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Please remove the suggestion box sub category

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.10.2016 03:52PM
Originally Posted by Holocron View Post
It's only used by the mods to send good ideas there to die, and ensure no dev, or the rest of player base to ever see them.
It is actually by design that we respond rarely/if ever in the Suggestion Box forum. I can tell you that the team definitely reads that forum often to see what players would like to see. The challenge is that if we respond to specific threads or ideas, it will set an expectation that the idea is "confirmed going into the game" or could make other people feel like their ideas are getting less attention.

It is that sensitivity that keeps us from not posting in there. We do read it though, so keep the suggestions coming!


PS - I should move this to the suggestion box since it is a suggestion, but then I wouldn't respond
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