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I Need Answers (Stealth Reskin of CM Gear Just Like BW Did in 1.6.1)

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.08.2016 01:23PM
Hey folks,

As some others in the thread have mentioned, this wasn't an appearance change to a live armor set, this was a bug fix. The Shrewd Rascal's Jacket had a slight difference in appearance that only showed up when it was equipped on Body type 3 and 4 female characters. On all other character types and in the icon, it had the correct appearance.

The reason that this wasn't caught in the patch notes is because of the nature of the change. In every Game Update we make quite a lot of minor art adjustments. Everything from slight adjustments in environment art to corrections to armor sets. We don't typically note these issues as a large majority of the time players would never notice the change, nor would it impact them directly. I do apologize that this fix caused some concern!

Thanks everyone.

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