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Originally Posted by AlexModny ( Original Post ) | 17.03.2016 08:26AM
Hello PTS people,

Thank yall for your time playing and sharing feedback from this PTS cycle. We greatly appreciate your time and discussions as it has helped us craft better content for you! PTS was shut down last night, but feel free to continue to post feedback on the PTS forums as you wish, we will still be checking them.

Specifically for the Warzone I wanted to give an update on a few items:
The everyone in this area dies bug was some debugging scripting that didnt get totally removed in time for the PTS build. It has since been fixed internally.
We had an internal test yesterday with a new optimization pass and Odessen Proving Grounds played much better than before. So we expect yall to find a lot less hitching when you play the Warzone on Live.
There are still a number of bugs that we intend to fix before launch and we appreciate the bug lists that yall have created. If you feel like something is especially important (even if it is a minor detail) please post away so we dont miss it.

Again, thanks everyone for your time and effort.

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