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#3 August Producer Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by BenIrving ( Original Post ) | 12.08.2016 10:35AM
Originally Posted by SolarSaenz View Post
Will there be any subscriber rewards between now and the release of KOTET?

If you will follow suit and offer subscriber rewards associated with KOTET (like you did by offering rewards for being a subscriber for several months before KotFE was released) but can't announce those rewards until you officially reveal more info on the expansion, will you offer subscriber rewards between now and when more information on KOTET is officially revealed?
FYI, overall, I really enjoyed KotFE and am looking forward to the hk55 bonus chapter and KOTET.
We definitely have plans to do subscriber rewards leading up to the expansion but we aren't ready to share those details yet. You can expect more information on that in early October.
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