it was put into place to ensure that Rishi didn't constantly pull people out of the queue before an Odessen could trigger.

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