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#2 Is this lack of communication normal?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.09.2016 09:44AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Costello View Post
Can you let us know if the story team read the posts in the story and lore section and are aware of the massive number of plot holes, inconsistencies and in short bland, dull and banal story that was Kotfe?

Do the game play team read the forums and see that 20 mins of cut scenes followed by 10 mins of sky troopers falling from the sky an exciting chapter it is not?

While you can't talk about is the operations person planning just to rescale all ops to level 70 and call it a day, with no new operations? If so is there going to be an alternate method to get the new tier of gear without having to regrind the same operations again?

We talked a little bit about some of this on the last Producer Livestream, but I can address most of those:
  • Keep in mind that Eternal Throne is a continuation of the story in KOTFE. There are things that are not yet wrapped up or completed, and that is intentional. You aren't through the whole story yet...
  • The feedback of "killin' skytroopers" has definitely been passed on to the team, they are aware
  • Your last question I cannot answer since you are asking about content/gearing in Eternal Throne. More coming on that later.
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