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#3 If you still haven't received email with cartel coins code, please post here.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.03.2016 10:43AM
Hey folks,

I apologize for the delay in responding to this thread as I wanted to ensure we had fully investigated the emails that we had sent. Here is what we have done up to this point. On 2/15 we sent an email which contained a code for both Cartel Coins, and a Chapter 1 trial. After sending this email we received reports of some folks had not received their email. To correct this, we did two things on 2/25. First, we resent the original email to all users who had received the email, but had never opened it. Two, we increased the grace period for the original cut-off by 10 days to ensure that we created a large buffer for those who qualified.

After investigating, we have confirmed that the email was sent to all users who qualified in and around that timeline (including the 10-day buffer). I realize, based on the volume of posts in this thread, that some of you still have not received that email. If this is the case then either the email was missed/deleted (I suspect all of you checked for this already) or our email was rejected by your email provider. I have seen some folks in this thread mention that they have been receiving the monthly Cartel Coin grant emails. Please know that those emails are sent from a different source than our newsletters. If you marked the newsletter as spam, etc. with your provider it is one of the possible reasons that you did not receive the email.

The sending of these promotional emails did conclude on 2/25. We do apologize for any confusion that was caused by this. In the future we will be more clear in communicating where, and when, this email will be sent.

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