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Important Information About Cartel Market Passes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 24.10.2016 08:03AM
Hey folks,

One of the things that we have talked about last week is our new Galactic Command system, only accessible to subscribers at Level 70. Galactic Command will serve as the single point of access for subscribers to earn rewards playing endgame content such as Operations and Warzones. As of the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne, rewards from this gameplay is gained via Galactic Command, therefore passes are no longer viable. For example, a preferred player with a Weekly Pass: Operations would be able to play an Operation, but would not earn any rewards for doing so. Due to this change, we have removed all Passes from the Cartel Market.

The following passes have been removed:
  • Weekly Pass: Flashpoints
  • Weekly Pass: Operations
  • Weekly Pass: Space Missions
  • Weekly Pass: Warzones
  • 180-Day Pass: Starfighter
  • 30-Day Pass: Starfighter
  • 7-Day Pass: Starfighter

Additionally, these passes will be converted to Bind on Legacy with Game Update 4.7.3 coming on Tuesday. On November 29th all passes will then be removed from the game when Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access opens. We are still locking down exactly how we will compensate players who have unused passes as of November 29, and I will have more information to share regarding that next week. We recognize that players are interested in something similar to the Weekly Passes which would offer non-subscribers access to Galactic Command. We are exploring possible options and I will pass on updates as soon as we have them. As always, keep the feedback coming!

Thanks for your support.

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