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4.6a Patch - Tuesday, July 5th 2016

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 01.07.2016 03:24PM
Hey everyone,

As Eric mentioned on the stream yesterday, we are putting together a patch to go live next week that will address a few issues that we've seen since the release of 4.6.

We are currently planning a maintenance on Tuesday, July 5th from 7AM PDT (1500 BST) - 9AM PDT (1700 BST), and here are the tentative notes for the patch:
  • Players can no longer become unable to progress in Chapter 15 due to making certain conversation choices.
  • The Bogstalker Handlers License can now be used by players who have a Ginx Companion.
  • Increased the number of Character Slots per server Free-To-Play, Preferred, and Subscriber Players to 22/26/50 slots.
  • The Grand Chance Cubes will no longer drop invalid items.
  • Color Crystals obtained from the Force-Bound Dark vs. Light boxes are now unlocked in Collections as intended.
  • It is now possible to unlock the 6th Cargo Bay Tab with the Account Unlock option.
  • The Victorious Pioneers 5-Piece Set Bonus now properly applies its Experience boost.
  • Players are no longer be killed randomly in Alliance Proving Grounds.
  • Jawa Junk stacks now always drop at the max quantity possible:
    • Scrap: Scavenged Scrap (Green) 15 per stack
    • Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts (Blue) 10 per stack
    • Scrap: Jawa Junk (Purple) 3 per stack


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