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Galactic Command Dark vs Light Question

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.10.2016 04:13PM
Originally Posted by DarthEnrique View Post
I tried to ask this question during the livestream, btw I do want to thank you guys for answering my question about other player's choices effecting my game, I was actually satisfied with that.

Now the question I have that I tried to get an answer to was what happens if your characters are already at light side alignment tier 5 or dark side alignment tier 5? When you are at the max you can't get anymore light or dark sided points though you can still make dark or light sided choices. What happens with this? Do the points you make for making choices still count even though your toon is already at tier five of either or what's the case?
Oh! Great question that we probably didn't explain thoroughly enough. Coming with KOTET there will be a toggle on the UI that allows you to change whether you are fighting for the light or dark side. Once you click a side any enemy you kill, any mission you complete, etc. will then earn you points for that side. If you are at Dark 5 and want to work your way towards light, simply click the light side toggle and play through the game.

Note that regardless of your toggle, choices made through conversation will still count as they would normally.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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