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#3 Producer Livestream Recap 3/9

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.03.2016 04:03PM
Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
Can you please clarify what this means? How much bonus will there be for four strongholds at 100% each, and how much total bonus will be there be for four strongholds at 100% each?
That sentence can be interpreted in multiple ways (no effect on individual bonus, no effect on total bonus, no effect on "you have to have each stronghold at 100% for max bonus").
Yup, happy to clarify.

The cap for the Conquest bonus from Strongholds is still 100%. This bonus is now calculated based on your top 4 most completed Strongholds. Meaning even if you have 5 Strongholds at 100%, your bonus will still only be 100%, not 125%. By there being no effect, I mean that if you have 100% right now, you will still have 100% when the 5th Stronghold is activated.

Hope that makes sense!

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