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#4 Galactic Command Overview Livestream

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 17.10.2016 08:43AM
Hey folks,

Happy Monday morning to you! Today is going to be the Galactic Command Overview livestream and I wanted to let you know a few things about the stream. Let's take a look at the schedule of what we are going to go over on today's stream:
  • Dark vs Light Event Status and Timing
  • The Knights of the Eternal Throne Announcement Recap
  • Overview of Galactic Command System
  • What is Command Rank?
  • What are Command Crates?
  • Current Subscriber Promotions
  • The Eternal Throne Livestream and Blog plan
  • Wrap-up
One of the things that we are going to touch on during the stream are the general itemization changes that are happening in Eternal Throne. This topic can get very complex and so we aren't going to be going into a ton of detail on the livestream. However, once the stream is over I am going to be making a couple of forum posts which will provide some more insight into our itemization plans and be a place where you can ask questions you may have about them. I will stick around in the thread after the stream and throughout the week answering any questions you guys have.

I will see you later today on the stream

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