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NYC Cantina Discussion - Official Response?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.10.2016 09:34AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamtas View Post
So I appreciate that Cristina Petrarca did some live tweeting during the Cantina of the information spoken of to go along with the site updates from Friday. (and thanks to Dulfy for linking them all as well)

However, I just wanted to see if Eric, Ben or Charles was going to make a post summing everything up that was discussed as well so we can get some clear idea of everything?

-Are chapters being released all at once for the "binging", in batches?
-Mention of a livestream in January regarding operations. Is that true, or is it not operations but Group content of which we won't describe what kind until then?
-More livestreams to come to go into more detail on Uprisings, alerts, etc?
-End Date for DvL?
-New PvP maps/new types?
-GSF content?

Just wanted to see if there was any official word on these to counter the speculation that is occurring in the absence of clarity.

Thanks in advance!
I got you covered:
  • All 9 Chapters are being released with Eternal Throne's launch.
  • What we said is that after KOTET's launch, the team is refocusing on group content. Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter or Livestream, we will have more specific updates on what is to come. This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to the question of Operations.
  • We will have a whole bunch of livestreams and blogs between now and launch to go into details on many facets of the expansion.
  • Dark vs Light is intended to end with KOTET Early Access on November 29th. However, I believe the Dark vs Light part of it to decide which Companion will be awarded, will end a week or so prior to that.
  • PvP / GSF - Refer to answer above about Operations // stream in January.
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