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#3 Galactic Command Overview Livestream

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.10.2016 09:26AM
Originally Posted by blackphantome View Post
Too late for watching it here in Germany... Will be able to watch the stream thursday evening.

@Eric: Will there be a summary to read the most important things?

PS: Is it possible - after nearly 5 years - to establish a time where in the US it is not too early and in Europe not too late for the players? Don't know what 8pm in Germany is in the US.
Yup, there will be a recap. Right now we are hoping to publish a Galactic Command overview blog around the time of the stream which will serve as a recap of the stream. I will probably also throw up some discussion threads as well to address any questions!


PS - I hear ya on the timing of the streams. It is really challenging to find a time where we can get viewership in the states, can have folks from the studio available, and not be too late for EU.
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